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Yes, I'm so grateful I won the 'endless war' lottery.

Nissa is an Awoken Guardian assigned by Ikora Rey to monitor the Pyramid on Europa. She was friends with her fellow Guardians Artemis-5 and Xander.


"Hard to feel festive when we're stranded across the system."
"And surrounded by mortal danger."
"And out of coffee…
— Nissa and Xander bemoaning their situation

After the Arrival of the Black Fleet and the discovery of a Pyramid on Europa, Nissa was assigned by Ikora Rey to monitor the Pyramid and gather data on it. She quickly grew bored and frustrated by the assignment as she spent most of her time in her jumpship while little happened.[1]

During the next Dawning celebration Nissa and her fellow Guardians Artemis-5 and Xander made plans to exchange gifts and chat with each other over their comm screens. Nissa was late to the meeting and apologized, but Xander reassured her that her frequent lateness was why he set her invitation for thirty minutes earlier. She shot back that was why she secretly sabotaged his airlock before taking out her gift and suggesting they get to opening them as she had work to get back to unlike them. Xander noted his assignment was from Commander Zavala to figure out how the planets had gone missing. Nissa was skeptical that he could figure out the secrets of the Darkness and joked she would see him in a few years. Artemis was upset by that comment due to how long they had already been separated from each other. Nissa agreed and noted how much she hated orbiting Europa but was unable to come home until Ikora was satisfied. Artemis tried to be hopeful that they would be in person for the next Dawning, but Xander thought it was unlikely and did not believe things would be normal then either. Although Artemis tried to be hopeful, Nissa and Xander began listing all the reasons they had for not being the same.[1]

Their listing was interrupted by Artemis declaring that this time of year made her thankful for the Light. Nissa laughed bitterly and sarcastically stated how grateful she was to be stuck in an endless war. This only infuriated Artemis more who accused her of not thinking about how hard this was for the Lightless and that all she was doing was making sarcastic comments while actually having the power to do something helpful. Xander tried to calm her, but Artemis continued that the people of The Last City were scared, and that if the Guardians could not find hope than what would that mean for them. After a moment of silence Nissa admitted that she was scared as well, which Xander agreed with, and Artemis stated that while they had not signed up for this war, they had been gifted with the Light. Nissa sighed and pondered about how heavy that gift felt at moments like this, but Artemis reminded her that they were the only ones who could carry it. Nissa asked her Exo friend if she would have signed up for this, which Artemis emphatically stated she would have a thousand times over. This amused Nissa and Xander and they began teasing her about her exuberance while laughing. With the tension broken, all three held up their Dawning gifts and counted down to open them at the same time.[1]

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