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Exodus Crash


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Arcadian Valley, Nessus


Kill Thaviks, the Depraved

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Exodus Crash is a Strike in Destiny 2 that takes place on Nessus. The fireteam's objective is to track down and eliminate the Fallen that have holed up inside the Exodus Black.


  • Pass through the electrical fields
  • Fight into the base
  • Infiltrate the hideout
  • Gather Fallen data
  • Defend Ghost
  • Kill the Servitors
  • Press onward
  • Pass through the electrical fields
  • Hunt the Fallen
  • Defeat the Assault Walker
  • Fight to the source
  • Destroy the Shanks
  • Kill Thaviks, the Depraved

Exodus Crash transcript[edit]

(Mission Begins)

  • Zavala: The Fallen have tracked us to Nessus. They have the Exodus Black on lockdown, and damaged Failsafe's systems in their raid. Both are key assets to our endeavors here. Operation Piccolo has begun.
  • Ghost: Piccolo? Really?
  • Cayde-6: We don't have to call it that. We'll give it a better name. Later.
  • Failsafe (Cheerful): I'm sorry to inconvenience you, Captain. Thank you. I have marked a trail of Arc pulses the Fallen have left behind.

Track the Fallen through Arc Pulses

  • Ghost: One more set of coordinates! Those Fallen can't be far.

Pass through Arc Pulses so Ghost can use them to track the Fallen

  • Ghost: let's see... Okay, the Fallen went that-a-way!
  • Failsafe (Cheery): Captain. May I speak with you in private?
  • Cayde: This sounds juicy. What's going on?
  • Failsafe (Cheerful): Boop!
  • Failsafe (Depressed): Sorry Cap, I cut the line. There's a buzzing in my brain. I think the Fallen are ripping up my ship.
  • Ghost: I'll be right back!
  • Ghost: This webbing on the floor looks like some kind of Arc conductor.
  • Ghost: Ow. Ow! This really stings.
  • Ghost: Thanks! I'm never leaving your backpack again. Probably best to keep keep Arc energy away.
  • Ghost: Barrier is down! My scan showed the Fallen used Arc energy from Exodus tech to control everything here - including the barriers.
  • Failsafe (Cheerful): Arc overloads Vex systems. They start leaking milk.
  • Ghost: Lovely.
  • Ghost: Failsafe, we haven't seen any signs of Fallen tinkering with your ship.
  • Failsafe (Cheerful): they're still crawling around. They seem right at home.
  • Ghost: I've located another set of Arc pules. Don't worry, we'll find them.
  • Cayde: Hello? Everything okay?
  • Ghost: We're fine! Failsafe was just being fidgety.
  • Failsafe (Cheerful): Cayde unit? Ghost? Kindly delete yourselves.
  • Cayde: Failsafe, how you holding up, buddy?
  • Failsafe (Cheerful): I hid from the Vex for centuries! You blew my cover. Now the Fallen are inside my ship, tearing it apart! (Depressed): How do you think I'm doing?
  • Cayde: Uhhh, Ghost! How are you holding up buddy?
  • Failsafe (Cheery): Captain, Ghost. I want to thank you again for doing this. I'm sure the damage feels worse than it is.
  • Ghost: Haha. Of course. Let's hurry. She's melting.
  • Ghost: Lights are out. Where did they divert all the power to?

Thaviks, the Depraved is defeated.

  • Ghost: Exodus Black is all clear. Failsafe, you feeling any better?
  • Failsafe (Cheerful): Yes, thank you! As well as a ship AI can when her crew has died.
  • Ghost: We'll always be here for you.
  • Cayde: And who's better than us? We're awesome.
  • Failsafe (Depressed):: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.

(Mission Ends)


Fallen - House of Dusk
Vex - Sol Collective
Nightfall Champions


Vaulted enemies[edit]