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This article is about the quest. For the character, see The Strider.


Bluejay (Quest)

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Destiny 2: Lightfall

Quest giver:

Quinn Laghari


Restore The Strider's memorial, uncover the secret of their lost legacy and stop the Vex from removing it from the CloudArk.




Strider is an Exotic Quest in the Lightfall expansion of Destiny 2, available to players after completing the main campaign and unlocking the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna.[1] It is the last known quest in a chain to repair the broken Cloud Strider memorials, unlocking immediately after completion of "Bluejay", and rewards the Exotic Heavy Glaive, Winterbite. Completion of the quest also unlocks the last entries in the Cloud Strider Legacies Lore book.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

Step 1[edit]

Visit the archivist.

  • Completed


It all goes back to the first Cloud Strider, a woman named Mikaela Julaha. "We don't know enough, unfortunately. Record-keeping was spotty back then. We were fighting just to survive, so no one was keeping receipts we could sift through centuries later. What I do know from context clues is that the Strider was the first person to use the Occlusion, and the only person who really knew what it is—except maybe the Vex, apparently. All I know for sure is she never set out to be a hero. She just wanted a safe home, where her kids didn't need to fight every day just to survive."

The Shadow Legion have uncovered a Vex tunneling operation, but the comms chatter Quinn has been able to pick up hasn't been very specific apart from that. The Shadow Legion have been ordered away from the operation, but that still leaves many places in Neomuna where the Vex could be working, and the Shadow Legion might yet be in active retreat.

Sweep through the areas where Vex and Shadow Legion are fighting to rule out those areas, and collect encrypted data from them to analyze and further narrow down where the Vex operation could be. With any luck, the chase will help you bond with the Strider's legacy—but the defense of the city is the most vital goal.

Unlock a Terminal Overload Key Chest in each occupied area of Neomuna to begin tracking the Vex tunneling operation.

Step 2[edit]

Spend keys on a Terminal Overload Key Chest in each of the three different areas of Neomuna.

  • Ahimsa Park chest looted
  • Zephyr Concourse chest looted
  • Liming Harbor chest looted

"The Strider would never leave Neomuna's citizens at risk. If you're going to bond with her, you need to fight on every front!"
— Quinn

Step 3[edit]

Defeat Shadow Legion forces in Neomuna to find location data, and dive into the Ahimsa Park Lost Sector for a data cipher to put the data together.

  • Location data gathered: 20
  • Data cipher found

"The Vex are coming for the Occlusion! The Shadow Legion know where they are. Does everyone know more about this than me?! Time to fix that!"
— Quinn

Step 4[edit]

The archivist wants to discuss your findings.

  • Archivist visited

"This Shadow Legion tracking data is all over the place, but I've got a more sophisticated system back here at my desk. Bring it back to me, yeah?"
— Quinn


"This… I must have made a mistake." Quinn's crisis of faith is obvious in her voice. "The Cabal data says the Vex are searching for a Vex Mind inside our network? But that would mean the Strider helped hide it and keep it secret, even from the Council! From me! Not that I was even born yet, but it still feels… personal. We're not supposed to be a city of secrets."

Quinn's holographic form moves back and forth restlessly. "Okay. Okay, let's think this through. The Strider must have had a reason to do this, even if we can't see it yet. Maybe her memorial can tell us more. Think you can fix it?"

  • QUINN LAGHARI: Looks like you've been busy. Let's see what the Shadow Legion knows about the Vex operation... Huh. I must've translated something wrong. 'Cause this says the Vex are trying to reach a... a Vex Mind... stuck in the CloudArk. It's not an attack for them. It's a rescue mission. But... the Occlusion's been in there for centuries. It's... loadbearing. It can't be a Vex Mind! The first Cloud Strider found it! She wouldn't keep something like that a secret!
  • GHOST: Maybe we're ready to find out. Because if she did, she'd be having a crisis of faith, just like we're having.

Step 5[edit]

Approach Strider's memorial to repair it.

  • Memorial restored

A Strider pushes forward toward their goal no matter what may block their path. You can feel this Cloud Strider's legacy within the cosmic web.


The Guardian approaches the broken memorial which immediately reforms itself upon interaction. A voice from the Strider's memory plays out.

  • MIKAELA JULAHA: Shh... oh, it's okay. I'll keep you safe. Just rest.
  • QUINN LAGHARI: It doesn't sound like Strider was talking to a Vex.
  • GHOST: It... sounded like she was talking to a child. A scared child.
  • QUINN LAGHARI: You're telling me the Occlusion is a Vex Mind? But—what, it's a baby? A baby that wants to hide from the rest of the Vex?
  • GHOST: Well, a busy data network like the CloudArk would be the perfect place to hide. The Vex only noticed it when all your security reset.
  • QUINN LAGHARI: I'm getting a fix on this Vex tunneling operation. Put a stop to it. We'll figure out the rest later.

Step 6[edit]

Destroy the Hydras and shut down the confluxes at Maya's Retreat.

  • Vex operation halted

"If the Vex get a foothold in Maya's Retreat, they'll be impossible to get out again, and the next step is the CloudArk. We can't let them get anywhere near the Occlusion—you have to stop them!"
— Quinn

Step 7[edit]

The archivist has a reward for you.

  • Archivist visited

The archivist has the authority to hand out artifacts from Neomuna's history when she knows they'll be used in the city's best interest. And there's some intriguing data…


Visit Quinn to complete the quest and receive Winterbite as a reward.


"I guess it isn't too outrageous to think a Strider would protect anyone in need. Even a Vex. If the Occlusion wanted to hurt us, it could have. Instead, it just seems to like its independence and some quiet. And I know I like my naps, so I'm feeling a little connection, you know?"

"It sent a big old compressed data packet in one quick burst, right before it went quiet again. Back to sleep, I guess. This was in the header:

SELF=output.vex :: output.soteria // SUBJECT=paracausal.hero // I ENDURE. GRATITUDE.

"This is going to make for some interesting research papers in the next few years… Anyway. This doc was right at the top of the other files, not encrypted like the rest. Here's the text:


"It must have hauled some information out of the Vex databases. Or… our databases? Both? Ugh. I'm going to be forever figuring out the rest. Still, hope that's helpful to what you've got going on."

Quinn's gratitude is genuine. "I won't forget everything you've done for me. And for the city. We owe you a lot, friendly space zombie. You're welcome here anytime. Oh, and here! Nimbus said you like weapons, so I dug this out of the archive for you. Don't worry—it's not fragile."

  • QUINN LAGHARI: [sigh] Never thought I'd help save a Vex. Course, I never thought I'd work with a smokin' hot Earth Warlord, either. Interesting times. The Occlusion is still... mm, "asleep" isn't the right word, but basically asleep. I think it just likes the quiet. It's buried too deep in the network to just yank out, so far now, I guess we just let it sleep. I'll let Nimbus and the City Council figure out what to do. Nimbus says you like weapons, and as Chief Archivist, I have access to some fun artifacts in the vault. Don't put your eye out.

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