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Prak'kesh the Bookie




Human (inferred)



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Vanguard (formerly)
House of Spider (associate)


Guardian (formerly)

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Unofficial bookmaker for the Guardian Games


"It's all fun and games until somebody loses a bet."

Prak'kesh is a former Guardian who became an unofficial bookmaker for the Guardian Games.


At an unknown point in time, Prak'kesh retired from the Vanguard to the disapproval of Zavala, and hired the ex-Corsair Tulnik as his bodyguard. He also employed children in the Last City as runners to collect bets and settle up once the action paid off.

In the second annual Guardian Games, Prak'kesh sent out runners to collect bets to return to him at his spot at the base of the Tower. On one occasion, the Hunters who refer to themselves as the "Death Dealers" met with Prak'kesh himself to bet that Hunters would win the Games with Shaxx's missing horn.[1]

Three Titans also bet that the Hunters would win, despite them believing Titans would win. They intended it to be a suprise that they bet on the Hunters, even though the bets are confidential. However, they would lose their wager when Titans won that year.[2]

A fireteam of Warlocks who had lost a bet to Prak'kesh owed him Motes. However, since they did not have enough, they doubled down and bet that they would beat Meliorea's Titans in the Crucible. They lost, and Prak'kesh got Felwinter's Helm from one of the Warlocks.[3]

During the third annual Guardian Games, betters, including Alphanis-2, were cancelling their debts in favor of better odds with the Spider.[4] He headed to a bar where more former better were, and learned that his rival was an Eliksni from the Botza District.[5] He investigated the Eliksni Quarter under the disguise of a new Last City resident from the Farm searching to place bets. One of the Warlocks he ran into gave him a calling card with the Spider's insignia.[6] Prak'kesh negotiated with the Spider, and agreed that Prak'kesh would advertise the Guardian Games to the Eliksni in the Botza District, to collect more bets.[7]

In the fifth annual Guardian Games, Prak'kesh and the Spider received an unusual donation of Skimmers. They believed it wasn't from the Vanguard, and discovered they were sent by the Concordat, however they did not know who they were.[8]


  • Prak'kesh was most likely a former Hunter, as he strongly dislikes Warlocks and Titans. However, he does wear Felwinter's Helm, a Warlock helmet, but this may just be to show it off as one of the rewards from a bet.
  • Prak'kesh owns a Gray Hornet Sparrow.

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