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A Warlock Rises


Ikora Rey
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Cosmodrome, Old Russia, Earth
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A Guardian Rises


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"Welcome to the last safe City on Earth — the only place the Traveler can still protect. It took centuries to build. Now... we're counting every day it stands. And this Tower is where the Guardians live."

As a newborn Warlock, you must find a way to escape from the Cosmodrome while defending yourself from the Fallen. Make your way to The Last City, where you will become acquainted with the Tower and prepare for the next phase of your journey.[1]


Starting Gear[edit]




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After viewing a few cutscenes and loading into the game world, you gain control of your character in the Gateway. Follow the objective marker to enter the Wall, hide from the Fallen and acquire a weapon. Fight your way through the Fallen to reach The Divide, where you must continue fighting the Fallen. Head to the building on the far left, then follow the subsequent path to reach Dock 13. Defeat the Fallen and their Captain to acquire an old jumpship and escape from the Cosmodrome.

After a couple more cutscenes, you materializes into the Tower Plaza. From there, go straight ahead, down the stairs and through the next hallway to enter the Hall of Guardians. Speak to Ikora Rey, the Warlock Vanguard, to receive the Warlock's Initiation, a small cache consisting Code Fire robes and 50 Glimmer. This will also unlock the first step of the quest Legend of the Warlock. After equipping your new armor, return to the plaza and the gunsmith Banshee-44, located next to the tree immediately left as you enter. He will give you a choice of four common primary weapons. Equip your new weapon then proceed to the hallway on the far right past the Cryptarch and follow the path to the Tower Hanger. Once there, proceed up the stairs to the far right to talk to shipwright Amanda Holliday. She repaired your ship and gives it back, but mentions that it lacks a warp drive. Accepting the ship completes this quest and unlock the first step of the next story quest, Nothing Left but the Fall.


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