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Idil Abdi
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"We want people to be able to sleep easy, and that means we can't sleep at all. It's a responsibility I accepted a long time ago."
— Abdi

Idil Abdi[1] is a Guardian who fought at the Battle of the Twilight Gap.


During the Fallen Houses assault on The Last City, Abdi was assigned to a fireteam under the command of Lord Shaxx to help repel the assault at Twilight Gap. Fighting alongside Shaxx, Anastasia Bray, Liu Feng, Nkechi-32, and Truce, Abdi joined his comrades in refusing to follow the orders of Lord Saladin Forge when he ordered all Guardians to fall back to the Ridgeback District. Instead, he followed Shaxx's orders to join Truce in backing up Nkechi while plugging a gap in the Wall to halt the flow of Fallen.[2]

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