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Chalco Yong
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"It is my honor."
— Chalco Yong to Ikora Rey[1]

Chalco Yong was a Hunter and member of The Hidden who is close friends with Ikora Rey.


"This is why you're taking less field work? Because you're reading 'On Circles, Volume 12'?"
— Chalco Yong to Ikora Rey

After the liberation of the Last City from the Red Legion, Chalco noticed that Ikora Rey had stopped taking field assignments. In response, she snuck into Ikora's private library and discovered her friend studying. Hoping to surprise Ikora, she spoke and said that she had been wondering what Ikora was up to. Ikora, unsurprised by Chalco's sudden appearance, noted that she was always aware of what Chalco was doing. The Hunter attempted to get Ikora to admit she had successfully snuck up on her, but Ikora reminded her that she had sworn never to lie to Chalco. Disappointed that she failed to surprise the Warlock, Chalco looked at the book she was reading and questioned if studying "On Circles, Volume 12" was worth not doing fieldwork any longer. Ikora revealed that she was the author of all twelve volumes, and that the awakening of the Traveler had changed their understanding of physics and required her to rewrite the series. Chalco was skeptical that even their knowledge of circles had been altered by the Traveler, but Ikora insisted that circles especially had been changed.[2]

Chalco later learned that Hassan Shimizu, a famous scholar and conspiracy theorist in the Last City whose works were considered highly entertaining and alarmingly accurate by the Hidden, was preparing to submit another paper with the Cryptarchy about the failure of the Last City's early warning systems at the start of the Red War. She intercepted excerpts from his paper while spying on him in the middle of a rainstorm and forwarded what she recovered to the rest of her colleagues. The paper speculated that the story about Psions being the cause of the defensive failures was a coverup for an outside force having blinded the City due to an unknown reason. The Hidden were aware that a member of the Nine may have been responsible for such an assault, causing Chalco to note that if she did not know better she might think they had a leak. Joking that she hoped that Shimizu would be resurrected as a Guardian whenever he died, Chalco reluctantly informed the Hidden that she would once again recommend to the Cryptarchy that they reject Shimizu's work from being published.[3]

When rumors began circulating of an Awoken Lightbearer operating under the name Crow was active in the Reef as an agent of The Spider, Chalco was dispatched to find and follow them to determine their identity.[4] Chalco continued to operate around the Reef following Empress Caiatl's arrival in the Sol System. Although she was not assigned to monitor the Empress, while on another assignment she intercepted a conversation between Caiatl, her advisor Taurun, and the Spider. Chalco was amused by how irritated the Empress was at having to deal with the likes of the Fallen mob boss and forwarded a transcript of the conversation to Ikora. She also requested that her friend not let their fellow Hidden and Praxic Warlock Aunor Mahal give her too much grief over her assignments and the Vanguard's policies, recommending that Ikora kick her if she got to be too much.[5]

Following the return of Mars to the Sol System, Chalco was assigned to investigate the wounds in time that had opened across the planet that offered glimpses into the Golden Age of the world and its fall during the Collapse. From one of those wounds she intercepted a fragment of a transmission from the Warmind Rasputin shutting down all protective measures for Human colonies and settlements when it went into hiding during the Collapse. Chalco recognized all the locations listed except for NEFELE STRONGHOLD, which she found no other record of. The Hidden agent reported her discovery to Ikora and forwarded the information to Anastasia Bray in the hopes she could shine some light on what NEFELE STRONGHOLD was. Ana responded back that she could find no record of the location or the original transmission Rasputin had sent out, leading her to conclude that the Warmind itself was responsible for wiping the data from existence.[6]

Later, Chalco was assigned to monitor Mithrax, Kell of Light, and report back any changes that might be caused by Nezarec's curse.[7]

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