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Marin Oru
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Marin Oru was a Warlock and Guardian of The Last City in the early City Age. He was a comrade of Saint-14.


Marin was recruited by Saint-14 to help him and the Hunter Tyv Lucine on a mission to rescue several human captives who had been sold to Fallen by a Warlord. They flew a small and rickety carrier to a clearing in a forest within a Dead Zone where they were scheduled to rendezvous with Tyv. As they landed, Saint informed Marin that Tyv reported rescuing six prisoners, Saint's Ghost Geppetto added that thirty Fallen were in pursuit. Marin commented that he was happy they brought along a heavy machine gun then, but Saint was more occupied with thoughts of vengeance against the Warlord who had collaborated with the Fallen. Warning his friend to stay focused on the task at hand, and became worried about Tyv going radio silent after finding a covered pit in the Fallen's camp. Marin disembarked the carrier and complimented Geppetto on the landing, but stared silently in worry at the tree line as they waited for Tyv to arrive. Saint attempted to reassure him that she would be there and they would all laugh together the next day, and that one day they would no longer have to fight. Remarking that was a pleasant thought, Marin then spotted Tyv approaching from the forest.[1] Greeting Tyv with a handshake, she thanked Marin for joining the mission, and he admitted he did so because it was Saint's idea. The Hunter questioned if that was what Saint had told him as they ushered the refugees aboard, but Saint deflected and said it did not matter whose idea the mission was. Marin spotted Fallen flares shooting into the air from within the forest and ordered Tyv to fly the carrier away while he and Saint handled the Fallen.[2]

Marin planted the machine gun in preparation for the assault behind the cover of Saint's barricade. However, as the carrier took off, a massive shell tore through the sky and destroyed it, killing the refugees and sending Tyv scattered in pieces across the clearing. Marin shouted a warning to Saint that the Fallen had a Walker.[2] He yelled at Saint to get moving as the Titan stared in shock at the destroyed carrier while Tyv's Ghost began reviving her. Opening fire on the Fallen as they charged into the clearing, Marin cut down the first wave as Saint charged the Fallen. However another shell from the Walker left Saint badly injured. Marin abandoned his position and dragged his friend to safety, but was wounded in turn by the Fallen. The Fallen closed in on them, with a Captain emerging and ordering their pack to finish off the Guardians. Marin begged Tyv to hurry up, and the Hunter suddenly appeared with their Arc Staff and blocked the Fallen's fire. Taking advantage of the distraction, Marin gathered his Light and unleashed a Nova Bomb onto the Fallen Walker. The resulting explosion destroyed the Walker and wiped out the remaining Fallen, leaving the three Guardians alone amongst the wreckage and corpses.[3]

In the aftermath of Six Fronts, Saint lit a lantern with Void light in Marin's honor, leaving the Warlock's fate at the time unclear.[4]

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