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"Oh, leave him alone. If he goes through every bit of scrap in the Reef, he'll find someone eventually. Sky knows there are plenty of bodies (and body parts) floating around here…"
— Agu to Nkechi about Pulled Pork

Agu is a Ghost who is partnered with the Titan Nkechi-32.


During Agu's partnership with Nkechi-32, they encountered and befriended another Ghost on Mars whom they dubbed Pulled Pork. They considered him to be extremely friendly and cheerful, but worried that his excessive thoroughness would keep him from finding a Guardian as he slowly worked his way through the Solar System.[1]

Decades later, Agu was nestled in Nkechi's armor as she laid on the hull of her ship and listened to a report on the VanNet in a field of wreckage in the Reef. Agu spotted Pulled Pork flying amongst the wreckage, scanning debris around a Fallen Skiff. They floated over to the Ghost and greeted him, admiring his new Reef shell, but Nkechi tried to convince him that his method of scanning was inefficient. As Pulled Pork excused himself to scan more debris, Agu advised his Guardian to let his fellow Ghost be and that with all of the bodies in the Reef he was bound to find someone soon. His Guardian reminded him that they had thought the same thing after meeting him on Mars, and that had been decades ago and prior to the Battle of the Twilight Gap. Admitting she had a point, Agu suggested they check in on him a few months and joked that he might find the greatest Guardian to ever live in the meantime.[1]

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