Nora Holliday

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Nora Holliday
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Nora Holliday, born Nora Jericho, was a refugee and the mother of Shipwright Amanda Holliday. She wielded a shotgun called The Chaperone and perished trying to reach The Last City, although she died ensuring Amanda would make it.


The Journey Begins[edit]

Nora Jericho was born to group of desert dwelling people, and was raised to have an ironclad belief in two things: The Last Safe City was not real, and their desert encampment was where they would stay until they die. For most of her youth, Nora never bothered to question her elders. On her tenth birthday, the Fallen managed to break down the walls protecting the locals. Fortunately, a "knight in dented armor" arrived and defended the people from the Fallen, but the blue sphere at his side was destroyed in the fighting. Once the Fallen were beaten, Nora helped the knight bury the pieces of his sphere. In gratitude, the knight gave her a a shotgun and a map to the Last Safe City. That night, Nora told her mother about the map, but she refused to acknowledge that she could be wrong. Nora, though, decided to accept the possibility that the City was real, and left to find it the next day alongside half of the bunker's population.

On The Road[edit]

Armed with a shotgun and a dream, Nora traveled in search of the City. Many years into her journey, she came across a village. It was there she met her future husband, Joseph Holliday. When she told him about the City, he left his village and traveled with her. Over time, their band grew and shrunk as people constantly joined, left, and died in their group. Nora's bond with Joseph grew, resulting in them marrying, later giving birth to Amanda.

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