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The Sigil of the Voidwalker
"Voidwalkers syphon life energies for a variety of uses, a method other Guardians might not approve of. But these are dire times, and sacrifices must be made."
Ikora Rey

Voidwalker is a Void-based Warlock subclass that is available in Destiny and Destiny 2. It is the first subclass you get access to when you level up in Destiny and is only accessible upon completing a quest in Destiny 2.


On their own, Voidwalkers possess one the most powerful Void subclasses in terms of offensive power. Unlike Defender and Nightstalker, where Void abilities are channeled more towards team based support, Voidwalkers are meant for solo play styles, dishing out massive damage on large groups of enemies in quick succession.

Similar to the Striker, a Voidwalker's super, the Nova Bomb, is limited to a single use before recharging. Therefore it is critical for a Voidwalker to make precise use of their ultimate ability. Luckily, an enemy rarely has a chance to dodge your super before being obliterated by the raw explosive void light.

Upgrades (Destiny 1)[edit]

"Those who have stared into the void are not bound by the laws of space and time."
— Class Description

Tier 1—Grenades[edit]

  • Vortex Grenade—a grenade that creates a Vortex, continually damaging enemies trapped inside
  • Scatter Grenade—a grenade that splits into many submunitions and covers a large area with explosions
  • Axion Bolt—a bolt of Void Light which forks into smaller bolts on impact which seek toward enemies

Tier 2—Movement[edit]

  • Glide—jump and then press again while in the air to activate Glide
  • Focused Control—upgrades Glide for better directional control while in the air
  • Focused Burst—upgrades Glide to provide an initial boost of speed
  • Blink—a short distance teleport which replaces Glide

Tier 3—Super[edit]

  • Nova Bomb—hurl an explosive bolt of Void Light at the enemy, disintegrating those caught within its blast
  • Vortex—Nova Bomb creates a Vortex which continually damages enemies trapped inside
  • Shatter—Nova Bomb splits into three projectiles
  • Lance—Nova Bomb travels farther and faster, and does more damage

Tier 4 - Melee[edit]

  • Energy Drain—a powerful melee attack which drains energy from enemies and uses it to reduce the cooldown of your grenade
  • Surge—damaging an enemy with Energy Drain increases weapon and movement speed
  • Life Steal—damaging an enemy with Energy Drain immediately restores a significant portion of your health
  • Soul Rip—damaging an enemy with Energy Drain reduces the cooldown of Nova Bomb

Tier 5 - Training 1[edit]

  • Arcane Wisdom—training focused on battle recovery and speed
  • Arcane Spirit—training focused on battle recovery and toughness
  • Arcane Force—training focused on toughness and speed

Tier 6 - Perks 1[edit]

  • Annihilate—increases the size of explosions created by Nova Bomb and grenades
  • Angry Magic—Nova Bomb tracks enemies
  • The Hunger—increases the duration of the Energy Drain effect

Tier 7 - Training 2[edit]

  • Ancestral Order—training focused on all attributes
  • Chaos Order—training focused on raw speed
  • Divine Order—training focused on toughness at all costs

Tier 8 - Perks 2[edit]

  • Vortex Mastery—increases the range of Axion Bolt seekers and the duration of the Vortex effect of Nova Bomb and Vortex Grenade
  • Bloom—enemies killed by any of your abilities explode
  • Embrace the Void—killing enemies with Nova Bomb or any grenade triggers Energy Drain and restores your health

Upgrades (Destiny 2)[edit]

"From the smallest atoms bloom the greatest explosions."
— Class Description
A Voidwalker.

Set 1 - Grenades[edit]

  • Vortex Grenade: A grenade that creates a vortex which continuously damages enemies trapped inside.
  • Scatter Grenade: A grenade that splits into multiple submunitions that cover a large area upon detonation.
  • Axion Bolt: A bolt of Void Light that forks into smaller bolts which seek out enemies.

Set 2 - Movement[edit]

  • Strafe Glide: Upgrades Glide for better directional control.
  • Burst Glide: Upgrades Glide for strong speed boosts.
  • Blink: Replaces Glide with short distance teleportation.

Set 3 - Super[edit]

  • Nova Bomb: Hurl an explosive bolt of Void Light at the enemy, disintegrating those caught within its blast

Set 4 - Class Abilties[edit]

  • Healing Rift: Conjure a well of Light that continuously heals those inside it. Grants an Overshield at full health.
  • Empowering Rift: Conjure a well of Light that increases weapon damage for those inside it.

Set 5 - Passive Path 1: Attunement of Chaos[edit]

  • Entropic Pull: This melee ability recharges your grenade.
  • Chaos Accelerant: Draw from your Super energy to overcharge your grenade, making it deadlier and more effective.
  • Bloom: Void ability kills cause enemies to explode.
  • Cataclysm: Nova Bomb travels slowly, seeks enemies, shatters into seeker projectiles, and can be detonated early.

Set 6 - Passive Path 2: Attunement of Hunger[edit]

  • Devour: This melee ability restores health upon a kill.
  • Feed the Void: Consume your grenade energy to restore your health. Grants the Devour effect.
  • Insatiable: While Devour is active, killing enemies extends its duration and recharges your grenade.
  • Vortex: Nova Bomb creates a singularity which continuously damages enemies trapped inside.

Set 7 - Passive Path 3: Attunement of Fission[edit]

  • Nova Warp: A new super for Voidwalkers which allows for rapid blinks to close the gap between enemies, as well as being able to explode with pulses of void energy at close range.
  • Atomic Breach: A ranged melee attack which creates a void explosion, chaining enemies.
  • Handheld Supernova: A spin on the Atomic Breach melee ability which can be wielded at close range.
  • Dark Matter: Melee ability kills trigger rift, melee, and grenade energy, as well as a small health boost.

Melee Type[edit]

  • Void-Based Energy Drain
  • Void-Based Explosions

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