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"In the Cabal legend, a hero seeks to possess the sun. He succeeds. Then, he becomes Emperor. The Cabal... are not a subtle people."
Tyra Karn

Acrius was the mythical first Emperor of the Cabal. According to the legend, Acrius desired to claim the sun, succeeding in taking it, and became an Emperor for doing so. Cabal leaders throughout history have utilized the Acrius myth as a rhetorical and political justification for conquest, including Dominus Ghaul. Tyra Karn believed that Ghaul had a personal affinity for the myth.[1]


  • "Acrius" is an anagram for "Icarus", a figure from ancient Greek mythology who fell to his death after flying too close to the sun with a pair of artificial wings. The myth of Icarus is mentioned in the Legend of Acrius' Lore Tab, in which it is presented in contrast to the Cabal myth of Acrius.

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