Nightmare of Uldren

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Nightmare of Uldren
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Memory of Uldren



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The Lunar Pyramid (formerly)
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Manifestation of Crow's shame


"Please. You'd swallow all those whiny little morals, given the right push. You've come so close already. That's why you run."
— The Nightmare of Uldren tormenting Crow

The Nightmare of Uldren is the Nightmare of the late Prince of the Awoken and leader of the Scorn: Uldren Sov. Recreated with the power of the Darkness by the Lunar Pyramid, it initially served as the manifestation of the shame and regret that Crow felt for the crimes he committed in his past life. After the Lightbearer accepted that he could not change what he had done and vowed to try and make amends, the Nightmare became the Memory of Uldren, representing the positive qualities of the Awoken Prince.


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Personality and traits[edit]

As the embodiment of Uldren Sov's worst traits, the Nightmare of Uldren bears the same arrogance, smugness and condescension that Uldren had. Further, his taunts towards Crow are cruel yet precise, directly hitting the young Lightbearer's failures and fears, especially his main fear of becoming no different than Uldren Sov and of his role in the deaths of Cayde-6 and Caiatl's Psion.

Another similar trait the Nightmare has with Uldren was the Awoken Prince's dismissive attitude and disdain towards the Guardians, calling Crow's service to the Vanguard a "step down" compared to his former life as heir to the Reef, stating he should abandon them and return to Mara Sov.

However, following Crow's acceptance of his past self and seeking to learn from his mistakes, turning the Nightmare into the Memory of Uldren, the entity would represent the more positive qualities that Uldren possessed. Such qualities included the knowledge of sacrifice for the greater good. The Memory would even clarify that while Uldren was ready to sacrifice everything for his sister, Mara was willing to sacrifice everything for humanity. Thus, the actions Uldren had made were done out of jealousy.

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