A Warlock Rises

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Nothing Left but the Fall

A Warlock Rises


Destiny base game


Find a jumpship to escape the Cosmodrome and get to the City

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A Warlock rises from the ashes of an overrun world.

A Warlock Rises is one of three class-specific quests given to new characters in Destiny. This quest is automatically given upon loading into the game world for the first time. New Warlocks are tasked with locating a jumpship to escape the Fallen-controlled Cosmodrome in Old Russia and make it safely to the The Last City.[1]

Quest steps[edit]

1. Escape the Cosmodrome[edit]

"We're not safe out here, Guardian. I didn't find you just to lose you again. We need to get you behind the walls of the City." - Ghost

  • Find a ship and use it to escape to the City.

2. Speak to Ikora Rey[edit]

"The Tower is run by a group called the Vanguard. You'll report to Ikora, the Warlock representative. She's... very learned. Said to run a spy network called the Hidden. In any case, it's best to listen to her." - Ghost

  • Speak to Ikora in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower.

3. Accept the Warlock's Cache[edit]

"I joke with Cayde and Zavala about it all the time, but it's just one more way Warlocks are superior: our robes look *good*." - Ikora

  • Accept the Warlock's Cache from Ikora.

4. Equip Armor[edit]

"The market for Guardian armor is crowded with small outfits, specific vendors, scavengers... it's mostly Golden Age tech. Heavily repurposed, of course—why would you need armor in paradise?" - Ghost

  • Equip the new piece of armor you received from Ikora Rey.

5. Requisition a New Weapon[edit]

"As a Warlock, our most powerful weapon is knowledge. In the field, more direct methods are required. Speak to Banshee, the Tower's gunsmith. He will arm you well." - Ikora Rey

  • Requisition a weapon from Banshee-44.

6. Equip Weapon[edit]

"The market for weapons see fierce competition between the Foundries. The heavyweights are big boys like SUROS, Tex Mechanica, Häkke and Omolon, but there are always new names entering and leaving the field of battle." - Ghost

  • Equip the new weapon you received from Banshee-44.

7. Retrieve Your Ship[edit]

"Before we go anywhere, we'll need an update on our ship. That thing has been out of action for years. Hopefully Shipwright Holliday will have some good news for us." - Ghost

  • Check on the status of your ship with Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar.


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