The Third Spire

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The Third Spire
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Unknown Space



Achieve 1 win in Trials of the Nine

Player capacity:



"You have no idea where it is, but somehow you know exactly how to get there..."
— Location description

The Third Spire was a social space maintained by the Nine that was only accessible by achieving at least 1 win on a single ticket in the Trials of the Nine elimination Crucible mode.[1] Due to the removal of Trials of the Nine with Forsaken, the Third Spire is no longer accessible.


The Third Spire was a structure of unknown origin and location, where The Emissary, an Agent of the Nine who oversaw the Trials, could be found. The Emissary granted Trials Engrams in exchange for Trials of the Nine Tokens. There were several man cannons located increasingly in ascension, connecting the floating platforms surrounding the Spire.[1]

Depending on success in the Trials, access was unlocked to higher platforms where The Emissary granted additional rewards. One win granted access to the Third Spire and the first meeting with The Emissary on the ground floor. Three wins granted access to the first platform and the second meeting. Five wins granted access to the second platform and the third meeting. Seven wins with one or more losses granted access to the third platform and the fourth meeting. Lastly, a flawless record of seven wins and zero losses opened a portal beyond the third platform to a celestial dimension where The Emissary granted a final reward.[1]


Messages from the Emissary of the Nine [2][edit]

Welcome to the Trials: The Three Keys[edit]

  • "Welcome. You think you found this place. It wants to be found. There are many like me, and so this place serves myriad purpose. One is judgment. In all its connotation. The weight of it as a weapon. Another is death. Inevitable. Relentless. A third is perfection. Flawless destruction. Three keys to unlock irrevocable change. Welcome, Guardian... to the place where everything dies. And begins anew."

First Platform: Judgment[edit]

  • "You're not like the others. You don't hesitate, as judgment falls upon you like the night. Good. Perhaps you understand. Not like the others, the ones who ask — beg — for mercy. Mercy is broken and bleeding. Judgment stands in its place. Of all your whispered questions, I will say this: I am no "Lord Shaxx." I am judgment. Those i serve have seen to it."

Second Platform: Death[edit]

  • "You're not like the others. You ride with death. Not away from it. But what is death to the undying — except, perhaps, a catalyst for change? Do you remember every death, Guardian? I know you've forgotten at least one. I try not to pity you. You wield cosmic power, and you carry the weight of the past around as a shell of armor. You don't understand. You have nothing. No one does."

Third Platform: Perfection[edit]

  • "You're not like the others. You chase perfection — not as children chase the sun. but as a hunter stalks prey. Good. You're not there yet, Guardian. But most extinguish the spark in their chest seeking what you already have: two keys. Continue to seek judgment. Perhaps the final one is within your reach. I pray that it is. For your sake. And theirs."

Flawless Passage: Worthy[edit]

  • "You found it. The third key. It was in front of you all along. One the edge of a blade. At the tip of a bullet. Burning in your Light. You faced judgment relentless, and now you're here. At the end of all things. You... are worthy. When the time comes, seek us out. Watch for us on the filaments of dark matter. In the hydrocarbon pits of distant moons. Listen. In the direction of the Corona-Borealis supercluster. Pierce the Lightless void beyond the northern skies and meditate in the hissing silence. Or do nothing. We are everywhere and nowhere at once. If you don't see us, you're not thinking small enough. Now, go home. Safe harbor is very far away."


  • In the sub-dimension, a gigantic, celestial horse can be seen in the background.[1] This may be a prelude to Starhorse showing up in the Dares Of Eternity event.
  • The messages from the Emissary of the Nine can only be heard by winning matches during the Trials of the Nine.
    • 1 win with or without a loss on your passage unlocks the "Welcome to the Trials" message.
    • 3 wins with or without a loss on your passage unlocks the Judgment message.
    • 5 wins with or without a loss on your passage unlocks the Death message.
    • 7 wins with or without a loss on your passage unlocks the Perfection message.
    • 7 wins without getting a loss on your passage (not including your mercy loss) unlocks the Worthy message.
  • Although the Spire is sunset, the sub-dimension room can still be accessed as the final room of the Prophecy Dungeon, albeit lacking Starhorse.


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