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Hello and welcome to my page. I joined Destinypedia so I could help grow this database of Destiny info. I love this game and the lore behind it all. I look forward to contributing as much info as I can.

Goals/Task List

  • Create/edit quest pages
  • Create/edit grimoire card pages
  • Create/edit class and subclass pages
  • Create/edit trophy/achievement pages
  • Create/edit armour and weapon pages
  • Anything else that could use some help

Quests, quests, quests!

I LOVE the new quest system that was introduced in The Taken King. It draws from one of the things I always loved about MMO-type games, which is having a quest-like system to progress the game, both story-wise and gameplay-wise. I have made it my primary focus to create and edit pages for as many quests as possible, including walkthroughs and associated imagery.

Thoughts/Ideas on Fallen Guardians

I really want to be able to play a Fallen/Eliksni Guardian one day. I think it would be very interesting and could have a strong positive influence on the game in many ways. I would like to see a quest or series of quests involving Variks to find a newborn Fallen Guardian and unlock the ability to create a Fallen Guardian. A few ideas for character creation and story for Fallen Guardians:

  1. Grant a fourth character slot ONLY for a Fallen character
  2. Allow for choosing a base appearance for the character: Dreg, Vandal or Captain
  3. Customize your Dreg/Vandal/Captain like other Guardians via class, gender, head shape, skin & eye colour, marking/scars
  4. Create a new storyline just for a Fallen Guardian that brings them up to par with the story of the expansion they were introduced in