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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Ikora Rey
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The Light is your greatest weapon, Guardian.

Ikora Rey is a human and the Vanguard of the Warlock class. Once the disciple of Osiris, Ikora's extensive knowledge of her field has earned her respect amongst all Warlock Orders and led to her replacing her exiled mentor as Vanguard. Ikora also oversees The Hidden, an extensive network of Guardians who serve as the Vanguard's secret intelligence gatherers. From her position, Ikora helped navigate the Last City's survival against numerous threats, although her secretive nature sometimes set her at odds with fellow Vanguard leaders and friends Commander Zavala and Cayde-6.

Following the Red War and the murder of Cayde, Ikora advocated for more aggressive stances against the foes of the Last City and often clashed with Zavala on matters of policy. Reuniting with her former mentor Osiris, Ikora began keeping an even greater number of secrets from Zavala while distancing herself from her duties as Vanguard to focus on managing the Hidden.


Time in the Wild[edit]

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She started her career as an iconoclastic Guardian, with a reputation for being outspoken and impatient with the dogma of her peers. She had a very colorful life on the battlefield, whether fighting in the Crucible or doing solo missions and getting shot down repeatedly, surviving against all odds. Her experience gave her a wealth of knowledge and newfound respect among her fellow Warlocks.[1] Even so, she apparently has a reputation for being scary, including a rumor that she can turn people into frogs.

Warlock Vanguard[edit]

Disciple of Osiris[edit]

"You're just going to let the Vanguard kick him out? After everything Osiris has done for you? He taught you everything you know!"
"No. Osiris merely taught me everything HE knows.
— Sagira arguing with Ikora

Eventually, Ikora became a student of the Warlock Vanguard Osiris, arguably his greatest one. However, after her mentor's arrogance and obsession with the Vex grew out of control, she was forced to secretly take over many of his duties as Vanguard. Eventually, his focus on the Vex caused the Last City's other leaders to convene a meeting of the Consensus without Osiris present. The Speaker asked Ikora to take over officially as Warlock Vanguard, which she accepted. The Speaker then announced that he was exiling Osiris for his failure to serve the Last City and putting Guardians lives at risk chasing after Vex secrets. With no objections, Osiris was officially exiled and his post as Vanguard Commander was taken over by Zavala.[2]

Ikora then went to confront her old mentor in the Underwatch of the Tower and inform him of the Consensus' decision. She demanded that they needed to talk, but Osiris did not turn around and simply commented that he was surprised that she came alone and asked if she had learned confidence. Angered by his arrogance, Ikora claimed that she had, but not from him. Osiris claimed he knew why she was there, proclaiming that their confrontation and his banishment had been prophesied. Ikora noted that he had plenty of warning then, causing Osiris' Ghost, Sagira, to lash out at Ikora, proclaiming that she and the rest of the Last City stood no chance against the Darkness without Osiris. He claimed that Ikora knew that was true but would not admit it, but Ikora denied this and stated that winning under his terms was no victory. She then bid her former mentor farwell and turned to leave,[3] but was stopped by Sagira, who demanded to know if Ikora was really just going to let the Vanguard exile Osiris after all he had done for her and teaching her everything she knew. Ikora angrily retorted that he had only taught her all he knew, causing Sagira to claim she would still be wasting time in the Crucible with Shaxx without Osiris. Ikora warned her not to insult the Crucible, as it had once been her home in the Last City. Sagira claimed that Ikora had wasted her talent there and that she owed Osiris loyalty on his quest against the Vex for making her more than a champion, causing Ikora to end the conversation and walk away.[4]

As Osiris prepared to leave the Last City for Mercury, Ikora met her former mentor one last time in the Tower's hanger as he readied the Sails of Osiris for launch. She suggested that he allow Shipmaster Cesar Hiponia to inspect the ship before Osiris left, causing the older Warlock to smile and note that she was always thinking ahead, which made her a fine leader. Ikora told him that was why she had to stay and lead as he once did, but he argued that the Infinite Forest on Mercury could be the key to simulating a path to their victory and understanding the Darkness. Ikora interrupted him, noting that while she wished him well in his quest, she feared his obsession would be his undoing, and that she was choosing to stay and fight for what was real.[5]

Protecting the City[edit]

Ikora and the Vanguard eventually determined that the Ahamkara on Venus had grown too powerful from the wishes they granted to Guardians, as they had gained the strength to create paracausal rifts in space and time on the planet. They initiated the Great Ahamkara Hunt to drive the Wish-Dragons into extinction and end their threat to humanity. At one point during the Hunt, Ikora teamed with the Hunter Eris Morn to fight an entire army of Ahamkara. After an hour-long battle they left a mile long path of corpses behind them. Ikora utilized the Light to float above her fallen foes to think clearer due to the whispers of the Ahamkara bones. Eris questioned what they had offered her, and Ikora told the Hunter that she suspected it was much the same as what had been offered to her. She grew concerned when Eris commented that everything the Ahamkara said was true and that they showed her life before she was a Guardian. Ikora cautioned Eris that such thoughts led to morbid places and asked her to focus on gathering Light to destroy the bones. The two summoned a storm of Arc energy to finish their foes, which caused the whispers to grow louder until they could hear them even over the storm.[6]

After the murder of Hunter Vanguard Andal Brask at the hands of the notorious Fallen mercenary Taniks, the Scarred, Ikora attended a parade thrown in celebration of Cayde-6 killing Taniks in retribution. She stood by Zavala as Cayde was carried away by the crowd, and the Vanguard Commander commented that Taniks had been believed dead before. Ikora recommended that Zavala let the new Hunter Vanguard bask in his victory and that he had earned it.[7]

The Rising Darkness[edit]

Contact With Rasputin[edit]

Ikora carrying out Vanguard duties

Ikora welcomed a newly risen Guardian from the Cosmodrome in Old Russia to the Tower and provided them with basic supplies and Glimmer. She also directed them to speak with Banshee-44 to get an upgrade for their weapon.[8] This new Warlock eventually discovered evidence in the Cosmodrome that the Warmind Rasputin was still alive and active in Old Russia. Ikora was elated by this discovery and declared that nothing in the Cosmodrome mattered more than the Warmind.[9] Ikora met with the new Guardian again and asked them to investigate the Warmind network's communication arrays in the Cosmodrome. She warned them that Dead Orbit had sent scouts there to investigate but that they had never returned, and she wished to know their fate as well as what Rasputin might be planning. The Guardian succeeded in reactivating the arrays, but the three Dead Orbit Guardians were found dead and Rasputin took control of the array and locked the Vanguard out. Ikora was fascinated that the Guardian had made contact with the Warmind, and directed them to report back to Zavala, who had another mission for them.[10]

Raids on the Hive[edit]

After the Guardian raided The World's Grave in the Hive's tunnels beneath the Moon, Ikora was pleased to finally have a chance to learn the greatest secrets and goals of the Hive. She worked alongside the Cryptarchy to decode the stolen information.[11] The Guardian soon disrupted a Hive ritual that was using a fragment of the Traveler to drain its Light, which restored the fragment and helped restore some Light to the sleeping entity. Ikora was deeply interested in the implications of the ritual, noting that they seemingly confirmed the controversial Warlock Ulan-Tan's theory that all Light was connected, but she also worried that the servants of the Darkness could use that connection against them.[12] Ikora later sensed a Hive abomination being raised within the Hellmouth, and ordered the Guardian to take a strike team down into the Hive's Summoning Pits and destroy it. The strike team succeeded in destroying the Ogre Phogoth, the Untamed, and while Ikora was pleased by its end, she wondered how many more abominations the Hive were creating throughout the universe.[13]

Ikora also met with her friend and Hidden agent Eris Morn, who feared that the Hive's recent activity was indicating they would soon make another attempt to claim the Earth. She learned from Eris that the Hive God Prince Crota's top general Omnigul was present and active on Earth. Questioning why the Wizard was there, Ikora asked her friend to speak plainly and not in riddles, and Eris stated that she believed they sought Rasputin in the ruins of the Cosmodrome. Worried, Ikora noted that although Rasputin had yet to ally with the Vanguard and did not even talk with them, she believed he seemed just and on humanity's side. They discussed the Hive's goals, and concluded that they did not seek to destroy Rasputin, but rather corrupt him and bring him onto their side, which they feared would be the end of everything in the system. Ikora swore to make the Vanguard and the Speaker listen despite their distrust of Eris, but the Hunter believed it too late for that. Ikora decided that she needed help then from another Guardian, and convinced a weary Eris that her own battles in the field were done with the loss of her Ghost and that she must allow another brave soul to fight the Hive in her stead. She also promised Eris that she would ensure that she was welcome in the Tower despite the other leaders concerns.[14]

Investigating the Vex[edit]

"We must assume the abomination was part of something greater. And we cannot flinch from the terrible, obvious comparison: just as the Traveler acts through us, this power was able to act through its own servants."
— Ikora, in her report on the Black Garden to Zavala

Ikora ordered the Guardian to carry out another strike on Venus in the Vex tunnels beneath the Ishtar Academy. She briefed the team on their target, a Vex Mind known as Sekrion, Nexus Mind, which was a world-eating machine that was charged with the transformation of Venus into a Vex world. Once the Nexus Mind was destroyed, Ikora noted that this did not halt the conversion of Venus, as the Vex still had other minds throughout the world that the Guardians could not reach, and that they must continue to pursue their enemy into the depths of the world.[15]

The Guardian later came to Ikora for aiding in finding a way to wake the Eye of a Vex Gate Lord in order to gain access to the Black Garden and destroy the Darkness at its heart. She informed them that her Hidden agents had found a way to attune the eye to the gate of the Black Garden by using a Vex Spire on Mars. However, the only one that Ikora knew of that was above ground was also in the middle of a Cabal war camp. The Guardian soon returned with the wakened Eye, and Ikora complimented their Ghost on a job well done. However, she cautioned the Guardian that while they could now open the gate to the Black Garden, they must ensure their will was ready for such a task.[16] The Guardian's will proved true and they destroyed the Black Heart at the center of the Garden, bringing it back into reality on Mars. Following this victory, Ikora gathered with Zavala, Cayde, and dozens of other Guardians in the Tower plaza to hear the Speaker's address on this great victory.[17]

Despite this victory, Ikora was ordered by Zavala to go over the reports of the Guardian's mission into the Black Garden and give him an assessment of possible remaining threats. Amused by her friend's constant worry, Ikora nevertheless compiled her report. In it, she theorized that the Vex had discovered the Black Heart and its power but were unable to understand it, and thus turned to worship as a way of receiving empowerment. Ikora also believed that the Sol Progeny had been constructed solely to be vessels of power and will for the abomination, and that if it had been left unattended it could have unleashed horrors upon the galaxy. She also noted that there was great hope in the fact that the Black Heart could only activate one of the Sol Progeny at a time, and that it was threatened by the Light of a single Guardian. Lastly, Ikora concluded that the Black Heart was but a piece of the Darkness and that it acted through the Sol Progeny much as the Traveler did through its Guardians. She speculated that there could be more pieces of the Darkness out there acting through similar vessels.[18]

Although the Black Garden was now settled into reality on Mars, Ikora worried that the Vex would attempt to pull it out of time once more. She met with Zavala and Cayde, and stated that she believed that The Undying Mind was attempting to undo the destruction of the Black Heart. Ikora was determined that the keep the Garden in reality where the Light could touch it so that they could continue mapping its pathways with the data files recovered from the Ishtar Collective. The others agreed, and Zavala authorized a strike to eliminate the Vex mind.[19] Ikora ordered the Guardian to lead the strike and prevent the Black Garden from being resealed. The team destroyed the Undying Mind deep within the pathways of the Black Garden, and Ikora thanked them for ensuring its continued presence in reality. However, she worried that the Vex would never cease their efforts to take back the Black Garden and was determined to hold it in reality until the Vanguard had learned all of its secrets.[20]

The Taken War[edit]

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The Calm Before[edit]

Ikora, Zavala and Cayde planning the incoming threat of the Oryx

Ikora was apprised of a group calling themselves the Shadows of Yor who were using copies of Thorn, the infamous weapon of the murderous Guardian known as Dredgen Yor. Concerned about their ruthless behavior in the Crucible after the results of a match on Blind Watch, Ikora approached Lord Shaxx and informed him of her worries that the Shadows could be following too closely in Yor's footsteps and that they should be watched. Shaxx agreed, but believed that Zyre Orsa, one of the leaders of the Shadows, had managed to contain the Darkness where Yor had failed. Ikora believed that a dangerous assumption and noted that the Thorn's presence in the Crucible was becoming ever more widespread.[21] Ikora later met with Shin Malphur, Dredgen Yor's killer, after he saw footage of the Shadows of Yor in a match at Widow's Court. He was worried Ikora and the Vanguard were not taking the threat the Shadows represented seriously enough, and she attempted to reassure him that she shared his concerns and was monitoring the situation, but that given his past with Yor and all that he had lost to the killer and his Thorn, he might not be unbiased in how he viewed the Shadows' actions. Shin refuted that assertion and told Ikora that the Shadows were playing with death.[22]

During the events of The Dawning, Ikora Rey tasked the Guardians in eliminating old foes that have returned, Taniks Perfected, Sekrion, Nexus Mind and Omnigul. During so, Cayde-6 "assists" though Ikora knew he was only helping because he was both bored and attempting to get out of coordinating a team of Hunters that didn't like him. Regardless, both aided the Guardians in eliminating their old foes.

The Red War[edit]

Fall of the Last City[edit]

Ikora taking down a Cabal ship

"Red Legion, you will take no more from us. And you will find no mercy in me!"
— Ikora before destroying a Cabal Thresher with a Nova Bomb

On the anniversary of the Battle of Six Fronts, the Last City and its Guardians were preparing to celebrate the unity of the City and foundation of the Vanguard.[23] Instead of preparing for the celebrations, Ikora met with Zavala and Cayde in the Hall of Guardians and reported to them that all of the Skyline Defense Systems had been sabotaged, while Cayde noted that their comms network had been spotty for several hours. While attempting to get more information from the Last City's orbital satellites, Ikora realized that they were no longer there, and Zavala ordered everyone to battle stations as Cabal warships suddenly emerged from the storm clouds around the Last City. As the Tower came under heavy missile bombardment, Ikora grabbed Cayde and teleported him to safety inside Zavala's Ward of Dawn just before he was crushed by falling debris. Surviving the bombardment, Ikora, Zavala, and Cayde spread out through the Tower to defend it from assault. The Young Wolf soon joined the battle, and Ikora informed the defending Guardians that the Cabal they were facing were the Red Legion, which according to her sources had never known defeat. Zavala ordered all Guardians to rally in the plaza, but Ikora protested that the Red Legion were assaulting the Traveler with an unknown device. She was told by the Commander that they had to defend the City and its people first.[24]

Ikora and the others defended the plaza until the last evacuation shuttles extracted the civilians from the Tower, but the Speaker never arrived to be evacuated. Ikora went to his tower to find him, but discovered the Red Legion had gotten there first and captured him before destroying his quarters. Enraged, Ikora killed several legionaries with a Nova Bomb as the Young Wolf arrived to assist her. Explaining the situation to her fellow Guardian, Ikora turned her attention to an approaching Thresher. Utilizing her Light, Ikora leaped upon the Cabal ship and crippled it with another Nova Bomb, declaring that the Red Legion would take no more from the Last City as she rode the failing ship down to the battle below.[24] Utilizing her Void abilities, Ikora Blinked to a Interceptor and threw three Vortex grenades into its vents before Blinking to another Harvester and shooting its antigravity cores with her shotgun, Invective. She then blinked to another Interceptor and looked back at the Traveler, which had become encased in the Cabal's cage. Infuriated at the Red Legion's blasphemy and their assault on her friends, Ikora unleashed a Nova Bomb onto the ship she was riding. As she leapt off to Blink to another Cabal vessel, she was severed from the Light and began plummeting towards the ground. As Ikora struggled to understand what had happened, she quickly emptied her clip into the supports of a billboard below her, causing it to collapse towards a nearby roof. She slammed into the hard metal and rolled to safety on the roof, although her shoulder was dislocated by the hard landing. Even with her injuries, Ikora's rage led her to stand up and go hunting for her next target.[25]

Search for Answers[edit]

"I am more than just my Light! I could have tried! I should have tried. But… after all these years dying, being reborn, dying again… The Traveler has left me with one life, and I am afraid to lose it."
— Ikora
Ikora on Io.

Ikora managed to escape from the occupied Last City, but did not join Zavala in his retreat to Titan. Her first act was to send a message to all of her Hidden agents, instructing them to go into hiding at their safehouses and wait for the Red Legion to become complacent before conducting operations against them, as they could not afford to risk their lives now on foolhardy missions without Light to resurrect themselves. She included two direct messages for specific agents into her missive, with the first telling Chalco Yong that she had been right about the Guardians losing sight of keeping an eye out for unknown threats and reassured her it would not happen again. Her second message was to Eris, hoping that she was still alive on her quest for information about the Hive and reassuring her that there would be a home for her to return to when she came back. She ended the message with another general order to all of the Hidden to wait for her word, and that they all knew what to do should it never come.[26]

Desperate for answers and seeking to regain her Light, Ikora travelled to the Shard of the Traveler in the European Dead Zone in an attempt to regain her lost powers. Fighting through elements of the House of Dusk that inhabited the Blackened Forest, she carefully and methodically eliminated all the Fallen guarding the Shard. Once they were dead, Ikora approached the Shard and touched it, but it remained inert and did not restore her connection to the Light. Confused and angry, Ikora eventually calmed down and resolved to find answers elsewhere, and decided to travel to Io, a moon of Jupiter and the last place the Traveler had touched before the Collapse.[27]

Stealing a Red Legion ship, Ikora flew to Io and landed on the Echo Mesa, near the Cradle where the Traveler had settled to terraform the moon. Stepping onto the surface of Io for the first time without Light felt wrong to Ikora, but her sense of unease turned to anger as she watched three Red Legion Harvesters fly overhead. Infuriated that the Red Legion were desecrating another sacred location. Taking quick stock of her supplies, Ikora resolved to avoid the Vex presence on the moon and head for the Red Legion stronghold Terrabase Charon and make them pay for their transgressions, even if it cost Ikora her final life.[28] Her campaign against the Cabal consumed her, and Ikora lost track of how long she stalked and murdered their patrols. During one battle against the Red Legion, she lost Invective after emptying its last ammo into a Interceptor and bludgeoning a Psion to death with its stock. Abandoning her broken weapon by a guard tower, Ikora treated her numerous wounds and removed shrapnel she had taken in one of the battles. Near death, Ikora realized none of her actions had halted the Cabal's actions on Io and regretted her ill-advised assaults. Passing out, Ikora awoke to find herself staring at the Cradle. Walking to the cliffs edge, Ikora resolved to wait for someone else to arrive before taking further action.[29]

Once the Guardian arrives and Ikora learns of what has transpired in her absence, she returns to Earth to help her fireteam plan to retake the City.

Reclaiming the Last City[edit]

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"If my journey ends today, then I will face it gladly."
— Ikora before the battle
Ikora battling the Cabal on her sparrow

During the attack, Ikora led a unit using sparrows to confound troops and create an opening for the other teams to enter the City. Once the attack began, she regroupped with Cayde and Zavala to teleport to Dominus Ghaul's location. Unfortunately, the Vanguard was too badly wounded to go themselves, and the Guardian was sent in their place. Once Ghaul was defeated and the Traveler reawakened, Ikora returned to work leading the guardians and watching over the recovering City.

A New Golden Age[edit]

Securing Io[edit]

"This could have been the beginning of a major war, and you stopped it dead in its tracks. If the Taken and Vex continue to conspire together, I will be the first to know, and you two will be the next."
— Ikora

Although the Vanguard was victorious against the Red Legion, threats to humanity remained throughout the system. Ikora was contacted by one of her Hidden agents on Io who claimed to have seen the Taken interacting with Vex, but the agent then went silent. She requested that the Young Wolf investigate the matter, believing it could be connected to the Ascendant portal they had managed to prevent from opening. They discovered that the Taken were capturing Vex, causing Ikora to ponder if they were attempting to Take them, but Asher believed that would be impossible without a King to guide the Taken. She rebuked her fellow Warlock's certainty, noting that the impossible often happened. The Young Wolf continued their investigation and discovered Ir Arok, Tongue of Quria was leading the Taken on Io but retreated when confronted. Ikora was surprised that the Knight had the sense to retreat, and worried that others besides Oryx could have the power to Take.[30]

Tracking Ir Arok to the Cabal Warbase ruins at Excavation Site II, Ikora warned the Young Wolf that her Hidden had yet to penetrate the facility and scout it. Asher also retracted his previous statements on the Taken, noting he could feel them manipulating the Vex through his arm. Within the base, the Young Wolf reported finding holding cells for the Vex, and Ikora berated Asher for joking that the Taken had invented law and order while cautioning the Young Wolf to be careful and that she only had one of them. The cells transformed the captured Vex into Taken, vindicating Ikora's theory, but Asher believed it to be suicidal, as the Vex infected whatever they touched and could take over the Taken. Ikora believed that it was a calculated risk on the part of the Taken, and that they were attempting to build an army. She directed the Young Wolf to meet with Asher and formulate a plan to stop the Taken.[31]

The Taken had turned their attention to the Pyramidion, which Ir Arok intended to use to Take the entire Vex Collective. Ikora and Asher sent the Young Wolf to stop their plan, and she warned them that if Ir Arok succeeded, the Taken could unleash devastation across the solar system. Asher pointed out that losing the Young Wolf would devastate the Last City so soon after the Red War. The Young Wolf succeeded in their task and killed Ir Arok, but reported that some Taken managed to make it through a warp gate into the Pyramidion. Ikora was pleased with the result, and noted that they may have prevented another major war with the Taken from beginning with this victory. She vowed to monitor the Taken and Vex's activity on Io to ensure that further attempts to consume the Vex collective were not made, and that she would inform the Young Wolf if one was.[32]

Governing the Last City[edit]

Ikora watching over the Traveler

"When the Red Legion attacked, it almost cost us everything. It took a miracle to save us… the awakening of the Traveler. This is our new beginning. The maps are blank. The rules are gone. All we know is we must become more than what we were. This small corner of the cosmos is the only place that is forever ours. And the universe watches us with envious eyes. We've proven we can fight threats from beyond the stars. But now there are things stirring beneath our feet… provoked by the Traveler's Light. Our war… is just beginning."
— Ikora, near the start of the new Golden Age[33]

As the City began to rebuild under the awakened Traveler, Ikora met with the other members of the Consensus to discuss the governing of the City. When Executor Hideo objected that they could not be called to order without a Speaker, Ikora prevented Cayde-6 from escaping the meeting and declared that they had to meet despite what the bylaws said. Lakshmi-2 asked if there was a protocol for choosing a new Speaker, and after Zavala revealed that there was not one, Ikora advocated amending the bylaws to create such a process. Zavala declared that until they had a new Speaker, they would all govern together and forge their own consensus without a Speaker's aid.[34]

At a subsequent meeting of the Consensus, Ikora was agitated that Zavala and Hideo brought the Hunter Ariadne Gris before them to investigate whether the dragon she had painted on her Sparrow indicated that she worshiped or had come into contact with Ahamkara. When Zavala asked for her opinion on the matter, Ikora admitted that she had stopped paying attention and could not believe the meeting was still going, causing Arach Jalaal to laugh. Ikora concluded that Ariadne's poor win/loss record in the Sparrow Racing League was proof enough that the Hunter did not have contact with a wish dragon, leading to the Consensus' official declaration that the dragon symbol was merely "cool".[35]

The awakening of the Traveler caused Ikora to reexamine all of her old research, particularly her twelve volume series "On Circles". Foregoing field work, Ikora spent long periods studying in her hidden private library. One day, Chalco Yong, a member of Ikora's Hidden, snuck into the library to see what Ikora was doing. Without stopping her research, Ikora acknowledged her friend and noted that she had to completely rewrite all twelve books in the series due to the Traveler awakening and changing their understanding of physics. Chalco was skeptical that the Traveler would so radically change their understanding of circles, causing Ikora to finally look at her and state that especially their conception of circles had changed.[36]

The Curse of Osiris[edit]

"Most Guardian won't even speak Osiris's name. He was the only Vanguard Commander ever exiled from the City… and the man who taught me what it means to be a Warlock."
— Ikora about Osiris

When rumors of strange activity on Mercury started to surface from the Cult of Osiris, Ikora ignored it, dismissing them as mere conspiracy theories. However, one of her Hidden then brought her Sagira, who was found badly damaged and deactivated at the same time Vex activity surged dramatically. Ikora summoned the Young Wolf and asked them to investigate these developments in secret from the rest of the Vanguard due to the potential involvement of her former mentor Osiris. As the Young Wolf traveled to Mercury, Ikora explained to them that the Vex had replaced the core of the planet with a machine known as the Infinite Forest, which could calculate infinite realities. She was displeased when Brother Vance made contact with them, dismissing him as Osiris' "greatest fan". Vance claimed that his faith in Osiris had led them to him, causing Ikora to mock him for having faith in a man who questioned everything. After the Young Wolf investigated the Vex activity around the entrance to the Infinite Forest, Vance suggested that they take Sagira to a Cult of Osiris outpost on Earth that could help heal her.[33]

With the new revelations about the nature of the Vex, Ikora began furthering her research of them. She was disappointed that the Young Wolf's presence at the beginning of the Infinite Forest did not reveal an understanding of the Vex. As she pondered the nature of the radiolarian fluid and dismissed it as being the Vex's consciousness, Ikora wondered if she had discounted Lakshmi-2 and the Future War Cult's device too quickly since the key to understanding the Vex might be exploring their ability to predict and simulate timelines. She turned to her Ghost, Ophiuchus, and asked their opinion, catching her companion off guard as they had not spoken in more than sixty-one years. Ikora noted that they were friends once, and that she was ready to hear Ophiuchus' opinion again.[37]

The Murder of Cayde-6[edit]

Ikora grieves over the loss of Cayde

"But Cayde was just… my friend. My ridiculous, funny, constant friend. If we don't fight for our friends, what are we fighting for?"
— Ikora to the Guardian after Uldren's death

Ikora would suffer a personal loss after Cayde-6, her friend and fireteam comrade, was murdered by the formerly missing Awoken Prince, Uldren Sov and the Scorn, an army of morbid and grotesque Fallen under his command and that of seven Barons. Cayde and the Guardian arrived in the Reef to aid the Awoken in containing the chaos that engulfed the Prison of Elders but as the Scorn escaped their cells, Cayde found himself surrounded and beaten. Worse, his Ghost Sundance was destroyed and his personal weapon, the Ace of Spades, stolen by Uldren. Within his final moments, the Hunter Vanguard was killed by Uldren who then departed to spread chaos throughout the Reef.[38]

The Young Wolf returned Cayde's body home and the Vanguard mourned his loss, with Ikora reflecting on her friend's terrible jokes and timing that would still make her want to laugh. Wishing that they had been there to fight alongside Cayde, Ikora reassured the Guardian that it was not their fault and all the blame lay upon Uldren. Ikora vows that they will fight him and that the entirety of the Vanguard would take the Reef by storm to kill Uldren and his Scorn minions once and for all. However, Zavala objects as while he too mourns the loss of his friend and desired justice, the Titan Vanguard stated that the Last City must remain the Guardians priority and they simply do not have the resources or the time to go on a manhunt, not while thousands of other escaped inmates from the Reef Prison flee across the system. Ikora vehemently opposed this, even calling it an act of cowardice but before she could argue any further, the Guardian vowed that they would hunt down Uldren Sov and end him for his crimes.[38]

Before the Young Wolf left to conduct the Hunt for The Scorn, Ikora gave them a lead to where the Scorn could be found: the Tangled Shore, a desolate wasteland on the edge of the Reef. Ikora criticized Zavala for his refusal to fight and clinging to the broken remnants of the future he had been imagining. She revealed to them that she had been having visions since the Travel woke and encouraged them to investigate further if they saw anything new. Although she wished to provide further aid to them, Ikora knew she needed to stay within the Last City to provide at least the facade of a unified Vanguard and that the Young Wolf would have to walk their road to vengeance alone.[38]

Ultimately, the Guardian would succeed in hunting down Uldren, avenging Cayde, and dismantle the Scorn's operations within the Reef. After returning to the Last City, Ikora expressed her gratitude in the Guardian's efforts to avenge the Hunter Vanguard. Afterwards, she ruminates that regarding all of her relationships, Cayde may have been her healthiest relationship, her ridiculous friend. Thus, she remembers that they are not only fighting for their home but also fighting for their friends.

An Uncertain Future[edit]

The Vanguard's Path[edit]

"Our feelings don't matter right now. We need to be people they want to follow, not people they mistrust and want to fight."
— Ikora, conversing with Zavala about the growing mistrust of the Vanguard by the Guardians

The months following Cayde's death and the subsequent events in the Reef left the Vanguard uncertain about their future direction. Ikora believed that her and Zavala's grief over the loss of Cayde, combined with their additional duties helping govern the Last City since the Speaker's demise, had impacted their ability to lead and shaken confidence in them amongst the Guardians. She and Zavala felt that their primary duty as warriors was not being met by their position and both considered potentially stepping down from their respective positions to let new leadership arise, or even disband the Vanguard entirely. Ikora informed her Hidden of these discussions, but noted that such drastic action would not be taken without consulting them, the Consensus, and the rest of the Guardians, but also instructed them to take whatever action they felt necessary if they believed the Vanguard had begun to do more harm than good. In the meantime she and Zavala sought to find a Hunter to assume Cayde's place in the Vanguard, as the terms of his Dare granting the position to whomever was responsible for his death led them to disregard it lest they be forced to offer the position to Savathûn, the Witch-Queen, who had been responsible for manipulating Uldren and the Scorn. Instead, they wished to gather the most capable Hunters together and find a worthy candidate amongst them, although all the Hunters who would be qualified had fled the Tower to avoid being considered for the dreaded position.[39]

Ikora learned from Master Rahool that one of his students, Lavinia Garcia Umr Tawil, had become obsessed with the Nine. When she received an alert that Lavinia had broken into the ruins of the Tower, she arrived to find two New Monarchy Guardians attacking her for stealing an Ahamkara bone from a secure vault. Outraged that Guardians would attack a mortal, Ikora drove them off and warned them to never assault a normal human again. However, she then turned her fury to Lavinia and demanded she release the bone, which the young Cryptarch did with considerable effort. Ikora warned her that the bone had called her and asked if she made a wish for knowledge about the Nine, but Lavinia stated had been trying to track the bone back to its source and discover why the Nine needed Ahamkara. Curious and angry, Ikora questioned what the young scholar meant, and Lavinia theorized that whatever the Nine got from the wishes they were now getting through Guardians trading with Xûr. Exasperated, Ikora warned Lavinia that if she kept digging there would be consequences, but the Cryptarch pleaded for Ikora to help her and declared she knew the Consensus was covering up connections between the Nine, Ahamkara, the Trials of the Nine, and Ghaul's attack on the Tower. Cutting her off, Ikora offered Lavinia a choice between returning to school and allowing Ikora to forget this incident, or reporting her for the theft and being exiled. The young scholar rejected the offer and vowed to continue her research, leading Ikora to arrest her and eventually have a tribunal exile her from the Last City.[40]

When Aunor Mahal leaked a dozen Hidden reports through the rewards Zavala handed out to Guardians for strike duty, Ikora managed to redact a few before they were read. She later joined Zavala in the Tower's Bazaar as a rainstorm engulfed the City and most citizens sought shelter. As they sat on a building ledge and stared out at the Last City, Ikora informed Zavala of Aunor's actions, and he remarked that Aunor and Ikora were quite similar. Ikora agreed, and when he asked what she wanted him to do about it, Ikora stated Aunor was her agent and she would deal with it, but that Aunor was also quite capable and that they owed her and the rest of the Guardians more than they had been giving them recently. Zavala agreed, but stated the reverse was true as well, causing Ikora to chuckle and note that was correct. However, Ikora believed that they were not providing them with examples that they wanted to follow and that too many Guardians mistrusted them at the moment. Her friend hoped that mistrust would soon pass, but resolved to be better all the same as they stared at the inert Traveler. After a moment of silence, Ikora quietly stated that she wished Cayde was there with them, and Zavala placed a comforting hand on her knee as he sadly echoed that sentiment.[41]

The Emperor's Invitation[edit]

Several months later, Ikora was informed by one of her Hidden agents that the Leviathan had dispatched a barge to the surface of Nessus. She was soon approached by the Young Wolf, who revealed that they had been sent an invitation from the Cabal Emperor Calus via Benedict 99-40, a Frame that had been remotely hijacked by the Emperor, which stated there was a gift awaiting them on Nessus. Ikora decided that she would not stop the Young Wolf from investigating the barge and invitation, but she would not let them pursue it alone. She subsequently notified other Guardians of the barge's location and of the possible manipulations of Calus.[42]

Nightmares Awaken[edit]

"I warned of a storm. Can't you hear the thunder?"
— Eris to Ikora
Ikora looking at the Luna Pyramid

Sometime after the Guardians began associating with Emperor Calus, the Vanguard heard reports of seismic activity and of a renewed Hive aggression on Luna and of a strange yet eerie crimson fortress, the Scarlet Keep. More strange occurrences were reported as scouts reported "phantoms" appearing near the fortress. Despite this, the Vanguard sent in its forces to repel the Hive. Ikora, however, had a foreboding feeling that Eris Morn may be related.

As the forces of the Vanguard and the Hidden Swarm reached a stalemate, Commander Zavala called in the Young Wolf to push the Hive back. The Guardian succeeded in reinforcing the Vanguards forces and ventured near the Scarlet Keep, disrupting Hive rituals in the process. However, as they traveled beneath the keep, Ikora contacted the Guardian claiming that Eris Morn is the cause, stating the last she heard from Eris was that she was going to investigate the Keep, alone. The Guardians soon encounter Eris Morn herself and her discovery: the Pyramid, a remnant of the Darkness that possibly brought about the Collapse to the Solar System. The Guardian now works with Eris to combat the Hidden Swarm and the Nightmares while finding a way to get inside the Pyramid.

After the Guardians managed to learn what they needed to combat the Nightmares, Ikora herself comes to the moon to gaze upon the Pyramid with her own eyes. The Warlock Vanguard wonders how long the Pyramid had been hidden beneath Luna's surface, how long it had been watching. Regardless, Eris arrives and though Ikora voices that she feels responsible for sending her to Luna, Eris brushes her concern knowing that she didn't come to apologize. Ikora only states that she was right, that the those that caused the Collapse are coming back and that the Vanguard is at her disposal. Quietly, she asks the Guardian to provide Eris with whatever she needs.

Following the Guardian entering the Pyramid, defeating the Nightmares of their greatest foes and acquiring an unknown spherical artifact, they encounter a mirror projection, possibly representing the Darkness itself. The projection presents itself not as their enemy nor their friend but as their "Salvation". Reporting these events to the Vanguard, Ikora expresses serious doubts and suspicions on this message, believing that the Darkness is merely distracting them using traumas and torments of the past. Ikora firmly states that now their enemy has laid itself bare, they must be ready to face them.

Vex Invasion[edit]

"The Vex have resurrected an ancient Hydra that we call the "Undying Mind". The name says it all really."
— Ikora

Shortly after the Young Wolf emerged from the Pyramid, Vex began emerging from a previously unknown gate to the Black Garden on the Moon and Vex portals started to deposit Vex across the lunar surface. Ikora summoned the Young Wolf and requested that they see Eris on the moon about the situation to find a way to halt the tide of Vex. The Young Wolf reported back to Ikora after they destroyed multiple Vex incursions on the moon and entered the Black Garden to disrupt the flow of Vex platforms by assaulting the gate network to the moon. Between the Young Wolf's assault and other reports from the moon, Ikora had determined that The Undying Mind had once more been resurrected by the Vex and was continuing with its directive to retake control of the Black Garden and restore the Black Heart at its core. However, she also worried that the secondary directives of the Undying Mind could target the Traveler for destruction. Noting that the Mind had learned from its previous mistakes and was travelling between timelines to avoid destruction by the Vanguard, Ikora vowed to make a plan to defeat it but declared she would need more time and data to do so and would be relying on the Young Wolf to provide both.[43]

Determining that the Undying Mind had hundreds or thousands of copies scattered throughout con-current timelines, Ikora crafted a plan to destroy it. She began the construction of a portal that could hone in on the Undying Mind when and wherever it may be and would allow the Guardians to kill it in every instance it existed until there was literally no time or place it could survive. Admitting that the plan relied heavily on brute force and would take some time to complete, Ikora nevertheless reassured the Young Wolf that they would eliminate the Mind and secure the Moon. The portal was still under construction a few weeks later when the Festival of the Lost began. When the Young Wolf visited her during the Festival, she greeted them and apprised them of the status of the project, noting that many Guardians were contributing data and materials to the project. Ikora remarked that the Guardians had not worked together like this since the Red War, and reflected that they were building on the work of all those Guardians who had come before them. She asked that the Young Wolf enjoy the Festival and rest after all their hard work in the prior weeks as the portal remained under construction.[43]

Ultimately, the beacon for the portal was completed. Ikora and Zavala tested it by destroying the Undying Mind in two dozen timelines before tasking other Guardians to begin their assaults on the Vex as well. She met with the Young Wolf once more and informed them of their success and asked that they gather their own fireteam to fight the Undying Mind. Ikora noted that thousands of timelines existed where the Undying Mind still lived and that it would take some time for all them to be eliminated in the Black Garden.[43]

A Legend Returns[edit]

Following the final destruction of the Undying Mind, Ikora gets contacted by her old mentor, Osiris, informing her that time is broken over Mercury as a result of the Undying Mind's demise. Worse, a gathering of Psion Flayers of the Red Legion takes control of Osiris' Sundial device, granting them the means to traverse the Corridors of Time and possibly assume control over time itself. Osiris then theorized that the Flayers seek to use the device to undo the Red Legion's defeat during the Red War or go back further in time to accomplish some other goal. Realizing that the Psion Flayers could possibly ruin the timeways beyond repair, she allows the Guardians to travel to Mercury and aid Osiris in combating the Red Legion.

As the Guardians worked with Osiris for weeks in combating the Red Legion and disorganized Vex, they also complete Osiris' mission in the Sundial's original design and intention: saving Saint-14 from his fate with the Vex. After accomplishing a miracle, the Guardians bring Saint back home to the Last City and is understandably astonished on how much has changed but resolves to aid his home as he has always done. Ikora, however, though she gives her heartfelt thanks to the Guardians for saving Saint-14, the Warlock Vanguard feels that tampering with the timeline could have unforeseen ramifications. Even so, Ikora also understands that as Guardians are bound to have lives of loss, they rarely are able to undo a tragic loss. Thus, while grateful to have a friend return, she merely asks the Guardians not to make it a habit of tampering with time. In the meantime, Ikora instructs her Hidden to monitor the Sundial and asks the Guardians to continue helping Osiris in thwarting the Red Legion's attempts on Mercury.

Arrival of the Black Fleet[edit]

"If nothing else, the Traveler did one thing right by us."
"And what was that?"
"It brought us together.
— Ikora comforting Zavala

Following the Guardians successful missions that ended the Red Legions schemes in subverting Time and turning The Almighty into a kamikaze weapon, the Vanguard soon receives reports of Pyramid-shaped vessels over nearly every world in the Solar System. The Last City and its officials take this as confirmation of their worst fears: The Darkness has returned. Worse, Rasputin himself had been disabled by the Darkness, depriving the City of a powerful ally. As Guardians work with Eris Morn in discerning what the Pyramid's intentions are, and that of the Darkness', Ikora takes part in organizing the Last City's defense with Zavala.

To prepare their people for the encroaching threat, Zavala and Ikora met with the Future War Cult, Dead Orbit, and New Monarchy representatives. The Titan Vanguard tells them of Rasputin's defeat and their Hidden asset studying the new threat. Despite the gravity of the situation, each faction wanted things to be done their way, putting their desire for more influence ahead of the danger, which angered Ikora into getting into an argument with Arach Jalaal. Zavala was able to placate them by offering access to their intel on the lunar Pyramid and Rasputin's damaged systems in exchange for their aid with preparations for the new threat. It worked, and as they dispersed, Ikora warned Zavala that he was offering too many concessions. Zavala, however, countered that the Pyramid mattered more than faction politics before instructing her to reach out to Eris, as he cannot predict how the groups will react when they learn she is their agent on Io.[44]

New Wars[edit]

War on Europa[edit]

"Perhaps it is not hope that is needed, but rage."
— Ikora to the Young Wolf, in the aftermath of the planetary disappearances

The Vanguard soon suffered terrible blows when the Darkness caused the disappearance of Mars, Mercury, Io, and Titan, leading to the assumed deaths of Asher Mir and Sloane. As Zavala broadcasted an emergency message to the Last City informing them of this development and beseeching them to keep faith in the recently reformed Traveler and the Guardians, Ikora walked amongst its people and comforted a child.[45] Ikora soon met with the Young Wolf and reflected on long it had been since they last spoke. She hoped they were doing well, but then noted that hope was in short supply now. Disturbed and mourning their losses, Ikora admitted that she was resisting the urge to theorize or apply motives where there might be none, hoping that somewhere in the chaos they faced was order and certainty. However, she wondered if what they truly needed instead of hope was rage for all they had lost and had been taken from them by the Pyramids before gazing upon the Traveler and declaring there was much that had been done to them to answer for.[46]

The Vanguard soon received reports of another Pyramid on the moon of Europa and dispatched the Young Wolf to investigate. They soon learned that a the new Fallen House of Salvation was active on the moon and had acquired the Darkness infused power of Stasis. Ikora received a letter from Eris, who alongside the Young Wolf, the Drifter, and the resurfaced Exo Stranger was using Stasis to combat the Fallen. Her friend begged her to consider all they could do wielding the power of the Darkness against their enemies and to believe in Osiris' teaching of balance by assuaging the fears of those in the Tower who might fear using this new power.[47] Despite Eris' plea, Ikora and Zavala declared that the Vanguard's official stance was to ban the use of Stasis by Guardians.[48] Ikora also ordered Nissa to travel to Europa and monitor the Pyramid to gather data.[49] Ikora and Zavala also sought to consolidate their resources by lifting Osiris' exile, allowing the Warlock to work officially with the Vanguard once more and return to the Last City.[50]

The Wrathborn[edit]

"Red-sky morning. Full of dread. Recite it to the Techeuns."
"Foreboding. I'll relay the message; does it have a meaning?"
"A dream. Maybe nothing, but…
— Ikora recounting her vision to Petra

During a meeting with Zavala, the two Vanguard commanders were interrupted by a communication from Petra Venj. The Awoken expressed her condolences for their losses, but Ikora only acknowledged her with a nod, intent on studying intelligence reports from Europa, the Tangled Shore, Luna, and other locations. However, when Petra stated that she was contacting them to share privileged information that could not leave their confidence, Ikora's interest was peaked and she questioned if it was related to Queen Mara Sov's recent broadcast declaring she was returning to the Sol System. Petra stated it was from a separate message the Queen had sent to her, and Ikora carefully noted that they could not deny the Consensus pertinent information, while Zavala stated that if the situation warranted he could make a wartime decision to withhold it from them. Petra stated the Cabal were on the move once more, drawing Ikora's full attention, and that intercepted messages indicated they were dealing with a Hive disease. Ikora relayed a report from the Tangled Shore of an infected creature bleeding Soulfire, which was supported by reports by Osiris of increased Hive activity. Concerned about the distances between the outbreak of the Hive disease, they speculated as to its origins. Ikora passed along a dream to Petra of a red-sky morning full of dread and suggested she pass it along to the Techeuns, but was unsure of its meaning. Petra asked for Guardian assistance in battling an outbreak in the Dreaming City, and Ikora suggested assigning Siegfried, a Titan of the Praxic Order and friend of Aunor, to assist, and Petra thanked them for their assistance. Once Petra had disconnected, Ikora teased Zavala about his new openness to making deals and friends before the two agreed that the details of this new operation should be kept between them.[51]

Clash of the Chosen[edit]

A new conflict soon began when Empress Caiatl arrived in the Sol System and sought to subjugate humanity and recruit the Guardians into her army following the Fall of Torobatl to the Hive God of War Xivu Arath. Negotiations between Zavala and the Empress swiftly collapsed, causing Ikora to begin gathering intelligence on the Halphas Electus, a Imperial Land Tank that Caiatl had deployed on Nessus. She learned that it was key to whatever plans Caiatl had for the system and that Commander Dracus, a war criminal formerly of the Red Legion, was commanding Caiatl's forces in the area, making him a priority target for elimination by the Young Wolf.[52] As the conflict with Caiatl's Imperial Cabal escalated a task force was formed to eliminate her senior commanders under the leadership of Lord Saladin Forge. Osiris was also appointed to the task force, bringing with him a Hunter called Crow, whom Ikora learned was the resurrected Uldren Sov. She supported Osiris in keeping this information secret, including from Zavala.[53]

Ikora visited the Saladin in his quarters within the Tower with Thai food to discuss the situation. She was gravely concerned by the state of his quarters, which were covered in dust and mildew and filled with ancient relics and mementos from his past. Ikora questioned how he was doing, but he brushed off her worry and stated he would be better once Caiatl was driven from the system. She stated that Zavala had confidence that Saladin would accomplish that goal, but the old warrior declared that the Commander's optimism and hope for further peace talks was dangerous and that he would settle things the old fashioned way. She then asked if he had plans for after the conflict, wondering if he might take a vacation, but he assumed there would be another threat that emerged to fill his time with and then shot back by questioning how long it had been since she took a vacation. Acknowledging his point, Ikora countered that he had been fighting for longer than she had. Saladin believed that was a good thing and told her he felt more comfortable on the battlefield than overseeing things from the Tower. Ikora wondered what he would do if all the threats to humanity were ended and the Black Fleet driven away, causing the old warrior to scoff and suggest he might take a vacation then. After a moment of silence the two began laughing, and Saladin reassured her that he was fine. Ikora eyed the conditions of his room in response, causing her old friend to find some new Guardians and make them clean it up to relieve her worries. Thanking him for that, Ikora told him that with Zavala stretched thin and no replacement yet for the Hunter Vanguard the City needed the Iron Lords more than ever, and he reassured her that he would always be there when she needed him.[54]

After Crow helped prevent a lone Psion with Light-draining technology from assassinating Zavala, Ikora met with her old friend to discuss the event. She found him overlooking the City from his usual place in the Tower courtyard. He did not respond to her initial attempt to start a conversation, so she patiently waited for him to open up. When he did, he revealed that he kept seeing "his" face. Ikora believed he was talking about Cayde, but Zavala revealed that the face haunting him was Uldren's. Ikora was shocked, but hid it as Zavala stated that he had seen him in crowds and in the garden where the Psion attempted the assassination, shouting a warning to him about the assailant. She tried to set his mind at ease as he talked of ghosts and how difficult it would be if Uldren were alive. After a few minutes of silence he stated that they would know if he was, and Ikora sensed the hidden question behind his statement. Seeing how tired he was and knowing he would trust any answer she gave, Ikora reassured him that they would know. As they stared out over the Last City together, Ikora felt tremendous guilt for lying to Zavala about Crow's identity and the ever-widening gulf between the two of them.[53]

The Endless Night[edit]

Seeking the Light Kell[edit]

"Come. Shelter in our city - you and your people."
"Ikorakel, can you offer the Eliksni such a thing?"
"I just did. You'll be under the Vanguard's protection. The Vex are the enemy here, and any Lightbearer who disagrees can take it up with me.
— Ikora and Mithrax

The day after the second Guardian Games came to a close, the Last City was suddenly plunged into an Endless Night as the Vex activated a simulation that encompassed the entire city and drained its energy. Consulting with Osiris, the two determined that the situation was out of their depth to handle, but Ikora's former mentor suggested that they turn to Mithrax, the Eliksni Kell of the House of Light and a Splicer whose knowledge of machines was greater than that of any in the Last City. Prepared to do anything to save the Last City, Ikora contacted the Young Wolf and asked them to track down Mithrax and secure his aid against the Vex. She informed them that her Hidden had last reported Mithrax was on Europa aiding Variks in evacuating Eliksni who wished to escape from House Salvation, but faced opposition from remnants of that House and from the Vex.[55]

When the Young Wolf arrived on Europa, Ikora directed them to a cave beneath the ruins of Eventide where she was picking up signals that were possibly from Eliksni refugees. She ordered them to be clear that they were not a threat to them unless they needed to be. However, the cave was surrounded by Vex and abandoned by the time the Young Wolf arrived, although they did discover a message from Mithrax directing survivors to the Asterion Abyss for evacuation. Ikora tracked a Fallen Skiff in that region, and as her friend headed there Ikora noted that it was a bad time to ask Mithrax for a favor, as he was busy saving as many Eliksni as possible, but reflected that he and House Light still worshipped the Traveler and might be willing to help. They found the Skiff was shot down by Vex and Ikora ordered the Young Wolf to seek out Mithrax within the Abyss. Upon locating him, Ikora greeted him across the comms and noted it was an honor to finally meet him, noting that she had been seeking him out for some time. The Kell admitted he had remained hidden from her and House Light's enemies, and when Ikora requested his aid he was weary of abandoning his people to deal with the Endless Night. Requesting aid in blinding the Vex in that region, Ikora agreed that the Young Wolf would do whatever was required of them.[55]

Ikora was astounded when Mithrax opened a pathway into The Outer Nexus of the Vex network with his Splicer abilities for the Young Wolf to traverse, and the Kell explained that this was where they Vex kept their most heavily guarded secrets and assets. After the Young Wolf killed a curator and took its living data for analysis, Ikora detected that Vex signals were disappearing from the region all around them. As Mithrax granted them the data for study while he sought safety for his people, Ikora told him that she wished for those who died in the Skiff to be the last people he lost. She offered him and the House of Light safety within the Last City. The Kell was astounded by the offer and wondered if she could give it. Ikora vowed that they would have the Vanguard's protection and that anyone who disagreed with that could take it up with her, reassuring Mithrax who gratefully accepted the offer.[55]

Though Mithrax and his people settled in the Botza Ruins, turning it into the Eliksni Quarters, her decision to bring the House of Light to live within the Last City's walls sparked discontent amongst the city denizens and the Consensus factions. Despite the criticism Ikora faced with her decision, the Guardians began working in earnest with Mithrax in training as Splicers, entering into the Outer Nexus to combat the Vex and gather any intel on how the Endless Night blanketed over the Last City. Ultimately, Mithrax would gain enough information from the Guardians' efforts that the Endless Night was created by Quria, the Dreaming Mind, and Axis Mind that had been Taken and now served Savathûn, the Witch Queen. Worse, her decision to continue the alliance with Eliksni House of Light led a paranoid Lakshmi-2 of the Future War Cult to spread messages to the Last City's citizenry, spreading fear and distrust towards the House of Light, which angered the Warlock Vanguard.

Eventually, Lakshmi's broadcasts against the eliksni led a fear-induced mob to vandalize the Eliksni Quarters and sabotage their ether supply. Despite this tragedy, Mithrax refuses to forsake his alliance with the Vanguard. Unable to stand for Lakshmi's fearmongering any longer, Ikora angerly interrupts the War Cult leader's latest broadcast, condemning Lakshmi's efforts to spread fear and reminding the people that humanity is not that different from the eliksni. They were once in a similar position in the past, as the Warlords of old were not that much different the Kells, and that with the House of Light, then the violence between humanity and eliksni can possibly be over. That humanity and eliksni can move forward together towards a brighter dawn.

The War Cult leader would take Ikora's interruption as an attempt to silence her, leading Lakshmi to believe that the Vanguard's leadership is comprised. Concluding that new Guardian leadership is needed, Lakshmi and her counterparts in Dead Orbit and New Monarchy, meddled by attempting to convince either Lord Saladin and Saint-14 to assume the role as Vanguard Commander. Both rebuffed their offers as Saladin still trusted in Ikora's judgement and Saint-14 came to an understanding with Mithrax.

Though the Guardians would succeed in slaying Quria with Mithrax's aid, Ikora would learn that Lakshmi intended to instigate a coup with her fellow faction leaders to oust the Vanguard and forcibly expel the eliksni from the Last City. In her final broadcast, Lakshmi claimed she was aided by Osiris, who gifted her Vex technology to open a rift to banish the House of Light. Instead, however, the Vex came pouring through, killing all in their path, including Lakshmi herself. With the Last City and the eliksni under Vex attack, the Guardians quickly scrabbled to close the gate while Ikora aided Mithrax in protecting his people. With further aid from Saint-14, Zavala and Amanda Holliday, the House of Light was saved.

With their coup expose, New Monarchy and Dead Orbit gathered what supplies and loyalists they could and fled the city on Dead Orbit's fleet during the chaos. Future War Cult was disbanded with many of its former members defecting to the Vanguard as they were disillusioned with the path Lakshmi was taking them. Declaring an end to the age of Factions, Ikora proclaimed, with Mithrax, that despite the tragedy of the Vex attack, humanity and eliksni can move forward together. However, hearing that Osiris aided Lakshmi in her efforts unnerved Ikora, and suspicion towards her old mentor grew when he disappeared during the Vex attack. To find out what her teacher had done, Ikora has the Guardians search for Osiris.

Disturbing Revelations[edit]

"This is my fault. I invited her in. I convinced Zavala that we needed Osiris by our side. A dark pit looked back every time I met his eyes, and I told myself it was his grief. Savathûn knew she could use that."
— Ikora blaming herself for falling for Savathûn's tricks

The Guardians were successful in finding a lead towards Osiris's whereabouts, which led them to the Reef. There, along with Saint-14 and Crow, the Guardian would find Osiris speaking with Mara Sov. However, to their shock and horror, Osiris would transform into the Witch Queen Savathûn herself, revealing that the Hive Goddess had been impersonating Osiris ever since he lost his Light to the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, to hide from her sister. Though Savathûn would be encased in a crystal prison by the Awoken Queen, she offered to return Osiris in exchange for excising her worm and remove the Taken Curse over the Dreaming City. Despite not trusting the notorious Hive God of Lies, the Guardians accepted her bargain at Mara Sov's insistence.

Reporting back to Ikora, the Warlock Vanguard would be left completely distraught that Savathûn had tricked her for so long, hiding in plain sight as her mentor. Nonetheless, she agreed with the Guardians' plan to go along with Mara Sov's bargain with the Witch Queen if it means to get Osiris back.

Working with Mara Sov[edit]

To complete Mara's bargain with the Witch Queen, she needs her Techuen Coven, whose members were lost in the Ascendant Realm after they rescued their queen after being cornered by Xivu Arath. The Guardians were tasked with traversing the Ascendant Realm to rescue the Awoken Queen's coven as well as reclaiming the Ley Lines throughout the Dreaming City from the Scorn and the Taken. During this endeavor, Ikora would converse with Mara Sov on the progress of reclaiming the Dreaming City and on the possibility of Calus's threat due to his obsession with the Darkness, agreeing that former Cabal Emperor is a problem. However, their discussions turn heated and personal when they broach upon the subject of Uldren Sov, now reborn as a Lightbearer named Crow. Though Mara expresses anger at her brother's fate, Ikora counters that it was Uldren's actions that led to the deaths of so many innocents, including Cayde-6 but the Awoken Queen was unmoved. In time, Ikora would recieve a call from a desperate Crow, having learned the truth of his past from the Witch Queen, requesting a new assignment away from Savathûn and Mara Sov. Surprised yet sympathetic, Ikora grants his requests, giving one involving the Cabal.

Regardless of her differences with Mara Sov, after months of hard efforts, the Guardians make headway in rescuing the Techuen Coven and reclaiming the Ley Lines, stabilizing the Ascendant Realm. Ultimately, after all members of the Coven were gathered, the Corsairs setting up defenses and having the Guardians present for further protection, Mara Sov began the ritual to excise Savathûn's worm but as expected, Xivu Arath sent her horde to stop it. Despite Xivu Arath's hive and Taken, Mara was able to complete the ritual, excising the worm. Unfortunately, the Witch Queen would escape after her crystal prison was broken, as the hive god anticipated Mara Sov would attempt to kill her. Nonetheless, Savathûn kept her end of the bargain by returning Osiris, albeit comatose.

After learning of this, Ikora was glad to have her mentor returned, she was nonetheless angered that the Witch Queen escaped. Nonetheless, Ikora expected that Savathûn would likely return soon and the Vanguard must be ready when the Witch Queen will play her hand.

The Witch Queen Revealed[edit]

Not long after Savathûn's escape from the Reef, the Vanguard would receive word that Mars had suddenly returned after the Pyramid's arrival led to it's disappearance. Ikora immediately had her Hidden head to the red planet and begin an investigation on the planet's condition. They discover that the planet is afflicted by some form of "temporal distortion", wounds of time that allow viewers to see Mars as it was during the Golden Age. Further, the Hidden discovered a structure that bears a resemblance to the Pyramids, something they call The Enclave. Ikora called Eris Morn to Mars to confirm this as she also traveled to Mars to see it for herself and to warn her team that the Cabal are mobilizing to reclaim lost territory.

Ikora arrived and met with Eris who confirmed the Enclave and the Relic within are related to the Pyramids but their attention is taken away when they notice the Cabal setting up a massive cannon nearby the Cradle but Eris Morn clarifies that the Cabal are not targeting them but Savathûn, her capital ship The Lure appearing. Almost immediately, Ikora called in the Young Wolf to lead the investigation on The Witch Queen's return. Though the Guardian ended up engaging the Red Legion, technically breaching the Vanguard's armistice with Empress Caiatl, they used their cannon to get themselves onto The Lure and from their make a disturbing discovery, Hive using the Light in some capacity. However, as they pursued Savathûn into her Throne World, they found something worse, a Hive Knight wielding Void Light and having their own Ghosts. As they traversed the Throne World, they confronted the Witch Queen who also wielded the Light and forces them out of her realm. Ikora calls in on the Young Wolf who reveals what they had encountered: a Lightbering Hive, leaving Ikora stunned that the Witch Queen managed to steal the Light.

The Guardian continued on in their investigations within the Throne World, discovering the Scorn also in the Witch Queen's domain trying to claim it for themselves, they encountered a renegade Hive Ghost named Fynch who informs them that before Savathûn resurfaced, she and her own Ghost, Immaru, convinced a number of Guardian-less Ghosts to join her following, the Lucent Brood, and that the Hive were more worthy to wield the Light, leading them to raise her Hive as Lightbearers. Fynch, however, had grown doubtful after she had her Lightbearers fight the Guardians, leading him to refrain from resurrecting his Lightbearer after he had grown suspicious. Fynch would lead the Guardians to find two areas that may possess vital intel for their mission, temples dedicated to Savathûn's siblings, the Temple of the Wrathful and the Temple of the Navigator. In both, they found Sagira's shell and a piece of the Tablets of Ruin. From both they hear a memory of the Witch Queen's. Taking each to a special place within the Throne World, the Altar of Reflection, the Guardian learned of an entity that Savathûn called The Witness, that supposedly leads the Black Fleet, her refusal to take Oryx's place as the master of the Taken, how she learned secrets of the Light from her time disguised as Osiris and of her intent on taking the Traveler and sealing it away within her Throne world to protect it from the Witness. Ikora was quiet during these encounters, until Fynch proved himself as a reliable informant and ally but would be left angered that she may have told the Witch Queen something about the Light that may have allowed her to steal it yet admits that she suspected her plan about sealing away the Traveler.

To further help the Guardian in traversing the Throne World and learn more from the Witch Queen's memories, Ikora allows them to strengthen and hone their Deepsight abilities, guided by Eris. After Eris had guided them to the Europan Pyramid and strengthened their abilities, the Guardian would be contacted by Fynch informing them on another lead; another temple hidden beneath the outskirts of the Throne World, dedicated to Savathûn's past self, Sathona, the Temple of the Cunning. Ikora would introduce herself to Fynch at this time, much to the renegade's excitement. Fynch would explain that within the temple lies something of great importance to the Witch Queen nearby a statue of Sathona. The Guardian managed to infiltrate the temple despite the heavy Scorn presence and the illusionary tricks impeding them. At the statue, they find a calcified worm, the same one that Sathona had carried with her when she guided her siblings through the oceans of Fundament, the Hive's original homeworld. However, the Guardian would nearly be killed by a powerful illusion of an Ahamkara and a poisoning in the air, leading the Guardian to make a hasty escape. Though Ikora would find the mission too much of a risk to put the Young Wolf's life on the line, she was nonetheless glad they gained something of value.

As the Guardian made their way back to Mars to discuss their next move with Ikora, since they couldn't enter the Altar of Reflection with the worm, they find her getting into an argument with Zavala. The Vanguard Commander felt out of the loop as the Guardian investigated the Witch Queen, leading him to believe Ikora was keeping things from him. Ikora defended herself saying that she didn't keep anything from him intentionally and that she couldn't inform Zavala on every little detail but Zavala counters that when it comes to Savathûn, no detail is too small and they can't rely on her instincts alone, that they must operate as a team. Ikora ultimately believes that she may be unable to trust her own instincts, given how the investigation is going, Ikora feels her judgement may be compromised, allowing Eris and Zavala to pick things up form there. Eris defends Ikora, stating that Ikora's instincts is what allowed to get so close to the truth, convincing Zavala to allow them to proceed in their investigation.

With Eris's guidance, informed by Mara Sov, the Guardian returned to the Throne World and would enter a fortified location, the Apothecary and locate a crystal. A piece of her prison during her time with the Awoken. Taking the crystal to the Altar of Reflection, the Guardian learns the full truth on how the Witch Queen gained control over the Light: she never stole it to begin with. After escaping the Reef, critically injured, Savathûn approached the Traveler on the outskirts of the Last City as a supplicant. From their, the Witch Queen actually died from her wounds but not long after, the Traveler allowed a Ghost to revive her as a Lightbearer, same as any Guardian. The memory ends and Savathûn herself enters, thanking the Guardians for helping her remember, proving that she never stole the Light as her memory showed. Forced to escape before the Witch Queen attacked, the Young Wolf would take this awful truth to the Vanguard.

At an emergency meeting in Zavala's office, Ikora was present as the Guardian informed all present about the Traveler granted the Witch Queen the Light. Ikora and everyone else was silent but Zavala was left incredulous and refusing to believe that the Traveler would resurrect and grant one of humanity's most devious foes the Light. Eris Morn would mention the Traveler's past approach of uplifting civilizations then abandoning them as stated in the Books of Sorrow. Zavala would attempt to deny this as mere Hive propaganda but Eris would counter that the Fallen themselves tell a similar tale of the Great Machine visiting their world and then leave as the Whirlwind came and ravaged their civilization. Zavala, still unable to accept this, reminds all present that when the Collapse come to the Sol System, the Traveler sacrificed itself to save humanity, from forces that include the Hive. Even so, Zavala is left unable to grasp the Traveler's motives. Ikora, however, states that regardless of the Traveler's motives, whether it was having second thoughts about Guardians, doesn't matter. What matters is that she is present to protect humanity and if Savathûn succeeds in her plan, then the Guardians will be cut off from the Light and humanity won't be able to survive the Witness's return. All present agree, with Ikora taking the worm familiar with her to the Relic on Mars. Though she knows it's a long shot, she believes the worm may possess something that could help them defeat the Witch Queen.

With Eris's guidance, Ikora uses the Relic to pierce into the worm's memory and see's a shocking revelation: the worm familiar was never the one whispering to her about a world ending event and leading her siblings to salvation. Those whispers were from the Witness itself as it was aware the Traveler was near and would soon uplift the Krill but seeking to claim them first, the Witness lied to Sathona about the "Syzygy", feeding her fear and pride. Thus would Sathona lead her siblings into the Deep and make the pact with the Worm Gods, creating the Hive. Ikora was left stunned that the Hive were tricked but found some irony in that the Hive God of Lies was lied to at the very beginning. With this knowledge, Ikora tasks the Guardian to head to the Witch Queen's domain, use the truth to destabilize her and undo her spell. However, as the Guardian journeyed to the Throne World, they discovered that the Traveler was already within, forcing the Guardian to race towards the ritual's center point. However, as the Guardian reached Savathûn's fortress, they were barred by a large force of Hive and a sealed gate. Ikora would lend aid directly, destroying an empowered Ogre and opening the way for the Young Wolf to confront the Witch Queen.

After a grueling battle with the Light empowered Savathûn, the Guardian succeeded in revealing the truth to the Witch Queen, leading her to lose composure and control over her spell. With her spell broken, the Guardian succeed in laying the Witch Queen low, but she left them with a smug warning that the Witness is coming and now they have to contend with that before dying. Savathûn's ghost, Immaru was near, with the Guardian ready to execute him but as the Traveler returned to the Last City in a large flash of Light, Immaru managed to escape. Ikora nonetheless took it as a victory, authorizing a team to collect the Witch Queens' remains and agrees with the Young Wolf's assertion that humanity was now prepare themselves for the Witness's arrival and stop another Collapse.

With Savathûn defeated yet still much work to do, Ikora receives word of Mara Sov requiring the Young Wolf's assistance. Though wary of having the Guardian work alongside someone as unpredictable as the Awoken Queen, she agreed, having them meet at the Enclave. Together, they managed to gain valuable intel regarding Savathûn's connection to the Witness and of her involvement in the Collapse from Savathûn's Worm.

She would later present the Guardian with a Synaptic Spear, informing them of the tensions with Empress Caiatl over the initial engagement the Guardian had with the Red Legion on Mars. Fortunately, Zavala was able to set up a meeting with the Empress, get her to not only forgive the Guardian and agree to a formal alliance against the Lucent Brood. The Vanguard's alliance with the Cabal would lead to the thwarting of a Lucent Brood invasion from the Scarlet Keep.

Ikora would later make a gamble to draw Immaru out, as he had been in hiding and leading the Lucent Brood in his Lightbearer's stead, upon discovering that the Hive Ghost was attempting to manufacture new Glaive weapons for the Lucent Hive. Ikora speculated that the initial Glaive piece the Guardian found on The Lure was used by the Witch Queen to draw them into her Throne World but beyond that, she had no other use for it. Immaru however, believed the Glaive weapons would give the Lucent Brood the firepower they needed to fight back against the Vanguard and drive out the Scorn. Ikora had the Guardians gather the necessary materials Immaru was looking for and use them as bait to lure Immaru out into the open so they can take him and thereby not only deprive the Lucent Brood of leadership but also remove any chance of Savathûn being raised again. Though the plan succeeded in drawing Immaru out, the Hive Ghost nonetheless escaped when the Guardians sprung their ambush. Despite this missed opportunity, Ikora nonetheless found the silver lining in that they prevented Immaru from claiming the enhanced weaponry he was looking for and decides that they will maintain their vigilance within the Throne World until Immaru makes a reappearance.

Haunted by Cayde and Searching for Eramis[edit]

Following the Guardian's victory over the Lucent Brood and the toppling of Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness, the Vanguard would face the surprise return of The Leviathan, the personal vessel of Calus. Worse, the vessel was sending out a signal directed towards the Lunar Pyramid, causing the Nightmare Phantoms to resurge, swarming the massive vessel as it hung derelict near Luna, tormenting all who got too close. Eris Morn was placed in charge of the operation, seeking a way to sever the connection Calus was attempting to make with the Pyramid, as it was discovered that Calus was seeking to become The Witness's newest Disciple. While Ikora didn't partake in the operation, she was nonetheless haunted by the Nightmare of her fallen friend, Cayde-6, who expressed scorn for her decision to welcome his murderer within the Vanguard's halls.

Though Calus succeeded in giving himself over to the Witness, becoming the herald of the Second Collapse, the Guardians pushed the former emperor back, preventing him from claiming the Lunar Pyramid's power. However, the Guardians would face another returned foe, Eramis, Kell of the House Salvation. Having been freed by the Witness and rallying what's left of her House, the Shipstealer was tasked with collecting relics from the Dark Age, gathering the pirates of the Old Crews to do so. Ikora tasked her Hidden to look for Eramis directly from the shadows, though they had little luck, forcing Drifter, Mithrax and the Guardian to confront the Old Crews directly. Aiding them was the Spider, the presence of which Ikora objected to, though was convinced by Zavala to tolerate him being provided sanctuary in the Eliksni Quarter.

The Seraph Tower[edit]

Following the Guardians besting Eramis in claiming the Relics, which contained pieces of a dead Disciple of the Witness, Nezarec, Mithrax was able to transform their contents into a benign substance which was given to Osiris. The brew succeeded in bringing Osiris out of his coma, finally waking him. However, Osiris claimed to see visions from the Witch Queen's memories, regarding a city on Neptune. Ikora had her Hidden search the planet for the city Osiris spoke of but found nothing, leading Ikora to believe her former mentor may be compromised as a result of his possession from the Witch Queen. Angered, Osiris worked with Ana in repairing Rasputin so he could ask the Warmind of the city on Neptune.

As the Guardian worked with Ana and Osiris in restoring the Warmind, Ikora discovered a facility called the Spire of the Watcher on Mars, which had a power surge for the first time since the Collapse. Osiris wished to search the facility but found Vex of the Sol Divisive assaulting it. Not wanting her mentor to go through with the mission alone, Ikora called in the Guardian to aid Osiris. This led to combat with the Vex collective, ending in the prevention of the destruction of the facility. The Vanguard now had another source of Golden Age intelligence to use in their search for Neomuna.

Personality and traits[edit]

"Ikora looks at me with one of those looks that—you know sometimes you talk to Ikora and you just think, wow, you are not even using a fraction of your brain on me, are you? One of those looks."

Before becoming Osiris' disciple, Ikora was one of the fiercest competitors in the Crucible. Lord Shaxx believed that Ikora's true home was the Crucible, though she would never admit it.[56]

As a young student to Osiris, she was very close to her teacher and is considered his greatest student. They conducted many experiments together and Osiris taught Ikora what it meant to be a Warlock. However, Osiris' growing obsession with the Vex and his disillusionment with the Speaker and the Traveler began to divide them. While her teacher neglected his Vanguard duties in favor of his research, Ikora showed initiative in leading the Warlocks in his place and did her best to defend her teacher when others began to call Osiris a heretic for his views. Ultimately, however, seeing his arrogance and dangerous obsessions with the Vex, she felt that if Osiris continued to operate in the City he would ultimately tear it apart. Even after countless years apart, Ikora called Osiris the most notorious Guardian who ever lived. Despite this, she was nonetheless pleased to see her mentor again and changed for the better after the conflict with the Vex on Mercury.

As the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora serves as a balancing force between the rigid, steadfast Zavala and the reckless, unorthodox Cayde-6, offering the most logical course of action and whatever wisdom she has to spare. It is her duty to gather intelligence on the City's enemies and defeat them before they become a threat. As such, she formed the Hidden, a network of agents that spy on enemy forces. Her leadership, resolve, and bold initiatives makes her well-respected in the Vanguard, amongst her fellow Warlocks, and with the City factions. The only time she questioned herself was during the Red War after losing the Light, but thanks to the Guardian's efforts, she regained her sense of spirit.

Ikora has proven to be accepting of more questionable sources than she is willing to admit, but does so cautiously. She was the only member of the Vanguard who took Eris Morn seriously, listened to her warnings and treated her like a friend. In addition, while she tended to ignore them, she did listen to some of the messages of the Cult of Osiris when they actually lead to something, but she nonetheless has a low opinion of them. In fact, the only person she is ever irritated and exasperated with is the Gensym Scribe, Asher Mir, but even she couldn't deny his expertise on the Vex.

Despite her calm and focused nature, Ikora does have a sense of humor, more so than Zavala but less than Cayde. While Cayde is wise-cracking and rarely serious, Ikora tends to be witty and sarcastic when dealing with the Hunter Vanguard.

Ikora does possess her own dark side, particularly a vengeful one. When Cayde-6, her teammate and friend, was murdered by Uldren Sov, Ikora simply refused to do nothing to avenge him, calling it cowardice. While Zavala also mourned his friend, he felt duty-bound to defend the Last City and thus refused to go out on a manhunt for the renegade Reef Prince, angering Ikora. However, when the Guardian who witnessed the murder vowed to take the head of Uldren, Ikora supported them and approved the mission to take the Reef by storm, kill Uldren, and his Scorned barons.

Despite this sense of seeking retribution for Cayde's murder, it doesn't darken her overall personality, as she remains open-minded and kind towards friends and allies. For example, despite the deep animosity between the Last City and the Fallen, she offered Mithrax and his House of Light sanctuary within the Last City, not only because Mithrax possessed the knowledge needed to combat the Endless Night but she saw the House of Light as an chance to lessen if not possibly end the bloodshed between humanity and the Eliksni. For this, Ikora showed complete support towards Mithrax and his people, becoming angered when Lakshmi-2 and the factions denounced the House of Light and of her decision to ally with them, making attempts to remind the people of the Last City that humanity was once in the same position as the Eliksni when the Warlords reigned. Most notably, she accepted Crow into the Vanguard despite his former identity as Uldren Sov. While she was wary of the dangers in the powers of Stasis, she nonetheless began to accept the view that it was a tool in the Guardians arsenal to protect the Last City.


Destiny 2[edit]

Ikora serves as the head of Vanguard Research. Upon completion of the Red War campaign as well as the Curse of Osiris and Warmind campaigns during Year 1, players were able to perform three Meditations per week which acted as replays of the story missions (though, as of Year 2, this has been retired in favor of a Daily Heroic Story playlist). Finishing each meditation granted three Vanguard Research Tokens (which could also be earned on days that she incited Guardians to complete five Challenges on) to be returned earning faction gear: specifically, legendary versions of the armor worn by players during the Homecoming story mission.

As of The Witch Queen, Ikora is the vendor where she allows the Guardian to grow their Light powers through Supers, grenades, melee abilities, aspects, and fragments by purchasing them with Glimmer and using the meditation device next to her.

Faction armor[edit]



  • "Prepare the feed. Mars, near Freehold."
  • "Do you hear that? The voices? Sounds like, chanting."
  • "Hmm, do you sense it too?"
  • "Osiris knew things he couldn't back. Must've driven him mad."
  • "Tell me this: What is Oryx?"
  • "Come back safe."
  • "Do I scare you Guardian?"
  • "For your crusades."
  • "I assure you, the things they say about me aren't... all true."
  • "I can make you speak, if I wanted to."
  • "If this is some kind of game, I don't have time."
  • "I'm nothing to be frightened of, Guardian."
  • "I've got good feeling about you, Guardian."
  • "I've got my eye on you."
  • "Hmm, it's merely bent. It's yet to break."
  • "Oh, come on! I don't turn people into frogs, or whatever you heard."
  • "Oh, that's tempting... that's so tempting."
  • "Something pushing back, a consciousness. Not human."
  • "Speak, Guardian. I'm not that scary."
  • "Speak, if you think you sense something. Don't be shy!"
  • "The Dark is relentless, Guardian."
  • "The Light is your greatest weapon, Guardian."
  • "We can help you, Guardian."
  • "We expect great things of you."
  • "Wield the Light."
  • "Tell Cayde, I'm not falling for it again."
  • "It's like the time I had that stare-off with Brask.... Did I say that out loud?"
  • "Tired of punching everything?" - to Titans


  • "You have my full faith in trust, Guardian. You and Eris both."
  • "Even so far from the Moon, I swear I can feel that...THING from here. Can't you?"
  • "The foul aura, emanating from that Pyramid, bites at my bones. I can only imagine, what Eris felt when it woke up."
  • "The Pyramid signals the rise of a dreadful tide. We must beat it back."
  • "This is but a glimpse of a test to come. We'll be ready."
  • "I breathe easier, knowing you and Eris are out there."
  • "The Darkness is once again on our doorstep."
  • "Your salvation" It says. A bold-faced lie!"
  • "The Nightmares will not relent. Neither can we."
  • "How can you pass on what you have learned to others?."
  • "The Moon beckons, Guardian."
  • "The Lunar's Hive Nightmares rituals will continue. We cannot abide this."
  • "So much knowledge lost in the war. A pity I was so busy."
  • "We have to get inside that Pyramid! No matter what danger awaits us."
  • "The Vanguard will survive this. The last City WILL survive this!"
  • "We finally have our foothold on the Moon. Now we have to keep it."
  • "What if she...? No, Eris is strong. She will be fine."
  • "We don't yet fully understand what that Pyramid is and what it can do."
  • "It is no longer a question if the Darkness will return. It's a question of when."
  • "Can Mercury be saved? An alliance with the Vex? He would never allow it."
  • "These Nightmares won't stop. They'll use our every trauma against us."
  • "Steady your mind. Stare down your fear, this is the fight you've won before. You can do it again."
  • "I am not afraid of dark."
  • "We'll make them pay for turning our wounds against us."
  • "Whatever that Pyramid is, it knows what haunts us. It knows our wounds. It knows us!"



  • Ikora Rey was voiced by Gina Torres, who portrayed Zoe Washburne in the TV series Firefly. Beginning with Season of the Splicer, Mara Junot replaced Gina Torres.[57]
  • Ikora possess her own collection of books and tomes of rare quality. She has such a collection that there are few books that she doesn't own. As such, she was impressed and grateful with Eva Levante's Dawning gift of books.
  • Ikora was the first Guardian to have a twenty-five match winning streak in the Crucible.[58]
  • Despite the Destiny 2 teaser trailer that showed Ikora being a Stormcaller, the gameplay reveal trailer showed Ikora Ray in action as a Voidwalker. However, Zavala and Cayde-6 were both known to use classes outside those they typically use as well (Striker and Bladedancer, respectively); since all Guardians are capable of swapping Subclasses at will, it's possible that this wasn't an error.
  • In Destiny 2, her Warlock bond's holograph is moved from her shoulder-plate to the more traditional Warlock bond under it.
  • Ikora's Ghost is named after the summertime constellation, Ophiuchus, which represents a man holding a serpent.
  • Should one have sided with the Vanguard during the Allegiance quest from the Drifter, Ikora handed out extra candy during the Festival of the Lost 2019 as thanks for the player's loyalty.
  • After losing Invective, Ikora began using a Deadpan Delivery as her weapon of choice.

List of appearances[edit]


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