The Enclave

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The Enclave is an outpost on Mars used by The Hidden and the Vanguard. It contains a Relic used in Weapon Crafting and serves as the home base of the player character as they complete The Witch Queen campaign.

The Hidden set up camp at The Enclave.

Points of Interest[edit]

The Enclave contains a kiosk for both the Postmaster and The Vault as well as three unique points of interest.

The Evidence Board[edit]

The Evidence Board is an interactable board that is up and to the right of the initial spawn with a Hidden Warlock standing in front of it, looking at the board. The Evidence Board opens up its options after completing the quest Hard Evidence. Once completed, the Evidence Board will have 6 legendary quests, each named Report: RESONANCE-COMP, Report: RELIC-DATA, Report: SCORN-ORDER, Report: ALTAR-REFLECT, Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT, and Report: STEPS-RETRACED that can be obtained by progressing through the Witch Queen campaign. Completing all 6 legendary quests opens up the exotic quest named Report: REVERSE-LURE which when completed, unlocks the weapon patterns of each exotic glaives: Edge of Action, Edge of Concurrence, and Edge of Intent which are now able to be crafted.

The Relic[edit]

The Relic is located behind the player after the initial spawn. It is past the set of stairs, behind the set of black doors. The Relic is used for Weapon Crafting after completing "The Arrival" mission and unlocking Deepsight Resonance. The Relic conduit is used to obtain a Relic Tether that provides the number of Resonant Elements the player possesses and quests related to weapon crafting beginning with The Enigma.

Shooting Range[edit]

Behind the Relic is a large open room with several discs suspended over an open chasm. These discs can take damage and are set at many different distances and elevations. Standing in the room constantly refills your ammo.