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Eliksni Quarter
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The Last City, Earth

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The Eliksni Quarter is a shelter located in Botza District where the House of Light have settled within the Last City. It is their primary base of operation and home to Eliksni refugees who have fled their old Houses.

The Vanguard support them with supplies such as sleeping bags and various other materials. The Quarters also has 9 scannable Ghost scans where players can learn more about Eliksni culture.

In the Season of Plunder, The Spider and his syndicate moved to the Eliksni Quarter, after disappearing when Mara Sov retook the Tangled Shore after the Season of the Lost. He set up a bar called The Ether Tank, where he resides. The former mob boss would also lead a fundraising drive to help renovate the Quarter using pirate treasures taken as spoils by the Guardians.

Eliksni Quarter Scans[edit]

Main article: Eliksni Quarter Scans for full transcript

Eido's Transmitter Scan

  • Hello! My name is Eido. My father is Misraaks, Kell of our House. I took my name from his first Awoken friend, Sjur Eido. As Scribe for the House of Light, it's my job to preserve our House's history, so that hatchlings may one day learn our stories. Misraakskel requested that I leave some records for the Humans of the Last City so they might learn about Eliksni culture in their own time.
Eliksni model of the Traveler

Traveler Shrine Scan

  • During our Golden Age, the Eliksni civilization spanned many star systems. Farther than Humanity could imagine. And in all of our exploration, we never found anything more wonderous than the Great Machine. It's one of the few things all Eliksni Houses can agree on. That's why shrines like these are made of many small pieces. Each bit was added by a different House. It's a tradition that lasted generations. Most of those Houses are now extinct, and their members are scattered. It's funny. I revered the Great Machine all my life, without ever having seen it. And now that it's right overhead, I still look to this shrine for comfort.

Eliksni Ward Scan

  • Some Eliksni tell hatchlings that these wards keep Guardians from attacking us in our sleep. We know this is not true, of course, but it helps hatchlings to rest peacefully. Soon enough, they must learn that the Guardians cannot be stopped by such things. That they cannot be stopped at all. Even by death. After that, the ward changes meaning. For grown Eliksni, it's a reminder that the Great Machine blesses life-givers and killers alike. But now that we have seen Guardians among their own people, taking orders and making awkward small talk... I don't think this tradition will continue in the House of Light. We no longer see Guardians as monsters. Just people: frightened and misguided.


Eliksni Quarter

Eliksni Quarter, Week 4

Eliksni Quarter, Week 7

Eliksni Quarter, Week 9


  • Within the Quarters, the Eliksni have painted a purple symbol with to ward off the Guardians so their hatchlings could sleep peacefully at night. The purple symbol is a depiction of Saint-14's helmet.
  • The area also features the remains of Insurrection Prime and players are able to interact with the Servitor.
  • Excluding the Eliksni hatchlings, there are 32 Eliksni who inhabit the encampment.
  • A Ketch can be seen in the background of the Eliksni quarter.

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