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Kosis was a Fallen Vandal who worked for the Spider's Syndicate.


Before working for The Spider, Kosis was a member of the House of Kings with her daughters. However, she would flee to the Tangled Shore while her daughters died when the House was torn apart by Uldren Sov and Fikrul. She later joined the House of Spider and eventually became part of the Baron's personal fiefdom.

Two years later, Kosis would be put in charge of an operation to a downed House Kings Ketch for salvage. After surveying the wreck on her own, by her own insistence, she was able to salvage a ceremonial washing bowl, a child's musical instrument, and the cracked ceramic effigy of a Servitor which she covered with a cloth bearing the symbol of her former house and buried out of dignity as the operation began[1].

Later on, one of the Dregs of her crew named Savek came to her of a discovery she made in a nearby cave during a patrol. Gathering two more Dregs, Kosis and Savek found a structure of Hive origin. Sensing the value in salvaging an item like it for the Spider, Kosis ordered the Dregs to dismantle it[2]. While observing what the Dregs had brought marking it for Spider's attention, she pondered sending a missive in her place but chose not, thinking that they would take the credit and be promoted by Spider for their cunning. But, after learning from Savek and the other Dregs that the structure had regrown what had been stripped, Kosis was taken to see for herself. The core of the structure flooded Kosis' mind with memories of the Hive during the Whirlwind, scaring her into ordering the rest of her crew to leave it alone[3].

As the operation continued, Kosis found more and more of her crew became enraptured by the structure. One day, she found her whole crew kneeling in the asteroid's dust of the cave, transfixed on the construct. When Kosis ordered them to get back to work, the newest Dreg on the crew approached her and spoke cryptically to her. However, Kosis cut them short with a blast from her Shock Pistol, killing the Dreg and breaking the rest's trance, before informing them that they'd leave as soon as the Ketch was stripped[4].

Sometime after this event, Kosis looked to the disembowelled Ketch, thinking of the degradation of Eliksni society and what she thought her daughters would have thought of how she chose to survive, before being interrupted by Savek entering. After reminding the Dreg that her shift wasn't over, Savek lunged at Kosis with a sword taken from the Vandal's tent and bore it into her throat before Kosis could say anything. As she lay dying, Kosis heard Savek scream a wail and thought of the Kell of Kells[5].

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