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Psion Flayer
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Ice Reapers
Broken Legion
Red Legion
Psion Conclave
Shadow Legion


Elite Psionic Infantry


Dust Palace
Challenge of the Elders
Patrol Mercury
Psionic Potential
The Sundial
Vox Obscura
Terminal Overload
Defiant Battleground: Cosmodrome

Combat information


SolarS.png Slug Rifle
ArcS.png Cabal Slug Shotgun
SolarS.png Projection Rifle
VoidS.png Cabal Bronto Cannon
ArcS.png Cabal Slug Launcher
SolarS.png Cabal Headhunter


ArcS.png Psionic Blast (D1)
VoidS.png Nova Rupture (D2)
Elemental Shield
High Durability
Rapid Movement
ArcS.png (D1), VoidS.png (D2) Psychic Melee
Summon Cabal
SolarS.png Solar Seekers
ArcS.png Voltaic Strike
VoidS.png Void Prison
SolarS.png, ArcS.png, or VoidS.png Absorption shield


"The Flayers are not ordinary Psions. Even one is a formidable enemy. You must bring all your guile to this fight."

Psion Flayers are a class of highly powerful Cabal Psions, having first debuted as a detachment within the Dust Palace Strike,[1] and Challenge of the Elders. In Season of Dawn, a council of Psion Flayers (Niruul, Ozletc, and Tazaroc) attempted to manipulate time on Mercury using one of Osiris' inventions, the Sundial. Each one has a different type of shield, making it difficult to engage them all at once.[2]


The Psion Flayers are orders of magnitude more powerful than the average Psion. When a Psion nears the threshold to evolve into a Flayer they become Flayer Aspirants. These Aspirants often seek out various methods to ascend themselves, one example being Rasputin's Nodes in Psionic Potential. Their psychic attacks have far more range, and were able to fight and win against Rasputin in the Dust Palace. If Warlock speculation is true, they are even responsible for Phobos' current position over Mars, and are waiting to unleash it as a weapon.[3] They can possibly cast illusions upon others as well.[4]

First seen among a mysterious legion known as the Ice Reapers, the trio of Psion Flayers known as Kolar, Numoc, and Vatch were called in by Valus Ta'aurc with the goal of locating and neutralizing Rasputin after an orbital bombardment from his Warsats decimated most of the Valus' troops.[5] Seen in the Dust Palace, the trio were almost successful in infiltrating Rasputin's systems until they were disrupted and killed by a Guardian Fireteam[6].

Another pair was seen protecting Val Aru'un in the Prison of Elders, where they serve the ambitious Val and the Broken Legion.

The Red Legion also employ Psion Flayers, with one active detachment unleashed against the Vex on Mercury with the goal of infiltrating the Infinite Forest[7]. Meanwhile, another triplet group of Flayers emerged 3 years after the Red War with the intent of utilizing the Sundial to rewrite history in their favor, by securing a victory where the Red Legion subverts the Solar System.[8] Another group of Psions sought to use Rasputin's nodes to evolve into flayers, however they were killed by The Guardian.[9]

Known Psion Flayers[edit]


  • According to Osiris, the Psion Flayers perceive time differently than Guardians, apparently being non-linear to them.


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