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A Dawnblade Warlock using Daybreak.

Daybreak is a Super available to Warlocks that have chosen the Dawnblade subclass.[1]


When Daybreak is activated, a Dawnblade Warlock gains flaming wings that grant them flight, along with a flaming sword that can project blasts of Solar energy that explode upon collision, dealing damage to enemies. Glide is also augmented with infinite casts, increased boost, and greatly decreased downward acceleration. Firing a projectile during a Glide will suspend the user's altitude, allowing for a longer hang time duration before descending or the Super ends.

Icarus Dash on the Attunement of Sky perk tree enables the Dawnblade to dodge while in midair and Heat Rises to extend Glide time and improve in-air accuracy upon consuming your Grenade charge. In the Attunement of Flame perk tree, Fated For The Flame causes Daybreak projectiles to seek targets as they travel and launch a streak of deadly flames upon imapact, while Everlasting Fire can extend Daybreak's duration with every kill.

With the release of 3.0 subclasses, Icarus Dash and Heat Rises both were reworked into different Solar Aspects. Heat Rises now enables players to fire weapons, melee, and throw grenades while gliding. Holding the grenade charge also gaining the following buff and releasing a burst of healing energy that cures nearby allies; the strength of the burst is increased when a Healing Grenade is consumed. Final blows while airborne increase the duration of Heat Rises and grant melee energy. Icarus Dash, in addition to providing a dodge while midair and an additional dodge while Heat Rises is active, can also cure the player after rapidly killing targets with their Super while airborne.


The Warlock Osiris used the Dawnblade subclass, activating the Daybreak super to battle Vex inside a simulation of the Vault of Glass within the Infinite Forest. Shortly after the onset of the Red War, The Guardian discovered the subclass from a vision of the Traveler in the European Dead Zone, when they used a Shard of the Traveler to recover their lost Light.


The Super shares the same name as the Daybreak Strikes of the Age of Triumph.


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