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"The last thing I needed today was to take a rez with this headache. I told the Cabal that, but they wouldn't listen. Rude of 'em."

Druis is an Earthborn Awoken Warlock in service of the Vanguard whose life was saved by The Crow during a routine mission that went south.


"I signed up for a simple salvage run. Transmat some supplies, run 'em to the City. I've had a headache all morning and didn't want anything loud."
— Druis, explaining her mission to Crow

After awaking one morning with a headache, Druis signed up for an easy salvage run to transmat supplies from a crashed ship to The Last City as she did not want to go on a mission that was too loud. Her plan was derailed when she arrived at the salvage coordinates and came under heavy attack by a detachment of Cabal. Although she was confident she could handle most of them, three Psions appeared on a nearby ridge and pinned her down with sniper fire behind several rocks. Cursing her bad luck and running out of energy, Druis prepared a Void grenade and knew that escaping would be difficult and painful. However, as she prepared to make her move she heard gunfire from the ridge that did not belong to a Cabal weapon and listened as the Cabal began panicking and were slowly picked off. Peeking out from behind her cover Druis saw a Hunter holstering his weapon and gracefully picking his way through the remnants of the Cabal soldiers.[1]

Emerging from cover, Druis shouted a greeting and thanks to the Hunter and removed her helmet to feel the cool breeze. Approaching him, she smiled and explained her mission and headache, but the Hunter simply nodded politely and recovered supplies from the dead Cabal. Laughing, Druis told him that it was fine to not talk with shooting skills like his. The Hunter stopped and introduced himself as Crow and that he was happy to be of help. She told him that he was not as glad as her as she had not been looking forward to being resurrected by her Ghost with a headache. This at last drew a laugh from the Hunter, who noted that he felt out of it for hours after being rezed. Druis then noticed a patch of blue skin on his arm and happily exclaimed that he was also Awoken, quickly deducing that he was a Reefborn. Explaining that she was Earthborn but that they still went way back she ran up to him and clapped him happily on the back. Crow was quiet at this, and Duris desperately wished she could see his face and get a read on what he was thinking, but the awkward situation was broken when her tracker beeped, indicating the crashed ship was nearby. Spotting it, Druis offered part of the salvage to Crow as thanks for his help, but he tried to wave it off and awkwardly tried to hide the patch of skin. She insisted that it was simply a kindness from one Awoken to another and entered the wreckage, quickly growing excited upon finding a crate of alcohol. Emerging with a bottle to share with her savior, she found that he had disappeared. Although not expecting him to return, she sat on a rock and waited for awhile, cleaning blood from her robes, before taking the drink and toasting Crow.[1]

During Season of Defiance, Druis was enlisted in the service of Mara Sov's Queensguard. On a mission to save prisoners of the Shadow Legion, she was traversing the Ascendant Plane when a failed jump led to her becoming surrounded by egregore at the bottom of a chasm. As the egregore began playing with her mental state and the Ascendant Plane around her threatened to close in on her, she combined her Light with the gift of Mara Sov's power. This enabled her to halt the shifting of the Plane, turning the stone she stood on into the purple crystalline mass found in the Plane of the Dreaming City. The egregore around her crystallized, and then burned away, leaving her free to begin the climb back to the top of the chasm she fell into.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

"You're Reefborn, aren't you? Earthborn here, but you and me, we still go way back!"
— Druis, excited about meeting a fellow Awoken Guardian

A tall and cheerful Awoken with slate-blue skin, Druis was less serious than many of her Warlock colleagues. She was delighted upon discovering Crow was a fellow Awoken and was observant enough to determine he was Reefborn due to his accent and body language.[1]

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