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Broken Courier
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Destiny 2




Gardens of Esila, Dreaming City


Recover all stolen Awoken relics

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Broken Courier is the first post-raid mission after the end of the Forsaken Campaign. After defeating Riven, The Guardian and Ghost are commissioned by Petra Venj to help assist an injured Corsair. This Corsair informs The Guardian that the Awoken relics have been stolen from the Hive, and should be immediately saved as to preserve the tremendous amounts of information within them. With the help of the Corsair, The Guardian and Ghost must fight through waves of Xivu Arath's Hive to retrieve all stolen relics.


Respond to the Distress Call
Eliminate the Hive and recover the relic
Return to the Corsair
Reclaim the Stolen Relics
Reclaim the Stolen Relics
Find the final Awoken Relic
Defeat the Taken
Find the Final Awoken Relic
Find the Final Awoken Relic
Locate and recover the Final Awoken relic
Overcome Xaras, Greed of Xivu Arath


Note: Lines can be different each time you replay the mission

Guardian approaches an injured Corsair.

  • Corsair "They're looting our temples... Stealing relics. We tried to stop them."
  • Ghost "What kind of relics? Antiques?"
  • Corsair "No. [Chuckles] No... The relics hold whole libraries of information. Schematics to weapons beyond your understanding.

"Secrets to other worlds, other galaxies. If we lose them... we lose everything."

  • Ghost "We're on it. Lay low."

The Guardian returns with a relic.

  • Ghost "We found this. Did they take more?"
  • Ghost "We'll get everything back. Get to safety."
  • Corsair "Thank you... cousin."

The Guardian approaches Sedia leaning over a dead Corsair.

  • Sedia "They've broken into our temples. Cursed our City. Decimated our people. We did not sacrifice everything for it to end this way. Feast on them, Guardian.

Sedia fades away along with the dead Corsair.

Guardian destroys Xaras, Greed of Xivu Arath.

  • Ghost "Field to Petra Venj. We've recovered several stolen relics. Prepare to receive transmat.
  • Petra Venj "Copy that, field. We've going to study everything you send. There has to be a reason the Hive stole what they did."
  • Ghost "Did your Corsair make it back to base?"
  • Petra Venj "She did. And Sedia has returned with our dead. Thank you."

{Mission Ends}


Hive - Xivu Arath's Horde

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