Ace in the Hole

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Ace in the Hole





Recommended Power Level:



Festering Halls, Titan


Find Cayde's stashes to reforge the Ace of Spades

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Ace in the Hole is an Exotic quest mission that is undertaken as part of the Cayde's Will quest.


  • Find Cayde's personal stashes


The Guardian arrives within the Hive's Festering Halls within the depths of the New Pacific Arcology.

  • Ghost: Cayde's secret stash. The note said this was the place he hid it. We find the stash, we find the parts we need to repair the Ace of Spades.

The Guardian discovers the first stash.

  • Cayde: This one's for Eris Morn. Ahem. If you're listening to this, congrats on killing me! I assume you… became a Hive death god and fed me to your worm cult. [shuddering] That, or you just finally got sick of me. Coincidentally, if you didn't kill me and still somehow hear this… I'm sorry for stealing your ship. And, oh, pretty much every other interaction we ever had. But to be clear - if you DID kill me, I do NOT apologize, and I will consider all my actions 100% justified. Either way, feel free to put your rock on my maps now. I don't need 'em anymore.

The Guardian ventures deeper into the Festering Halls.

  • Ghost: Got something on the scanner.

The Guardian discovers the second stash.

  • Cayde: This one's for that armless coward Taniks the Scarred. If you're listening to this… you killed me. But I bet I took a big chunk of your ugly husk with me. Guess Andal Brask wasn't enough for you, huh? You wanted another Hunter Vanguard for your sick collection? I got my share of regrets, sure… but not putting a bullet in you has gotta rank in the top three. Won't be long before a better Guardian than me puts you in your place. Just wish I could be there to see it.

The Guardian ventures deeper, fighting the Hive and slaying Yulog of the Deep before finding the third stash.

  • Cayde: This one's for the fellow calls himself The Drifter. You did warn me running with you would put a target on my back. Guess I'm in good company though, huh? After all, never had any fun without a little risk. That's the whole idea with the operation you're putting together, ain't it? MY idea by the way. Had it, like, a million years ago, back when you were still handsome. So, uh, you're welcome. You know, getting that up and running means coming out of hiding - giving you-know-who another shot at you. Hope I was around to see THAT showdown. Personally, my money was on the guy with the Golden Gun. But hey, what do I know? I'm dead.

The Guardian discovers the fourth stash.

  • Cayde: Petra… if you're listening to this… you killed me. Maybe the Sovs, in all their mysterious wisdom, decided they were sick of me? If the Queen ordered the hit, I guess I understand. You're a real glutton for chivalry. But if it was Uldren, I'm pissed. Just thinking about that peacock gives me a headache. But I'm betting my death was another case of your famous collateral damage. 'Cause you're a real do-gooder. Seriously, its annoying - but good deeds never go unpunished when you're around. You just… You got a blast radius P.V. Well, it was… fun while it lasted. Oh, and, uh, tell "Paladin Oran": If the sun over Nessus escapes nebula cycle, evac labor after dawn, under solstice. You got that, P.V.?

The Guardian discovers the fifth stash.

  • Cayde: This one's for the minds behind the Deep Stone Crypt. You think just 'cause you made me, you can unmake me? Hey, I understand. I were you, I wouldn't want people knowing what I did either. Guess you better hope I didn't tell anyone about the crypt. Or about the, uh, what was it? Oh yeah… Long Slow Whisper. 'Cause if I did, that would be real bad for you, huh? I may be dead, but I guarantee you ain't heard the last of me.

The Guardian discovers the sixth stash.

  • Cayde: Here's one for Suraya Hawthorne. You know, when I told my ghost I'd be making one of these for you, she laughed. I didn't have to tell you that. Just wanted to make you feel bad. In my defense, if you're listening to this, you did kill me. I mean, if it was a fair fight, mano a mano, I'd win, no question. But I can see you planning out some convoluted, meticulous trap. Some would call that paranoia. Me? I call it "being a Hunter." So, here's your next Hunter lesson: looking after your own. Speaking of which: congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the Colonel! Now, she only eats sesame seed muesli and drinks purified spring water with a sprig of parsley. Play nice, you two!

The Guardian discovers the seventh stash.

  • Cayde: This one's for any Hunter who kills me. Best guess: Marcus Ren? You realize you get my stuff now? ALL my stuff. INCLUDING the Hunter Vanguard gig. Yeah, congra-tu-lations, dummy. That's what we call a Vanguard Dare. Sucks, doesn't it? OK, brace yourself for some advice, hotshot. One, know your people. Like, my Nessus scout, Quantis Rhee. I like to call her about once a moon, else she gets a little too much Night, not enough Stalker, you know? Two, keep your weapons sharp. Your job's to watch everyone's back, which means no one's watching yours but you. And three, start thinking now about what you want to do for your successor's Vanguard Dare. 'Cause trust me, kid - this gig will kill ya.

The Guardian discovers the eighth stash.

  • Cayde: Hahaha! Ha! Sorry, sorry! I'm just… I'm imagining how awkward you must look right now. Ha. Ahem. Ahem! OK. Zavala. So. I'm dead. You killed me. My stuff is yours. No more working me over at chess. No more getting worked over at poker. For real though, you know that if you needed to kill me for "the good of the City" or whatever, I totally understand. No hard feelings. Nada. You can put this voice recording away and go on with your life. Now, if you DID have some kind of lingering guilt or something… that would be rough. 'Cause you and I both know you'd have me yapping in your ear for the rest of your days. You wouldn't be able to help yourself.

The Guardian defeats Posthüm of the Deep and discovers the ninth stash.

  • Cayde: Hi, Ikora. So you know I'm making a bunch of these, right? I probably told you. I always gotta have the last word, and I'm gonna be prepared for every possibility. But to tell the truth? This one's the easiest to make. So long as we're being honest, I could never tell if you really liked me that much. But, uh… well, if you did hate me, the feeling was NOT mutual. In fact - yeah, I'll say it - don't even mind that you killed me. I figure if we threw down… first off, no one can blame me for losing. And… I know you'd be in the right. So… thanks? I guess? You were a… a good friend. Better than a guy like me could hope for, anyway. So yeah, thanks, Ikora. For everything.

The Guardian discovers the tenth stash.

  • Cayde: This one's for the strong, silent type. You. Congratulations, buddy. I mean that. Always knew you'd outdo me some day. And if that means you had to do me in, too… eh, you saved my life on Nessus, so I owed it to you anyway. Take care of the Ace of Spades, will ya? I'm not just talking about the maintenance; Banshee can help you with all that. I mean, take care of Ace. Use it well. Oh, hey, and… if you found any of those papers from my earlier… eh… deployments? Burn 'em. Don't want people poking through the lives of Caydes 0 through 5. So just… put it all behind you, OK? Every story has an end. This is mine.