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Proving Grounds


Season of the Chosen






Complete the Rite of Proving and secure peace between Caiatl and the Vanguard.

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Defeat Caiatl's Chosen aboard the Land Tank, Halphas Electus, on Nessus.

Proving Grounds is a Strike that was released during Season of the Chosen.


  • Clear a Path to the Land Tank
  • Find and Defeat Caiatl's Champion
  • Clear Out the Vehicle Bay
  • Find and Defeat Caiatl's Champion
  • Redirect the Tank's Power Flow
  • Find and Defeat Caiatl's Champion
  • Challenge Caiatl's Champion
  • Defeat Caiatl's Champion


(Mission Begins)

  • Zavala: The challenge is met. Our blood flows together. May it tend to unity.

Or alternatively

  • Zavala: Empress Caiatl — we invoke the Rite of Proving. The Vanguard sends forth its champions.
  • Caiatl: The challenge is met. Our blood flows together. May it tend to unity.

Enter the Halphas Electus

  • Caiatl: This is the Halphas Electus, the digger of graves, her mouth packed with red soil. I do not grant you safe passage.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: You willingly enter the Halphas Electus. I welcome you, but my forces… they do not.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: You willingly enter my imperial Land Tank, the Halphas Electus. You honor me. May you meet a glorious death.

Approaching the Infantry Concourse

  • Caiatl: This tank is like a living thing. She breathes, she moves… and she will spit out your bones.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: My war machine purrs. She hungers for battle. Have you the same appetite?

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: My tank is restless. Do what you came for — fight well or die quickly.

Traverse deeper into the Tank

  • Caiatl: You crawl through an imperial tank, fighting against an army… for what?
  • Zavala: To stop another despot before they pass beyond the reach of reason.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: You fight well, Guardians. A shame you must pay the price for your commander's pride.
  • Zavala: The Guardians kneel to no one… not even me.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: All feel fear, Commander. Some learn from it, while others are ruled by it. Which are you?
  • Zavala: I refused to bend the knee. What does that tell you?

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: We lost our world to the Hive. Why will you not stand with us?
  • Zavala: We sign no treaties at the end of a gun.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: Guardians. Join my Cabal and let our alliance armor the stars.
  • Zavala: We could work together, Caiatl. But as equals, not your vassals.

Clear out the Vehicle Bay

  • Zavala: How many more Cabal stand between my champion and you?
  • Caiatl: All swore their lives to their empress. They can use them as they wish.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: My warriors pledge themselves to the Rite of Proving. Cut them down if you can.
  • Zavala: If it must be done.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: Going through the vehicle bay? My pilots enjoy a challenge.
  • Zavala: Then they shall have one.

The Guardians defeat the Imperial Cabal troops and Goliath Tanks within the Vehicle Bay. They traverse deeper into the maintenance bay.

  • Zavala: Keep working your way beneath the outer plates. According to Amanda, you'll emerge near the power relays.
  • Caiatl: Guardians? I have prepared further challenges for you. A banquet of combat to test your resolve.
  • Zavala: The Guardians are coming for your champion. They're not here for your hospitality.
  • Caiatl: And my father said you were such fun.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: Your Guardians scurry through my tank like vermin. Is this how the Vanguard fights its wars?
  • Zavala: Our fight is with your champion. We need not slaughter every Cabal in your army.
  • Caiatl: Do not expect gratitude. Those you leave behind will grow. They will learn.
  • Zavala: Good. If our foes are capable of growth, let us be the catalyst that forces them to change.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: My champion awaits in the locus of honor! Why do you skulk through the maintenance areas?
  • Zavala: We will deal with your champion in due time… though we may destroy your tank in the process.
  • Caiatl: Ha, we are Cabal! We eat the mountains; we drink the seas!
  • Zavala: Yes. And we are here to stop you.

The Guardians venture through the passageways of the Halphas Electus.

  • Caiatl: You seek to drive a knife into the heart of my tank? My troops will defend its life with theirs!

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: I know stories of fiends who cut at the legs of powerful heroes. My tank will not be felled so easily.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: You would attack my tank directly? It is sacred to my men. They will fight as though its oil were blood.

The Guardians defeat the Imperial Cabal troops by the maintenance bay and deposit two charges to activate the tanks elevator. The Guardians board the elevator.

  • Caiatl: Your warriors are merciless, Commander. Are all Lightbearers so… bloodthirsty?
  • Zavala: My Guardians do what they must. Today, they must be champions.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: My warriors do not die easily. They fight because I gave them their freedom.
  • Zavala: Imagine if they fought because you gave them hope.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: Such strength. Look what your Light can do. I seek that power — not for myself, but for my people.
  • Zavala: How selfless. Perhaps we can discuss this further after your people stop trying to kill us.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: I see now how you fight, Guardians. Your potential is wasted running errands for your Commander.
  • Zavala: Enough.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: You take to ritual combat well, Commander. Do you enjoy it?
  • Zavala: There is no pleasure in killing. If this one act of barbarism will force peace… so be it.

The Guardians travel deeper to challenge Caiatl's champion.

  • Zavala: Hold strong, Guardians. One final victory is all I ask.

Or alternatively

  • Zavala: My champions are ready, Caiatl! Is yours?

Or alternatively

  • Zavala: Caiatl, prepare your champion!

The Guardians initiate the Right of Proving. Ignovun, Chosen of Caiatl appears.

  • Caiatl: Let the Rite of Proving commence!

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: Now, the final trial! Battle against the champion of the Cabal!

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: Arise, my chosen! Fight for the glory of the Cabal!

The champion of the Cabal, Ignovun, is defeated.

  • Zavala: Caiatl. Your champion falls.
  • Caiatl: I yield, I yield! Let us meet and discuss this treaty. You may be a soft, small man, Zavala, but you hide some powerful tusk!
  • Zavala: Thank you.

Or alternatively

  • Zavala: Caiatl, your champion falls.
  • Caiatl: The Rite of Proving is over. By the victor's rule, the Halphas Electus, and the souls aboard it, are yours to destroy.
  • Zavala: We take nothing but your word. Tend to your men and your tank… but break our agreement, and we will be back to finish what we started.

Or alternatively

  • Zavala: Caiatl. Your champion falls.
  • Caiatl: You have honored our traditions… and I must honor yours. I will see you soon… to "bargain."
  • Zavala: I am glad to hear it. You will find our talent for diplomacy matches our skill in combat.

Or alternatively

  • Zavala: Caiatl. Your champion falls.
  • Caiatl: I pride myself on seeing the strength in others, and yours can no longer be denied. When can be discuss this treaty of yours?
  • Zavala: As soon as I brief the strike team, Empress. I hope the blood spilled here today will be the last.

Or alternatively

  • Zavala: Caiatl. Your champion falls.
  • Caiatl: I… did not imagine this outcome. Your Guardians have powers told of in the old stories.
  • Zavala: Our vaults are full of relics from those who underestimated us. If you ever cross the Vanguard again… bring a bigger tank.

Or alternatively

  • Zavala: Caiatl. Your champion falls.
  • Caiatl: You have claimed victory in the Rite of Proving. I am bound to our agreement.
  • Zavala: Your champion fought with honor, and you accept defeat in the same way.

(Mission Ends)


Cabal - Imperial Cabal
Vex - Sol Collective
Nightfall Champions



  • Proving Grounds has the most amount of Cabal leadership fought in a single mission, with one Valus, six Vals, two Optus, and one Chosen of the Cabal.

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