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But this weakness didn't start with Ghaul. It started with that bloated traitor, Calus.

Ca'aurg is a high-ranking member of Empress Caiatl's War Council.


During the Fall of Torobatl to the Hive God of War Xivu Arath's horde, Ca'aurg gathered with the rest of Caiatl's advisors aboard her flagship Eligos Lex V's war room to discuss strategy. Viewing the tactical display of Hive war moons gathered around Torobatl, he noted that their foes were not deterred by casualties and viewed all loss as acceptable. As many of the other advisors agreed with his observation, Tha'arec lamented that their best generals had been taken by Dominus Ghaul on his crusade to the Sol System. Ca'aurg angrily noted none of the Legion would return but declared that the fall of their Empire had not begun with Ghaul's reign but under Emperor Calus. Tensions rose in the room as he and Tha'arec stared each other down, but Caiatl interrupted their dispute before violence began to denounce both her predecessors and declared herself as the new Empress, with her first order being a tactical withdrawal from their homeworld to regroup and save what civilians they could.[1]

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