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A Warlock in Mid-Blink

"Rip a hole in space and leap from point to point. Master the Blink, and you will be a fearsome killer - a spectral force, hard to evade and impossible to pin down."
Grimoire description

Blink is a short range teleport used by Guardians, Fallen and Vex. For Guardians, they are teleported three meters forward, backwards, to the left or right using the corresponding direction on the analogue stick. Not moving the stick will teleport the Guardian upwards.


The Blink ability is usable by Voidwalker Warlocks and Bladedancer Hunters. It replaces the Guardian's other jump abilities. It can be deadly when paired with shotguns. You can confuse the enemy by teleporting towards them and killing them with a shotgun blast.


Only Fallen Captains, Barons, Archons, Kells and Servitors possess a Blink ability. They can actually teleport a lot more than three meters; the maximum distance is currently unknown, although it appears to be around twelve-sixteen meters.


All Vex units possess one type of teleport, the twelve-eighteen meter Blink. They teleport into battle, which is their replacement for spacecraft. This teleport may allow them only to move through space.


  • All Bladedancers possess a Blink Strike, a powerful melee attack combined with Blink. The Hunter may use it even if they has not selected Blink as their jump ability.
  • Stormcallers are also able to Blink; whilst in Stormtrance, a Warlock can teleport a short distance with the Ionic Blink ability.
  • From several pieces of armor it is implied Hunters learned to Blink from Warlocks, though they are very reluctant to admit this as part of the Hunter-Warlock rivalry.


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