Chances and Choices

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Lighting the Dark

Chances and Choices


Destiny 2


Enemy of My Enemy


Solarium, Titan

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Chances and Choices was the final mission of the Enemy of My Enemy questline.


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  • Sloane: Thanks to you, the reactor is online and we know just where it is. Dropping coordinates now.
  • Ghost: So we do this fast. We've got this, Commander.

The Guardian ventures into the Arboretum, eventually encountering a battle between the Fallen and Hive, with a number of Cursed Thrall exploding under fire

  • Ghost: Ouch. That had to hurt.

The Guardian is ambushed by Selkis, the Obstructor and other Fallen

  • Ghost: Watch out!
  • Ghost: Sloane, why do the Fallen want the reactor?
  • Sloane: For Ether production, probably. They hook up a big Servitor to it, they double or triple output. Why do you ask?
  • Ghost: No reason.

The Guardian continues to battle through the Fallen and Hive

  • Ghost: I can't believe that Captain's still ahead of us. He's much cleverer than most of the captains we've met. Well, I say "met", but you know what I mean.

The Guardian discovers Mithrax fighting Golthor, the Subtle and has a choice on how to proceed: they can fight both enemies, or assist Mithrax against Golthor

If the Guardian fights both foes

  • Ghost: This Captain gave us a good run for it. Not a lot like him out there. Let's get Sloane her reactor.
  • Ghost: Hey Sloane! Guess what we've got?
  • Sloane: Is it a methane reactor?
  • Zavala: I believe it was meant to be a rhetorical statement.
  • Ghost: Yeah. Anyway, we're bringing it in.
  • Sloane: I look forward to your arrival.

If the Guardian only attacks Golthor

  • Mithrax, the Forsaken: [Fallen speech]

Mithrax teleports away

  • Ghost: I think that Captain just gave us the reactor. You think you understand the Fallen, and then… Well, lets take it. Sloane's waiting.
  • Ghost: Sloane, you'll never guess what happened?
  • Sloane: You… killed a Captain and found a methane reactor?
  • Ghost: We didn't kill him. He let us have it. Just looked at us and left.
  • Zavala: Fascinating! This is an excellent example that the universe is… a complicated place. That perhaps there are more things in the heavens than can be dreamt of in our philosophy. At any rate, bring in your prize, Guardian.


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