Nothing Left but the Fall

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A Guardian Rises


Against the Hive

Nothing Left but the Fall


Destiny base game


Search the Cosmodrome for vital clues and halt Fallen activity

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The story of the Fallen and the City, and their battle for the future of Earth.

Nothing Left but the Fall is the first quest the player receives after escaping the Cosmodrome and becoming acquainted with the Tower. Commander Zavala wants to put the new Guardian to work by looking into the increase in Fallen activity in the Cosmodrome, as well as restraining the power of the Fallen House of Devils setting up future events that will drive the Guardian's journey.

Quest Steps[edit]

  • Talk to Commander Zavala

"We make it out of the Cosmodrome with a ship, and it turns out to not have a warp drive. Typical. Zavala will know what to do. I hope." —Ghost

"There's a chance we find a warp drive just lying around. Then again, I spent years searching for a Guardian to work with…so, I'm not exactly a good luck charm." —Ghost

  • Talk to Zavala

"We've got the warp drive. And killed an Archon. I'm willing to bet even Zavala will crack a smile at that." —Ghost

"The Fallen have controlled the Cosmodrome for years. If they're shifting troops around, it means we're dealing with something new. Finally! You know how long I spent looking for you?" —Ghost

  • Talk to Zavala

"The Hive, and an AI Warmind. Zavala will just raise an eyebrow and talk about the dream of the City. But between you and me, I'm impressed." —Ghost

  • Talk to Ikora Rey

"Ikora heads up a group called 'the Hidden.' They're a 'crack group of intelligence agents.' In other words, spies. I'm just glad she's on our side." —Ghost

"Dead Orbit has a pretty simple philosophy: we're all doomed. According to them, getting out of the system is the only way to survive. No surprise they'd want to find a way to connect with Rasputin and the colonial arrays." —Ghost

"Rasputin isn't as cuddly and personable as I am. In fact, I have no idea what his motives are. He locked us out of the arrays. But why?" —Ghost

  • Talk to Zavala

"Zavala may be a bit single-minded, but he's the best thing to happen to the City in years. The Vanguard would be nothing without him." —Ghost

"The Fallen regard the Servitors as gods, but I've had a chance to scan them. I'm not impressed. They're just hyper-advanced frames! I'll be happy to see this Fallen 'deity' put on the scrap pile." —Ghost

  • Talk to Zavala

"You did it. The Devils' Servitor is dead. If I could high-five you, I would. So...just imagine it, I suppose. And we should get moving. Zavala will be pleased. To say the least. " —Ghost