Disciple's Bog

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Disciple's Bog
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Court of Savathûn

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Acquisition (The Sunken Pyramid)

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Disciple's Bog is a location within the Court of Savathûn. It houses The Sunken Pyramid, as well as several structures of Pyramid origin.


Soon after Savathûn, the Witch Queen obtained the Light, she started remodeling her Throne World. As part of this, she sealed the Pyramid in the bog, and placed a powerful spell upon its entrance, alongside a garrison of Lightbearer Knights and her own Projection. After she was defeated, the seal on the Bog began to weaken, eventually shattering as a fireteam of Guardians approached the gate to Raid the Pyramid. The Guardians escorted a darkness cargo through the Bog, fighting off the Scorn until they reached the Pyramid and used it to gain access.[1] After Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness was defeated, the Scorn would still attempt to use the Pyramid for themselves, forcing Guardians to go through the Bog again to gain access to it.[2]

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