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Tlamus was a mighty Cabal warrior, whose story was recounted in a popular tale. When the Primus called for the strongest warriors to serve, the district knew she would be the one to go. This attracted the attention of two weaponsmiths, Dhutus and Gharhet, who sought to outfit her with their gear in order to gain fame. Tlamus would thus start recieving gifts from the two, in the form of a war axe, a Slug Rifle, a Shotgun, and a helm adorned with antlers. When Dhuthus challenged Gharhet to the Rite of Proving in order to end this feud, the latter appointed Tlamus as his chosen. Upon the day of the duel, Tlamus presented herself to the battlefield wearing Gharhet's colors. She then had no trouble slaying Dhuthus with one of the many terrible weapons she had been gifted.[1]

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