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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Allstar Vector, one of the first two skimmers added to the game.

The Skimmer is a single-occupant vehicle used by Guardians, similar to the Sparrow. It is based on the skyboards used by Cloud Striders.[citation needed]


All skimmers have a booster, used as their primary method of propulsion. The boost button is mapped to the aim button. Pressing the sprint button allows for the Skimmer to jump and pressing the crouch button allows for the user to grind the air. Guardians can also do tricks using the emote buttons. Skimmers share most of their controls with Sparrows.

List of Skimmers[edit]

Sparrow Name Quality Acquisition Description
Allstar Vector Exotic Acquired via the Drop In quest. "Do dragonflies do loop-de-loops?"
Winged Wolf Exotic Acquired via Eververse for silver. Beauty in the delivery.


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