The Dark Within

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"Investigate reports of a hidden power trapped in the Cosmodrome Array stations."
— In game description




The Warmind

The Dark within
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Skywatch, Old Russia

Destinypedia has a walkthrough guide to this level, The Dark Within. See The Dark Within/Walkthrough.

The Dark Within is a story mission that takes place within the Skywatch in Old Russia.[1] This mission opens up the Skywatch for exploration, and introduces the player to the Hive race.[2]



{Loading Screen}

  • Ghost: There are are reports that the Fallen back at the Cosmodrome are keeping a pretty tight guard on the old Skywatch. Could be one of their leaders, or it could be something valuable. The Speaker's asking Guardians to look into it.


  • Ghost: Okay, the Skywatch is just on the other side of the Steppes. And it's surrounded by Fallen. Well, I'm ready if you are.

The Guardian heads in the direction of the Skywatch.

  • Ghost: You know, this place must've been amazing before the Collapse. Thousands of humans boarding the colony ships, off to build cities beyond.

The Guardian reaches the Mothyards.

  • Ghost: Up the hill. The building with the radar. That's the Skywatch.

The Guardian enters the Skywatch.

  • Ghost: We're in. This was one of Skywatch's old array stations—a link to the lunar colonies.

The Guardian enters the Lunar Complex and find a locked door.

  • Ghost: Dead end. Fallen sealed this gate. I can get it open.

The Guardian deploys the Ghost to hack the door.

  • Ghost: The Fallen really didn't want anyone getting in. Or out.

The door unlocks. The Guardian continues through the complex.

  • Ghost: What is this? Lots of motion ahead. I've got a bad feeling about this.

The Guardian is ambushed by Hive.

  • Ghost: The Hive! They're already here!

The Guardian kills all of the Hive enemies and proceeds further into the complex.

  • Ghost: There's a Wizard here. You have to kill it!

The Guardian finds the Wizard.

  • Ghost: The Wizard's here!

The Guardian kills the Hive Wizard.

  • Ghost: The Hive haven't been on Earth in centuries. The Darkness could be a lot closer than we think. We should probably get moving.

{Mission ends}


  • Fallen
    • Shank
    • Dreg
    • Vandal
  • Hive
    • Thrall
    • Acolyte
    • Knight
    • Wizard
      • Gotra, Eir Spawn


  • This mission was available to play during the Destiny First Look Alpha. [3]



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