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Hero of the Twilight Gap
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"Now I know you think I'm a steady old hand so you give me the weird jobs on the theory that if I spook then it's worth getting spooked."
— Truce to Ikora Rey

Truce is a Guardian who fought at the Battle of the Twilight Gap.


When the Fallen assaulted The Last City at Twilight Gap, Truce joined a fireteam under the command of Lord Shaxx alongside Anastasia Bray, Liu Feng, Nkechi-32, and Idil Abdi. As the Guardians were pushed back to the Walls of the Last City, Lord Saladin Forge ordered all fireteams to fall back to the Ridgeback District as he believed the City had fallen. Truce and the rest of his fireteam refused to follow that order, and under Shaxx's orders he joined Abdi in backing up Nkechi to defend a gap in the Wall to halt the tide of Fallen.[1]

He is also an agent of the Hidden going by the codename of TRU-135.[2]

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