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"If he goes through every bit of scrap in the Reef, he'll find someone eventually. Sky knows there are plenty of bodies (and body parts) floating around here…"
"Yeah, we said that when we found him on Mars, and that was before Twilight Gap.
Agu and Nkechi-32 talking about Pulled Pork

Nkechi-32 is an Exo Titan who served as a Guardian of The Last City. She fought at the Battle of the Twilight Gap, and later explored the Reef in the aftermath of the Red War.


While exploring Mars, Nkechi and her Ghost Agu encountered another Ghost whom they dubbed Pulled Pork. Taken by the earnestness of the Ghost and his slow, careful search for his Guardian, Nkechi and Agu kept tabs on Pulled Pork over the years as he searched for someone to raise.[1]

During the Battle of the Twilight Gap, Nkechi joined a fireteam under the command of Lord Shaxx alongside Anastasia Bray, Liu Feng, Idil Abdi, and Truce. After hours of fighting, Nkechi and her comrades were exhausted from fighting, but the Fallen had begun to breach the Wall to assault The Last City. Lord Saladin Forge ordered all fireteams to fallback to the Ridgeback District as he believed the city was going to fall. Nkechi and the rest of her fireteam refused to follow the fallback order and decided to continue fighting the Fallen. Under Shaxx's orders, Nkechi led Abdi and Truce to hold a hole in the Wall the Fallen were attempting to push through while Shaxx teamed with Liu Feng and Ana covered them.[2] Thanks to Nkechi and the rest of the fireteam's efforts, they held the Wall long enough for the Vanguard to rally and launch a counterattack that defeated the Fallen and saved the Last City.[3]

Decades later, Nkechi and Agu were exploring the Reef. While laying on her ship's hull in the middle of one of the Reef's many debris fields, Nkechi went through several stories on the VanNet, but was disappointed by the lack of interesting stories. When Agu spotted Pulled Pork floating through the field, Nkechi jumped across the debris field to where the happy-go-lucky Ghost was scanning debris. She questioned what her friend was doing, and he chirped that he was looking for his Guardian. Nkechi suggested that maybe he should try scanning bodies instead of debris, and Pulled Pork informed her that it was possible his Guardian could be very small and in the rock. She then admired his new Reef-made shell, and the Ghost explained it was a gift and that he did follow her suggestion to scan the dead, but liked to be thorough by scanning everything he came across. As Pulled Pork began to scan another piece of debris, Nkechi shook her head, but Agu suggested they let him continue with his scans, noting that there were so many bodies in the Reef he was bound to find a Guardian eventually. She noted they had said the same thing on Mars, so they resolved to check in on him again in a few months and see if he had found anyone yet.[1]

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