The Rift Generator

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The Rift Generator


Dreaming City, The Strand




Prevent the Scorn from destabilizing the Rift Generator


The Rift Generator is a Public Event that occurs only in the Dreaming City, within The Strand. In this event, Guardians must stop the Scorn from distrupting an Awoken device and creating a rift in the Ascendant Realm.


  • Initialize boot sequence
  • Defend the Generator Core
    • Core Integrity X%


  • Disrupt the restoration ritual
  • Defeat Vakarsik, Grasp of Quria
    • Vakarsik: X of 1


Once the event begins, two small squads of Scorn and Taken will appear and start fighting. Killing the Abomination leading the Scorn will make it drop a charge which can then be inserted in the generator, activating it and causing the Taken to retreat. From then on, hordes of increasingly poweful Scorn will start attacking the Generator, firing at it and reducing its integrity. Periodically, Deranged Abominations will appear in the hordes, and defeating them will make them drop a charge, which can be deposited like the first, restoring some of the core's integrity. Eventually, a Demented Abomination will appear among the waves. If the timer runs out with the core still active, the event is successfully completed.

Heroic Event - Ascendant Rift[edit]

When a charge is deposited, a large Blight will appear in the area it came from, and start quickly sinking in the ground. Once three of these blights are destroyed, the Scorn will stop attacking, and three Taken Wizards will appear around the Generator. Killing these Wizards will transport all participants into and Ascendant Realm reflection of the Strand, where in place of the Generator is a massive Taken Captain called Vakarsik, Grasp of Quria. The Captain has depleted health and is locked under a Blight, with six Taken Wizards channeling their energy into it to rejuvenate it. Once all the Wizards are dead, the Blight will descend and free Vakarsik. The Captain will immediately summon reinforcements and attack any nearby Guardians. Killing Vakarsik will complete the event.


Boss - Heroic

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