The Odynom

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The Odynom
Biographical information




Savathûn's Brood




Taken Captain

Combat information


The Oracle Engine
Dark Monastery
Broken Courier


ArcS.png Taken Shrapnel Launcher


ArcS.png Darkness Bolt
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Fallen Melee
SolarS.png Absorption Shield


"The Odynom rises to measure your pain..."
— Pop-up text upon disturbing the Odynom

The Odynom is a powerful Taken Captain encountered in the three weekly story Missions within the Dreaming City. It is found crouching within a pool of Taken Blight, and does not attack the player unless it is attacked first. Upon being attacked, the area will become a Restricted Zone and the Odynom will begin pursuing the player around the map.


The Odynom is among the most aggressive enemies the Guardians can encounter, immediately charging the player upon its disturbance and rapidly firing its Shrapnel Launcher. It's best to bring high impact weapons for the best chance to stun the Odynom along with quick, high damaging heavy weapons such as Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, or One Thousand Voices. Abilities such a Hunter's vanish or a Titan's Ward of Dawn paired with the Helm of Saint-14 can help keep the Odynom at bay to help with health regeneration as keeping your distance from it is nearly impossible. Defeat of the Odynom is never a necessary objective, however the defeat of it in all three weekly missions is needed for a Triumph.



  • "Odyno-" is a Greek prefix meaning "pain".
    • This is a reference towards the quote after harming the enemy, stating that it will inflict pain upon the player.

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