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"The Psion Valir faced his death with honor - but his accomplice, the Psion Qalec, chose to run."
Empress Caiatl in a Imperial address denouncing Valir's actions

Valir was a Psion of the Imperial Cabal and a member of Yirix's conspiracy to assassinate Commander Zavala to complete Amtec's mission of revenge for the deaths of Niruul, Ozletc, and Tazaroc.


Following the defeat of Ignovun, Chosen of Caiatl during a Rite of Proving against three champions of Humanity chosen by the Vanguard, Valir was selected to accompany Empress Caiatl to a ceremony on Nessus that would solidfy the armistice between the Cabal Empire and the Vanguard. However, Valir secretly plotted with Qalec to use the meeting as an opportunity to assassinate Commander Zavala through the use of Light-draining technology. As his fellow conspirator took up position on a nearby ridge, Valir went through the motions of participating in the ceremony, handing Caiatl a ceremonial blade with which she cut her palm and declared it the last blood shed in the conflict. Taking the blade back from Caiatl, Valir approached Zavala with the blade for him to repeat the gesture. At that moment, Qalec fired a containment device at Zavala's Ghost Targe and disabled him, ripping the Light from the Commander. As his target stumbled, Valir attempted to slay him, but the Commander's bodyguard Crow leapt in front of the blow and was wounded instead. Attempting once more to kill Zavala, Valir raised the blade but was suddenly lifted into the air by Caiatl and then slammed into the ground with enough force to instantly kill the would-be assassin.[1]

With their mission foiled, Valir and Qalec were denounced by Caiatl for their treasonous actions, although she did give Valir credit for facing death honorably while Qalec's name was forsaken and he was dishonorably executed for cowardly running when the plot failed. Their leader Yirix and other fellow conspirators remained at large, but were hunted by both Caiatl and the Vanguard.[2]

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