Jamming Servitor

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Jamming Servitor
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House of Dusk




Exodus Crash

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VoidS.png Servitor Eye


High Durability
Midair Levitation
Rapid Flight
Ether Shield
KineticS.png Servitor Melee
Jam Fallen Relay


The Jamming Servitors were a pair of large Fallen Servitors utilized by the crew of Thaviks, the Depraved, during the Exodus Crash Strike. They are deployed to block the Guardians' progression through their hideout, near ruins of the Exodus Black.[1]

When the Beyond Light expansion was released, the Jamming Servitors were replaced with two, generically-named Ultra "Servitors," which function identically to their original counterparts.[2]


The Jamming Servitors are encountered in the Fallen hideout in Prodromus Down on the Nessus, while the Fireteam is attempting to breach the energy barrier blocking their path. Once you have reached fifty percent progress, the two Ultras will descend into the arena, blocking your connection to the device. Players will be required to destroy both Servitors before to continue hacking the barrier. Both enemies are possess increased durability, and will continuously emit large amounts of Void energy at anyone within close proximity, draining their health quickly. After you have destroyed the pair of Servitors, you may return to your Ghost to continue hacking the shield barrier.

With the addition of Fallen Champions in Season of the Worthy, two Barrier Servitors would begin appearing in their place while playing the Nightfall version of the strike, on Heroic difficulty or higher.[3]

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