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October 23, 2021



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although i understand the lore and am decent at the game, I never have someone to play with. If you could add me or hop on with me sometime that would be greatly appreciated

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shaxx hit felwtinter with the 1 2

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sagira gets clapped

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You have permission, plus it’s a public wiki which means you can edit it freely unless it is under protection that makes it only be edited by a mod or whatever. So go for it. But do give some context as to why bc some may say that you removing it is wrong.


Sure thing! First off, Alak-Hul is still technically a Darkblade CLASS while in lightblade form. You can tell by his axe, only hive darkblades use them. It doesn't make sense but there you go. If you do want to edit it, just click "Edit" at the top of the screen. The entire first yellow box is his infobox, so if you go down until you see the Darkblade links, you can change those. It is technically correct though.


Hm, I’ll try, and also thanks, idk if the Helmet stay on quote would exactly work as it is not stated by any of the characters in that lore part.