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Titan (Striker)

It's true. I can punch super hard.

Tanishe is a Titan who was a member of a Fireteam alongside two other Titans.


During the second annual Guardian Games, Tanishe and their Fireteam teammates came up with a plan to play a practical joke on the Hunters. They decided to place Glimmer on the Hunters winning in secret and reveal what they had done after winning the Guardian Games, knowing that the Hunters would never expect them to do so. They went to the bookie Prak'kesh to place their bets, but were confused when he assumed that they were intending to throw their matches so that the Hunters did win. They insisted that Titans never lost to Hunters, and Tanishe's Sentinel teammate noted that Hunters were weak and they would just throw up a shield while Tanishe punched their foes hard. Tanishe earnestly agreed with their fellow Titans about how hard they could punch, and Park'kesh eventually took their bet after they failed to understand his explanation of the flaws in their plan.[1]

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