Exodus Crash

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Exodus Crash
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Destiny 2




Arcadian Valley, Nessus


Kill Thaviks, the Depraved

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Exodus Crash is a Strike in Destiny 2 that takes place on Nessus. The fireteam's objective is to track down and eliminate the Fallen that have holed up inside the Exodus Black.


  • Pass through the electrical fields
  • Fight into the base
  • Infiltrate the hideout
  • Gather Fallen data
  • Defend Ghost
  • Kill the Servitors
  • Press onward
  • Pass through the electrical fields
  • Hunt the Fallen
  • Defeat the Assault Walker
  • Fight to the source
  • Destroy the Shanks
  • Kill Thaviks, the Depraved




Prodromus Down

Zavala: The Fallen have tracked us to Nessus. They have the Exodus Black on lockdown, and damaged Failsafe's systems in their raid. Both are key assets to our endeavors here. Operation Piccolo has begun.

Ghost: Piccolo? really?

Cayde-6: We don't have to call it that. We'll give it a better name. Later.

Failsafe (Cheery): I'm sorry to inconvenience you, Captain. Thank you. I have marked a trail of Arc pulses the Fallen have left behind.

Track Fallen through Arc Pulses
Pulses Analyzed
Pass through Arc Pulses so Ghost can use them to track the Fallen
The players move off from their starting point towards the pulses. Not far from their start they encounter 3 Pikes which they can commandeer and use against the enemies in the area. In Version 1 these will be Fallen, with several Vandal snipers positioned through the area as well as more Pikes being piloted by the Fallen. Web Mines are also present.

Ghost: One more set of coordinates! Those Fallen can't be far.

Track Fallen through Arc Pulses
Pulses Analyzed
Pass through Arc Pulses so Ghost can use them to track the Fallen
The players advance, following the pulses towards a cliff. The cliff is accessible by a mined bridge, or by a Vex gravity cannon which will launch the player to the back of the cliff immediately besides the Exodus Black rubble acting as Ghost Scan NE-PD-1:
Ghost: "This antenna snapped off an escape shuttle... that didn't do a great job of escaping. No one made it out of the Exodus Black before it went down. There must be crashed shuttles all over Nessus."

Ghost: let's see... Okay, the Fallen went that-a-way!

Progression along the cliff is blocked by an energy barrier controlled by the Fallen, led by Khirin, Blinding Captain
Defeat the Fallen
Lower the barrier blocking your progress by eliminating the Fallen warriors
The players kill Khirin and the way clears

Failsafe (Cheery): Captain. May I speak with you in private?

Cayde: This sounds juicy. What's going on?

Reach the Exodus Black's Aft
Work your way through the Nessus labyrinth towards the Exodus Black's aft section

Failsafe (Cheery): Boop! (Depressed): Sorry Cap, I cut the line. There's a buzzing in my brain. I think the Fallen are ripping up my ship.

The player moves through the Vex structure, which in this version contains Vex units. The players clear the area and enter a larger courtyard the entrance of which is blocked by yet another barrier. At the rear is a large piece of Fallen equipment powering the device. The floor is covered by a conductive mesh.
Analyze the Fallen Device
Have Ghost take a look at the Fallen equipment

Ghost: I'll be right back!

Defend Ghost
Protect Ghost while he tries to lower the barrier
The player must stay near the device while Ghost hacks it to lower the barrier, in order for this to advance. If the player gets to distant they will receive a reminder saying:
Return to Ghost

Ghost: This webbing on the floor looks like some kind of Arc conductor.

Enemies spawn in and attack the players. These enemies may be Fallen or they may be Vex. In the case of the Fallen, modified Shanks called "Overcharge Shanks" will spawn in. These Shanks are modifications of the Exploder Shank and behave in the same way, approaching the player to detonate themselves in an explosion, except that the Overcharge Shank also constantly emits Arc energy, which will electrocute players nearby, slowing their movement, damaging them and preventing them from jumping away to safety as the Shank closes in and explodes.
In the event of Vex enemy waves, the Overcharge Shanks will be replaced by Fanatics
The webbing around the device will also shock the player and Ghost when either the Overcharge Shank or Fanatic is near, extending the range of these proximal electrocution effects as the enemies close in on Ghost

Ghost: Ow. Ow! This really stings.

The player defends Ghost and drives the enemies back.

Ghost: Thanks! I'm never leaving your backpack again. Probably best to keep keep Arc energy away.

The various enemies are defeated and a consistent sequence occurs as Fallen arrive, led by two Ultra class "Jamming Servitors", as well as large numbers of Overcharge Shanks
Destroy the Servitors
Servitors Destroyed
[0-2] of 2
A pair of Servitors are creating interference preventing Ghost from completing his hack.
The players defeat the Servitors. With the servitors defeated either the Fallen will continue to spawn or the fight will revert to the Vex variation, which will be reinforced by several Quantum Minotaurs and a Hydra
The enemies are defeated.

Ghost: Barrier is down! My scan showed the Fallen used Arc energy from Exodus tech to control everything here - including the barriers.

Failsafe (Cheery): Arc overloads Vex systems. They start leaking milk.

Ghost: Lovely.

Reach the Exodus Black's Aft
Work your way through the Nessus labyrinth towards the Exodus Black's aft section
Exodus Black
The player exits Prodromus Down and heads towards Exodus Black which is full of more enemies. The Vex variant will see several Hydras and Cyclopses located throughout the area.

Ghost: Failsafe, we haven't seen any signs of Fallen tinkering with your ship.

Failsafe (Cheery): they're still crawling around. They seem right at home.

Ghost: I've located another set of Arc pules. Don't worry, we'll find them.

Track Fallen through Arc Pulses
Pulses Analyzed
Pass through Arc Pulses so Ghost can use them to track the Fallen
Reach the Exodus Black's Aft
Work your way through the Nessus labyrinth towards the Exodus Black's aft section

Cayde: Hello? Everything okay?

Ghost: We're fine! Failsafe was just being fidgety.

Failsafe (Cheery): Cayde unit? Ghost? Kindly delete yourselves.

Cayde: Failsafe, how you holding up, buddy?

Failsafe (Cheery): I hid from the Vex for centuries! You blew my cover. Now the Fallen are inside my ship, tearing it apart! (Depressed): How do you think I'm doing?

Cayde: Uhhh, Ghost! How are you holding up buddy?

Glade of Echoes
The player reaches the aft of the ship, finding their progression blocked by a Walker and several Heavy Shanks. However, before reaching these some Heavy Pikes can be found to the left as the players approach the aft, allowing them to commandeer the Heavy Pikes and destroy the Walker and everything else surrounding the Exodus Black
Defeat the Fallen walker
Eliminate the Walker guarding the Exodus Black
The Walker is defeated and all the Heavy Pikes immediately despawn.
Explore the Exodus Black's Aft
Enter and explore the Exodus Black crash site
The players enter what remains of the aft section, which is partially on fire.

Failsafe (Cheery): Captain, Ghost. I want to thank you again for doing this. I'm sure the damage feels worse than it is.

Ghost: Haha. Of course. Let's hurry. She's melting.

EX-077 Command
Restricted Zone
The interior is total darkness as the player explores the area. Somewhere in the dark of the ship's interior is NE-X77-1:
Ghost: "This thing is still online. And it's connected to Fallen comms on Titan. And in the EDZ. But... those are the only places I'm seeing. Nothing on the Moon, or Venus, or Mars. Did the Red Legion wipe them out?"

Ghost: Lights are out. Where did they divert all the power to?

The player manages to navigate their way up towards the boss fight area and enters it.
Clear the Area
Kill the Shanks threatening your progress
The arena is a shaped like a large ring with a smaller disc in the center of it, connected to the exterior ring by four bridges, which the player must remain on lest they fall to their death. Jumping between these will be limited during the fight by the shock effect from Overcharge Shanks. At 3 of the 4 sections of the external ring, where it is connected via a bridge more conductive mesh will cover the floor and thanks to electrical emitters connected to this mesh periodically conduct a charge when enemies are spawning in and the emitters are activated, or the Overcharge Shanks are near. These same 3 sections, to the right and back of the are which is slightly elevated, and the front, which has the lowest elevation, will also be sites for Fallen reinforcements to spawn in, and will not contain any decent cover. The exception to this is located to the left of the arena as viewed from entry, as this area has no electrical emitter plugged into its electrical mesh covering the floor to electrocute the player, and does not serve as a spawn point for any Fallen, and provides cover which may be hidden behind, crouched and fired over, or stood on top of which will negate the shock effect of Overcharge Shanks. So the other sections front, back and right are crap, the middle is a deathtrap and only the left is a good location, free of electrically traps, spawning points and provides ample cover. So go left.
The players clear the area of the Shanks, triggering the fight to begin as Thaviks, the Depraved spawns in.
Defeat Thaviks, the Depraved
Defeat Thaviks, and free the Exodus Black from the Fallen
Thaviks is a giant Marauder, capable of cloaking and is equipped with a Shrapnel Launcher. His main mechanic is to sneak up on the players invisibly and shoot them. When damaged he will vanish and summon reinforcements. It is as this phase that the sections of the external ring will have their emitters activate and the entire sections become electrically charged, and Fallen will spawn, including numerous Overcharge Shanks and Servitors. This pattern repeats until Thaviks' health is reduced to 33% and he will then switch to swords instead of the Shrapnel Launcher.
The players kill Thaviks.

Ghost: Exodus Black is all clear. Failsafe, you feeling any better?

Failsafe (Cheery): Yes, thank you! As well as a ship AI can when her crew has died.

Ghost: We'll always be here for you.

Cayde: And who's better than us? We're awesome.

Failsafe (Depressed): Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.

{End Gameplay}

{End Mission}