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The Almighty is finished. Time to go home, save the Traveler, take back the City, and end this war. Be brave.




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Destiny 2


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The Last City, Earth

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Chosen is the sixteenth mission of Destiny 2 and final story mission of The Red War Campaign.


  • Rendezvous with the Vanguard
  • Save the Traveler



A Lone Centurion is seen patrolling a street in The Last City. It sees a chicken and raises its Bronto Cannon. Suddenly, Cayde-6 jumps on top of the Centurion and stabs it in the neck.

  • Cayde-6: Heh! That's a good job, Colonel.

Hawthorne appears with a squad of lightless guardians

  • Cayde-6: Ehh, who needs the light when you've got a fine-feathered friend by your side? Am I right? Am I right or am I right? I'm right.

The squad moves on throughout the city. Hawthorne sets up her sniper rifle to view a Red Legion checkpoint from afar

  • Cayde-6: OK. Yeah. That's the rally point where I'll set up the teleporter. Zavala and Ikora should be at their marks by now.
  • Hawthorne: Zavala, we're in position.
  • Zavala: As are we. Ikora, ready when you are.

An explosion is seen. One of the Centurions manning the checkpoint falls. Ikora and a squad of Guardians race through on Sparrows, with the last one through tossing a grenade at the rest of the Centurions. The Red Legion on the top of the checkpoint begin to fire at Ikora.

  • Hawthorne: OK, let's go!

Hawthorne, Cayde-6, and their squad begin to advance. Meanwhile, Ikora and her squad evade fire from the Red Legion within the City.

  • Ikora Rey: Zavala, we're coming around.

Zavala and his squad emerge from hiding and attack the gate head-on, and are met with a sizable Red Legion force. Zavala wrestles a Slug Shotgun from a Legionary and turns it on the other Cabal forces. However, he is knocked over by a Centurion and pinned down by another Legionary. Just as the Legionary is about to fire, his head explodes. Hawthorne races forward and helps Zavala to his feet

  • Hawthorne: What's with you Guardians falling down all the time?
  • Zavala: Where's Cayde?

They come under fire from the Cabal on the checkpoint and take cover. Hawthorne scouts out the checkpoint with her rifle.

  • Hawthorne: If he's sticking to the plan...

Suddenly, the Cabal on the checkpoint are pushed over and onto the edge. A triumphant Cayde gives the "thumbs up" to Hawthorne and Zavala

  • Hawthorne: ...He's right where he needs to be. Now we just gotta get you and Ikora up there with him.

All of a sudden, a large energy barrier surrounds the group.

  • Hawthorne: Well, this changes things. I'll get working on this, you need to keep moving.
  • Zavala: Ikora - Cayde is in place and I'm en route. to Hawthorne Good luck...Guardian.

The team splits up and goes their respective ways.

{Red Legion cutscene}

Ghaul is seen staring out a window on The Immortal towards the Traveler Cage. The door opens behind him and the Consul enters.

  • Consul: Ghaul. The enemy attacks the city, and the Almighty is lost!
  • Ghaul: Lost? Explain yourself.
  • Consul: Laid waste. By the very same Guardian that managed to reclaim its power and has been humiliating our forces throughout this cursed system. You would know this, if you hadn't been wasting your time communing with a machine and the creature who claims to speak for it.
  • Ghaul: Take care your tone, Consul.
  • Consul: My tone? Hah! We will fail in our mission to secure this power - and deliver our people. For the first time in the history of the Red Legion - fail! Because of you and your preoccupations. Look at your Traveler, Dominus. The cage is complete, the time is now. Claim what is rightfully yours and take this power!

Ghaul, seemingly ignoring the Consul, walks over to the Speaker to ask a final question

  • Ghaul: Tell me, Speaker. What more does the Traveler want of me?
  • Speaker: Ghaul. I speak... FOR the Traveler. I never said it spoke to me.

Ghaul steps aside and looks out the window. Suddenly, he hears a grunting noise. the Consul deactivates the Speaker's holding cell, and his limp body falls forward onto the ground, his mask falling off.

  • Consul: This fixation is over! You have already been chosen, not by some inert machine but by me! I chose you the day I found you! Remember who you are. WHAT you are. You are CABAL. Cabal wait for nothing. You will take the Light. Do what you swore and give me the vengeance you promised! Ghaul glances over to the Speaker's mask. Look at me, student. LOOK AT ME! the Consul smashes the mask with his boot.

Suddenly, Ghaul lashes out and grabs the Consul's throat, choking him.

  • Ghaul: I will do what I swore, old friend. I am Ghaul, and I WILL take the Light!

Ghaul lets go and the Consul slumps over, dead. Ghaul steps aside once more and looks again towards the Traveler.


The Guardian's Harvester is seen flying over the City. Visible signs of battle can be seen below, with smoke billowing from multiple areas and gunfire erupting all over the place.

  • Ghost: The Traveler! What's happening to it?

The Harvester flies over the City a little more before being hit with an Anti-Aircraft weapon.

  • Ghost: Zavala, we're back and we're ready to - (grunt).

The Guardian transmats onto a building just before the Harvester crashes into the city

  • Zavala: Guardian! Are you still with us?
  • Ghost: We're fine, but - the Traveler!
  • Zavala: That's why we're here - to stop this madness. Ikora and I are converging on the rally point. Cayde's already there.
  • Ikora Rey: We'll use the Vex teleporter to jump to the traveler, if we make it there alive.
  • Ghost: We've got your back
  • Hawthorne: Welcome back, Guardian. This is your old friend Hawthorne. Glad you could join the party. Red Legion's using these energy barriers to funnel us into kill boxes. I can hack into the grid and knock it down for short stretches. Standby.

The Guardian makes their way up a street, battling Cabal forces until they reach an energy barrier. After battling more Cabal, the shield deactivates.

  • Hawthorne: Power's down. Go! Before the Legion turns it back on!

If the Guardian takes too long

  • Hawthorne: Hurry! The barrier's about to close!

If the Guardian doesn't make it through in time

  • Hawthorne: The barrier's back online. Wait up.

If the Guardian has taken too long and the barrier reactivated, Hawthorne will deactivate it again and chime in.

  • Hawthorne: Barrier's Down! Move it!
  • Ghost: We're through!
  • Zavala: Roger that! We're almost at the rally point.
  • Ikora Rey: Cayde, is the teleporter active?
  • Cayde-6: Ow! Son-of-a... Yeah! Almost ready!
  • Hawthorne: I knew it. Never send a Cayde to do a Hawthorne job.
  • Cayde-6: I heard that, Poncho!

The Guardian makes their way through the street that they woke up on after being thrown from Ghaul's ship. They encounter another barrier.

  • Ghost: Hawthorne, we're blocked again. There's another energy barrier.
  • Hawthorne: Hold on - I've got you!

The Guardian engages with the Cabal guarding the checkpoint. After a while, the barrier will fall.

  • Hawthorne: Move it. Barrier's down!

If the Guardian takes too long

  • Hawthorne: The Barrier's coming back up! Hurry!
  • Zavala: Cayde! We're seeing a squad of Red Legion flanking your position. What's your status?
  • Cayde-6: Dammit! Next time you get to fix Vex tech while being shot at!
  • Ikora Rey: Keep your head down Cayde, we're almost there!

The Guardian fights through the City streets some more, finally reaching the Systems Deck.

  • Zavala: Ikora and I have reached the rally point, but Cayde is still wrestling with the teleporter.
  • Cayde-6: I can either shoot or work on this thing, but not both, because they just shot off my arm!
  • Ikora Rey: Cayde! We need that teleporter! We can't hold this position much longer!
  • Zavala: Cayde's having...difficulties. We need your help Guardian!

The Guardian climbs onto the roof, getting a full view of the Traveler and its cage.

  • Ghost: The Traveler...Ghaul found a way to drain its Light. It's the only explanation. Guardian, we have to stop him. If he takes the light - it's over.

The Guardian fights their way across the rooftops. When they get near the rally point, they hear obvious signs of a struggle.

  • Cayde-6: Just one more - Hey! Don't shoot that!

Upon coming across the rally point, it's clear that the Vanguard leaders have spent their energies. A last Legionary attacks Zavala before Ikora blows him away.

  • Zavala: Guardian, we can't make the jump. It's all on you now. Save the Traveler.
  • Cayde-6: A working, probably stable Vex gate! One step, and you'll be right next to the big guy.
  • Ikora Rey: Go... For the Vanguard... and the Traveler. Make it matter.
  • Zavala: This has always been your fight. Go!

The Guardian steps into the teleporter and finds themselves on the Immortal.

  • Cayde-6: Eh, I was getting tired of that arm anyway. Next one? Built in rocket launcher!
  • Zavala: You're on Ghaul's command ship. It's as close to the Traveler as we can get you. Be brave. For all of us.

The Guardian enters the ship and fights through a pack of War Beasts. They reach the Quarterdeck of the Immortal.

  • Ghost: There's the Traveler. We're getting close.

The Guardian fights through a large group of Red Legion soldiers, including a Blood Guard Incendior. They reach an elevator that brings them to the top of the Immortal.

  • Ghost: It can't be...

The Guardian sees a tube used to extract and harness the Light. Upon approaching, Ghaul steps out of the tube.


  • Ghaul: Fitting your Traveler would send you against me once more. Look upon me. Dominus of the Red Legion. Annihilator of suns. Razer of a thousand worlds! Slayer of Gods and conqueror of the Light! I. AM. GHAUL!!... And I have become legend.


Right as the fight starts Ghaul declares to the player

  • Ghaul: You won't escape me again!

Ghaul and the Guardian duel on the Immortal. Ghaul uses many Light-based super attacks, such as Daybreak, on the Guardian. Upon whittling Ghaul's health down to 70%, he retreats back to the Light extractor.

  • Ghaul: Your Traveler should have chosen me, and now it is too late. Look at your dead God. It won't save humanity a second time. I am Ghaul. I claim what is mine.
  • Ghaul: You failed your Traveler. You let your city die. Give up. You have nothing to fight for. You have nothing to die for.

They duel again, with Ghaul using Arc- and Void-based attacks as well as Solar. Upon reaching 40% health, Ghaul retreats again to the extractor.

  • Ghaul: I pity you. You know nothing of sacrifice. Nothing of worth.

Upon dealing enough damage, Ghaul's suit begins to malfunction and he crashes down onto his ship, dead.

  • Ghaul: No. Nooooooo!


However, Light begins to shine through Ghaul's body. A flash of Light shoots upwards, forming into a monstrous outline of Ghaul, in pure Light.

  • Ghaul: Traveler! Do you see me now? To the Guardian, as well as the rest of the city. I am immortal! A God! You have failed! Witness the dawning of a new age!

Suddenly, Light begins to shine through the Traveler cage. The cables holding it in place begin to snap, and the cage starts to break apart.

  • Ghaul: me.

Ghaul reaches out towards the Traveler but as he does, hundreds of rays of Light begin to pierce through his body. The Traveler destroys his body and sheds off the Traveler Cage, awake for the first time since the Golden Age. As it wakes up, it emits a large pulse of Light throughout the Galaxy.


The remains of the old Tower are seen, damaged by the Red Legion in the First Battle for the City. However, a new tower is seen. Zavala, Ikora Rey, Cayde-6, Suraya Hawthorne, and finally the Guardian and their Ghost are all seen looking over a rampart towards the City

  • The Speaker: The Light lives in all places. In all things. You can block it, even try to trap it, but it will find its way.

The Vanguard commanders and Hawthorne leave, with the Guardian alone, looking up towards a Traveler rebuilding itself.


The Light pulse emitted by the Traveler is seen passing over several locations. It is first seen spreading over Earth and the Moon. Then it spreads over Mercury, Next, Mars, Then, The Reef, and finally, Saturn and the Dreadnaught. It is then seeing spreading over the rest of the Galaxy. However, as it exits the Galaxy, it activates a fleet of black tetrahedon-shaped ships, who begin to turn towards the source of the Light.


Cabal - Red Legion



  • The music playing throughout Chosen is called Journey, featuring the Kronos Quartet. You can find it on the Destiny 2 Official Soundtrack and is the longest piece by far being 7 minutes and 17 seconds long. Journey is also featured in the story mission Adieu.