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Gharhet was a Cabal weaponsmith, whose story was recounted in a popular tale. He came from a distant land, and traded his flame-colored wares for high prices. When the Primus called for warriors, he sought to outfit the strongest of the district, Tlamus, with his gear in order to gain fame. He thus began a competition with another weaponsmith, Dhuthus, who wanted to do the same. Each attempted to one-up the other with the gifts given to the champion, with Gharhet providing a Slug Rifle and a helm adorned with antlers. Gharhet would be challenged by Dhuthus to the Rite of Proving in order to resolve the dispute, which he accepted, as no one would've wanted to wield the weapons of a coward. However, instead of going himself, he appointed a champion to fight in his stead: Tlamus herself. Upon the day of the duel, Tlamus arrived to represent Gharhet, and slew a dumbfounded Dhutus in a brief fight.[1]

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