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Dhutus was a Cabal weaponsmith, whose story was recounted in a popular tale. She forged beautiful weapons by her own hands, with artisan-crafted barrels and bright shiny dyes. When the Primus called for warriors, she sought to outfit the strongest of the district, Tlamus, with her gear in order to gain fame. She thus began a competion with another weaponsmith, Gharhet, who sought to do the same. Each attempted to one-up the other with the gifts given to the champion, with Dhutus forging a war axe and a Shotgun. Aching from the constant labor, she saw no peaceful end to this feud, and so challenged Gharhet to the Rite of Proving. On the day of the duel, she presented herself with a Rocket Launcher with a twisting barrel. However, on the other end of the battlefield appeared Gharhet's champion, Tlamus herself. Dhutus could not find her voice, and was slain in the brief duel.[1]

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