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Hassan Shimizu
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Hassan Shimizu is a scholar and conspiracy theorist who lived in The Last City. His articles and research were frequently censored or suppressed by The Hidden due to containing accurate information the spy organization believed would be threatening to the City's stability if made public.


Shimizu published several articles in the Journal of Post-Collapse Cosmological Recovery regarding dark matter anomalies. After the reclamation of The Last City from the Red Legion, he also submitted articles to the journal New Thoughts in Post-Red Politics, one of which discussed the seizure and redeployment of scientific instruments by the Vanguard for City defense.[1]

Shimizu's research led him to question how the Red Legion had managed to successfully launch a sneak attack on the Last City despite its numerous early warning satellites, Dead Orbit's fleet, the prophetic powers of many Guardians who had successfully forewarned of other threats like Oryx, the Taken King. He did not believe the official story that Psion electronic warfare units fooled all of the City's warning systems, suspecting that was out of their power and that something else had interfered with the City's defenses. Within an article he wrote, Shimizu speculated that both Dead Orbit and the Future War Cult might have benefited from the Red War politically, but shied away from outright accusing them of allowing the City to fall. Shimizu further speculated that it was possible that an unknown entity was responsible for allowing the Last City to fall by concealing Dominus Ghaul's attack and wondered what its motivations were and how it concealed itself.[2]

Unbeknownst to Shimizu, portions of his article were intercepted by Hidden agent Chalco Yong. Chalco shared the intercept with her fellow Hidden and complimented his work by noting that if she had not known better she would have suspected a leak regarding information about the Nine's potential role in blinding the City's defenses with dark matter. While Chalco hoped that Shimizu would be revived as a Guardian when he died, she reluctantly issued a recommendation to the Cryptarchy to reject further article submissions from him in any legitimate publication.[2]

Despite Shimizu's questionable practices, the Hidden still consider him a viable asset in research, with Truce's Ghost Cowlick briefly wondering, during an exchange with Ikora, if he should be consulted on suspicions that the nature of Stasis is alarmingly accommodating to the purposes of Vex technology.

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