Nexus Minotaur

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Nexus Minotaur




Sol Collective


Expunge: Delphi

Combat information


Torch Hammer


High Durability
Immunity Shield
Summon Champion
Summon Taken
Summon Vex
Ultra Smash


Nexus Minotaur is a Vex Minotaur encountered in Expunge: Delphi. The Minotaur is summoned by Quria, Blade Transform to maintain its Vex Rotational Shield and safeguard an Authentication Key.


To encounter the Nexus Minotaur, players are required to deplete a third of Quria's health. Quria will proceed to shield itself with an immunity shield and summon the Nexus Minotaur alongside the Evaluator of Savathûn. Players have the option to choose which Minotaur to target with the Nexus Minotaur located to the right platforms and Evaluator located to the left platforms.

If players choose to engage the Nexus Minotaur, they must first collect an Authentication Key and jump across a series of platforms to "Verify" the key on a terminal. This will promptly disengage the Minotaur's immunity shield and allow players to attack it. The Minotaur is highly durable and will fire Void projectiles from its Torch Hammer. In close proximity it will unleash a devastating smash attack that can launch players off the platforms. It will also summon Taken and Vex reinforcements and later summon a Champion when a half of its health is depleted. Heavy weaponry is recommended to defeat the Minotaur. Following its defeat, Quria will lose its Vex rotational shields.


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