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Sedra Voj
Guardian of the Reef
Commander Seja


Dreaming City


19 years before the Reef Wars (Past Life)
10 years before the Taken War (Guardian)


End of the Reef Wars (Past Life)







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Blue (glowing)

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Corsair Commander


Hunter (Gunslinger)

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Guardian who works for the Awoken of the Reef


Seja is an Awoken Guardian that actively observes the House of Hunters. She works for the Awoken of the Reef rather than the Guardians of the City.


Old Life

Before Seja was killed and resurrected as a Guardian, she was a Corsair and a pilot for the Reef named Sedra Voj.

Reef Wars

Sedra was around the age of 19 when the Reef Wars began. Her parents were some of the first in the fight and were killed early in the war by the House of Wolves. With the death of her parents, Sedra enlisted as a Corsair to try and get revenge. She had planned on becoming a pilot later in her life, but the outbreak of the war had rushed her plans.

Near the halfway point of the war, Sedra was onboard a Ketch that the Awoken had stolen. She was getting lunch after a battle and was sitting alone until another Corsair named Kira Tels had approached her. The two spent some time getting to know each other before they were called back into battle. Sedra and Kira left for their ships.

In the later months of the war, Sedra and Kira fell in love and had planned on retiring whenever the war was over. They spent as much time together as they possibly could, and in the final years of the war Sedra was called in to attack a Fallen Ketch. This was the last time Kira would see Sedra for a very long time.


"Kira happily sighed to herself, fastening her helmet and joining the other Corsairs on the transport ship. She was always afraid something bad might happen, and she would lose Sedra, but her girlfriend always reassured her before each battle, and after each battle Sedra returned alive. At the time Kira had no idea that she would never see Sedra again."
— Excerpt from Destiny: Seja - Prologue.

In the final years of the Reef Wars, Sedra was one of many pilots attacking a Ketch over 2 Pallas, and her ship was shot down over the Reef's plains. She was killed upon her ship's impact with the ground, and she would stay there until nine years before the Black Garden saga when she was found by a Ghost


"The woman looked back at Green, she had a name she could use in mind, determined to stick with it for as long as possible. "Seja. My name is Seja.""
— Seja just after her resurrection.

A few years after the Reef Wars, Sedra was resurrected by a Ghost named Green. She named her Ghost after the colour of his eye, and the stripes on his shell, and she named herself Seja as it was a short and easy to remember name. She looked over at the graveyard left over from the battle years ago and decided to scavenge for working ships.

Seja first scavenged the ship she was resurrected next to, which belonged to her in her past life. Inside the ship she found a combat knife, and a Vestian Dynasty, which she took with her as she scavenged through the rest of the wreckage. Seja walked for hours as Green led her to the remains of a House of Wolves Ketch, which was being looted by a group of Fallen. Green told Seja how to user her Vestian Dynasty, and she was able to use it to take down the group of Fallen on the outside of the Ketch, but she took a few shots and was left wounded. Green demonstrated to her that he was able to heal her, and they continued onto the inside of the Ketch.

Seja made her way inside the Ketch, but had trouble navigating through the halls as it was turned on its side. Green told Seja about her abilities as a Guardian, and she was able to move through the hallways faster with the use of a double jump. She eventually encountered more Fallen, but she wasn't quick enough to kill them, and was taken down by a Vandal's Shock Blades.

After being resurrected from her first death as a Guardian, Green then explained to her that he is able to bring her back from the dead whenever she is killed. Seja wasn't able to comprehend much, so she didn't think too much about it. She figured she could get away with being more reckless now that she knew she could come back from the dead, but kept herself in check as she could still feel pain. The Fallen ran away once they thought she was dead, but she was able to catch up with them and find them in a hangar. Seja killed the last of the Fallen, and searched through the ships for anything that worked.

Eventually she found a Skiff that had barely any fuel. She was able to fly the ship all the way to the Tangled Shore with the help of her Ghost, and she landed it at Spider's Palace. She was greeted by Spider's Associates and asked for more fuel, to which she was declined as she didn't have any Glimmer on her. Seja wanted to make it to The Last City, as Green kept pushing her to, but she had no way to get more fuel for her ship, short of stealing or scavenging it.

Seja didn't want to steal from the friendly Fallen she had just met, so she asked them about other ways she would be able to pay. One of Spider's Associates talked to the Spider, and he became interested in her. She looked like any scavenger, and she hadn't been seen in the Tangled Shore previously. Spider thought she also acted strange, and he called her up to see him. Spider was able to figure out Seja was a Guardian, and offered her a deal. She would help him take down a rival crimelord on the Shore, and he would give her a brand new ship with enough fuel to go anywhere in the Sol system.

Even though Green disagreed with the offer, Seja accepted. She began working for the Spider just on her first day of being a Guardian.

Working for the Spider

""Not all of the Fallen are mean, Green," Seja sighed again and laid back on her bed, "and these ones in particular are just… really nice.""
— Seja to Green after joining Spider's forces.

Seja was given her own living quarters, weapons, clothes, and armour upon joining Spider's forces. Seja welcomed the chance to rest, while Green thought Spider and his associates were manipulating her, but she didn't think much of it. Even though her first experience with the Fallen wasn't the most friendly one, she began to take a liking to Spider and his associates.

Eventually she was visited by Kevak, the associate she talked to about buying fuel, and she had Green hide, but Kevak already knew she was a Guardian. Kevak didn't mind, and assured Seja that there was nothing to worry about. He brought her a tablet, and some books that she could read whenever she was bored. Most of the books were human, but there were a few Eliksni books he brought as well.

The two of them talked for a while, and Seja told Kevak about how hard and overwhelming it was adjusting to life around her at a day old, but Kevak reassurred her that she was good at adjusting, and would get used to everything soon. After Kevak showed Seja how the tablet worked, he left her alone, and she went to sleep, ending her first day as a Guardian.

The next day, Seja was woken up by Kevak. Kevak offered to bring her out to the Shore for some target practice, and she agreed. Seja put on her new armour for the first time, and went out with the Vestian Dynasty she had scavenged from her fighter. The two of them were escorted by another associate of Spider's, Veskras, as Spider was losing his trust in Kevak, and sent Veskras to keep an eye on him.

The three of them travelled out to the High Plains, and Kevak went with Seja to take out some of Ketstar's men. First they took down a group of Dregs and Vandals led by a Captain, and Seja was able to hide her light abilities while she did it. Next they went after a group from a distance, and Kevak showed Seja how to use a Wire Rifle.

After a few hours of taking out Ketstar's men, Veskras interrupted Kevak and Seja's hunt. Spider had found a group of Ketstar's men dangerously close to a warehouse that Spider owned, and they wanted Seja to take them out and interrogate their Captain to see if they were planning an attack or not. Seja and Kevak worked together to take out the Captain's guards, and Seja was able to learn from the Captain that Ketstar was indeed planning an attack on the warehouse.

Seja was torn between killing the Captain, or letting him live after he gave the information she wanted. Kevak eventually shot him, but not fatally, and left him to either bleed out or be found by more of Ketstar's men. The two of them returned to the quarters in Spider's Palace, and waited for Ketstar to launch his attack on the warehouse.

The Tower

Heft-9, Seja's best friend.

When Seja arrived at the Tower she was overwhelmed and confused. She felt out of place. She didn't go visit the Vanguard or the Cryptarch, and just hung out in the Tower Plaza and listened to other Guardians when she had nothing to do. One day she heard the tales of Shin Malphur from other Hunters and took up an interest in his gun, The Last Word. She looked into Shin more and enjoyed the stories told of him, and eventually created a working replica of The Last Word to use on her own.

Eventually she met a Warlock named John and a Titan named Heft who were looking for a third Fireteam member. She ran Strikes and went on missions with her fireteam for years before she eventually left upon discovery of a strange Fallen House.

Hunting for the Hunters

Seja discovered the House of Hunters and were interested in them over any other House due to their technology. Unlike other Fallen, their armour was strong and protected more of their body, their weapons were more powerful, and no one else knew anything about them. She went after the House of Hunters specifically and never bothered with other Houses.

After a long time of hunting and killing the House of Hunters, she eventually found the locations of a few of their bases. She met up with her old fireteam and they went after the bases and camps together. It took them all the way up to the beginning of the Red War until they found a spire that had the information on the Hunters' main base, and it was then when the Guardians lost their light.

Red War


Seja, John, and Heft all attacked the Hunters' spire and defeated an entire defense force with just their ships before entering the spire. When the three Guardians made it inside, Commander Zavala contacted them and told them that the city was under attack by the Cabal. John and Heft left to go help the city while Seja continued on her own.

Seja continued up the spire and battled Fallen until she made it into the control room. She deployed Green to a console to find out everything they could while Seja held off Fallen that were trying to kill them. When she used her Golden Gun to kill the Fallen was when the Red Legion trapped the Traveler and cut the light off from the Guardians. She fell unconscious and was captured by Rhetiks, Hunter Archon and brought to the Tangled Shore.

Rhetiks was going to deliver Seja to Azilis, Dusk Marauder before Spider stopped him to inspect his cargo. Once he saw who it was, he took the cargo from Rhetiks and brought up to his palace before contacting Petra Venj.

Working for the Awoken

After a long talk with Petra she decided to work as a Corsair for the Awoken. She felt better among her people than she did with other Guardians. Seja was sent on missions with other Awoken as well as a mission with Spider's Associates to kill Azilis, to which she happily obliged.

After a few missions for the Awoken she was sent to talk with a rogue group of Queenbreakers who were calling the Awoken for help. She met with them in a cave in the High Plains of the Tangled Shore. During the meeting she was ambushed by the Scorn, who have only just recently been showing up around the Reef. She fought alongside the Queenbreakers and eventually escaped the cave in a Skiff when all of the Queenbreakers will killed and the Scorn overran the cave.

House of Crows

Sometime after the Scorn ambush, Seja got a new fireteam. Ira, and Shur were the two other members of the fireteam. Seja and her new Awoken fireteam went to the Prison of Elders to interrogate an Archon that Variks, The Loyal had captured. The three Awoken were after the Scorn, trying to learn what they could about them while also killing them at the same time.

The Archon, Uldiks had told the Awoken about three areas he knew the Scorn would be. Two Ketches and a hut in the High Plains. The Awoken started with one of the Ketches and found it was overrun with Hive. After the Awoken killed enough Hive they went deep into the Ketch and encountered Hiraks, the Mindbender. Hiraks escaped and the Awoken had to fight a Fanatic's Chosen.

When the Fanatic's Chosen was dead, Seja ordered her fireteam to search the Ketch while she went after Hiraks. She found him after running through the Ketch and had to fight both Hive and Scorn before she was pulled out by her fireteam. They never found out why Hiraks and the Hive were in the Ketch, but they had to continue there mission.

Sometime later the Awoken went to the hut in the High Plains and went inside. They searched the databases and found out who the Scorn were after before being ambushed by Fikrul, the Fanatic. He wounded both Ira and Shur before almost killing Seja. Before Seja died the light returned and Green was able to resurrect her. She shot Fikrul three times with her Golden Gun and he escaped.

Hunt for the Scorn

The Meeting

Seja, Ira, and Shur met a group of Guardians in the High Plains. Cayde-6, John, Heft, Rian, Joseph, Jack, and a Fallen named Gariks. She had a quick talk with her old fireteam members and briefed everyone about the Scorn barons and their targets.

Yaviks, the Rider

Yaviks, the Rider.

Their first target was Yaviks, the Rider, who was on Venus going after a Fallen named Diskar. The Guardians, Awoken, and Gariks, defeated a group of Vex before coming across Yaviks and the Scorn. Yaviks rode off and Scorn appeared to stop them from chasing her.

Cayde came up with the idea of racing Yaviks and setting up a trap in the Headlands to capture her. Before anyone could protest his idea he ran off to his ship and flew to The Citadel, which was where Yaviks was. Cayde challenged her to a race and stole a Scorn Pike to race her with. He chased her all over the Ishtar Sink and even lost a pike. Whenever Yaviks called in an escort, Gariks sniped them as he was watching from the hills.

After a few twists and turns, Cayde was able to lead Yaviks to the Headlands where a mine blew up her pike. But then Diskar showed up to battle the Guardians, he was fully converted into a Vex Minotaur. The Guardians used their weapons, abilities, and ships to kill Diskar and continue on their hunt for the Scorn Barons.

Araskes, the Trickster, and Pirrha, the Rifleman

Araskes and Pirrha worked together to kill a Fallen named Levik. The Guardians flew to Earth to meet Levik and his Fallen at the European Aerial Zone where Araskes pretended to be Levik by using holograms and voice filters. Levik himself contacted the Guardians and then the Scorn ambushed them, causing Levik and his Fallen to engage them.

The battle in the Aerial Zone lasted almost a full day. Halfway through the battle, Seja and Joseph were knocked off the island into a House of Hunters jamming field, so they had no way to get back up. The rest of the Guardians along with Gariks only won the battle by exhausting the Scorn.

Araskes and Pirrha themselves went to attack the remaining Guardians, but Pirrha was stopped by getting shot by Ira and Shur with Seja's ship. Araskes, enraged, unsheathed two swords and killed Jack and Cayde. Gariks unsheathed his own swords and engaged in a duel with Araskes, eventually knocking her down and allowing for the two Guardians to get resurrected.

During this battle the Vestian Outpost was under attack by Fikrul and his Scorn, causing Petra to call Seja for help. Because Seja was in a jamming field the call didn't make it through, and the Outpost was destroyed. Petra, Variks, and the other survivors from the Outpost went to the Prison of Elders.

Vestian Attack

After Seja and Joseph cleared the jamming field, Seja hurried to the Vestian Outpost with Ira and Shur. They found only debris and bodies floating in space where the Outpost once was, and Seja thought to go to the Prison of Elders because it was most likely where the survivors went. She met with Petra and she stayed with her for a while until she had to hunt another Baron.

Reksis Vahn, the Hangman

The next Scorn Baron to make a move was Reksis Vahn, the Hangman. He was going after a Fallen named Elsavis, and they fought him on Titan in Deep Six. Elsavis didn't welcome the help from Guardians, but the Guardians stayed away from him and focused on the Scorn. The Guardians used Scorch Cannons from Elsavis's Scorch Captains that were willing to help.

With enough bombarding from Scorch Cannons, Reksis eventually came down. The Guardians made sure not to disintegrate his body so they could send him to the Prison of Elders with the other Barons and their Scorn.

Hiraks, the Mindbender

Hiraks was the next target. The Guardians followed him to the caves of Mars where the Hive were. The Hive that used to serve Nokris, Herald of Xol, and Xol, Will of the Thousands were now serving Hiraks. The Guardians defeated him by using Hive technology to turn the Hive back against Hiraks.

Once Hiraks was dead, the Guardians transmatted him out of the caves and escaped before the Hive could kill them all.

Elykris, the Machinist

Elykris, the Machinist was in the Tangled Shore in her junkyard when the Guardians launched a surprise attack. Instead of stopping the Scorn from killing their targets they were attacking them right where they stood. Elykris made a run for it, and the Guardians found a bunch of different types of tanks in her junkyard. Some of them worked but the others didn't, so they took the working ones and pursued her.

Ira and Shur followed Elykris across the Shore with Seja's ship while everyone else followed her on the ground. Elykris was eventually cornered, and she was taken down by the tanks. The tanks damaged Elykris's body to the point where she had to repair some of it with mechanical parts.

Kaniks, the Mad Bomber

Kaniks, the Mad Bomber was their next target. Like Yaviks, Kaniks was on Venus, but he was only there to kill Vex for fun. The Vex sent out a large Vex Mind, but Kaniks killed it simply with his bombs. When the Guardians arrived on Venus, the Vex of the Hezen Collective did not engage them. Instead, they worked with them and fed information to their Ghosts.

The Guardians searched Venus while the Vex kept Kaniks busy, and they found stashes of his explosives. They transmatted the explosives onto their ships, and then went with the Vex to fight Kaniks. They then used the explosives against Kaniks, and eventually killed him. Once the Guardians transmatted Kaniks out, the Vex teleported away from the Guardians instead of attacking them.

Fikrul, the Fanatic

The final target was Fikrul, and he was in The Hollowed Lair. The Guardians battled through hundreds of Scorn and killed five Abominations just to get to him. When they finally found him he was enraged by the capture of the rest of the barons. They couldn't use their ships in this fight, so Ira and Shur fought alongside the Guardians.

During the fight, Fikrul almost killed both Ira and Shur, and Seja had to leave and bring them somewhere to be healed. The rest of the Guardians, and Gariks, had to finish Fikrul on their own, but they eventually did get him.

After the Hunt

During their hunt for the Scorn, Seja fell in love with one of the members of their team, Joseph-10. The two got together after the hunt for the Scorn, and they planned on spending their lives together. Seja continued her work for the Awoken, and Joseph followed her everywhere she went.


Seja was separated from Joseph when she was called back to the Prison of Elders about a year after their hunt for the Scorn. She was informed by Petra that there was a massive riot going on, and Seja dropped everything she was doing to help out. She had heard Cayde was there as well as another Guardian, but she didn't see them as she was fighting on another level with her team.

Seja, Ira, and Shur were sent to the prison blocks on the upper levels to combat the escaping Vex of the Aphix Invasive. The three Awoken easily pushed through the Vex forces, and were able to clear an entire cell block of them when they were washed by a sudden wave of dying Light. Everyone in the prison at the time had felt Cayde's Ghost die. Ira and Shur didn't know what was going on, but feeling the death of his Ghost shook Seja.

As Seja was taking her time to recover, the doors to the Vex cell blocks were burst open, and they fought against the Scorn once more. Petra told Seja that the prison was lost, and the three Awoken pushed their way through the Scorn to get back to their ship and retreat.

The Arrival

Seja and her team were sent to the watchtower in the Tangled Shore after the events at the prison. They learned Uldren had escaped and were investigating what he could be after. Seja left Ira and Shur outside as she went in, she was still in denial that Cayde was killed and thought it could have been the other Guardian, but she didn't know.

As Seja searched the inside of the watchtower she felt the ground shake as hundreds of Skiffs made their way across the Tangled Shore, the skiffs belonged to the House of Hunters. The House of Hunters had fully revealed themselves to get revenge on the ones who killed Rhetiks and they started their search on the Shore as that's where he was killed.


Some time after the events of Forsaken, Ira, Shur, and Joseph were killed. Seja entered a state of depression, though she continued to work for the Awoken she just preferred to work on her own. She never took any mission very seriously until she discovered a Cabal plot to invade the Black Garden, and she and her forces rushed to Mars to stop the Cabal attack from happening.

Rise of Legends

Rise of Legends is a Destiny RP server on Discord, which is where the rest of Seja's story takes place.


Seja and her forces attacked the Cabal on Mars, from Freehold, all the way to the Cerberus Vae III. Seja found that Cabal and Vex weren't the only beings on Mars, and she transmatted down to find a Titan named Wrath. She didn't know, but at the time Wrath was possessed by a dark spirit, controlling his every action. Seja asked him if he wanted to assist in their mission to stop the Cabal, and he agreed.

Seja and Wrath fought through the Cabal at the Cerberus Vae III and went inside. The Awoken ships were able to disable the weapons on the outside of the massive Imperial Land Tank while Seja and Wrath pushed inside, taking their commander down and stopping their attack.

It was after the battle that Wrath revealed to Seja he wasn't actually Wrath, and was the demented spirit of Dredgen Yor. Seja recalled her memories of the tales of Shin Malphur, and she immediately went to kill him, but he was able to escape. Now Seja had to worry about the Cabal and Wrath.

Seja knew that Wrath wasn't a problem that the Awoken had to focus on, and she discreetly payed a visit to the Vanguard to get there help, doing so she also met up with Gariks again who just so happened to be Wrath's best friend. The Vanguard were little help, but The Drifter showed up at the perfect time and offered his expertise. They came up with a plan to lure Wrath to the Shard of the Traveler in the EDZ, and the immense light there would purify him.

The plan worked out great, and the spirit of Dredgen Yor left Wrath's body. Seja was glad that yet another threat was swiftly dealt with, and she returned to her mission to stop the Cabal.

Cabal Chaos

Seja and the Awoken learned of a massive gathering of Cabal ships above Hellas Basin on Mars, and she began planning out their assault. As she was getting prepared to take the fight to the Cabal, Wrath showed up at the Vestian Outpost in search of her. Seja was uneasy around him, but she slowly grew more comfortable around him before they went out to battle.

The Awoken forces formed up on the ground, surrounding the Cabal forces while they were out of sight. Seja and Wrath lead the charge as they began to tear through the Cabal forces on the ground. Seja got in her ship and began attacking the Cabal ships in the sky, while Wrath personally boarded one and took it down from the inside.

The Collective Mind

After their campaign against the Cabal came to an end, Seja and Wrath fell in love with each other. They went on multiple dates before another threat emerged. A threat on Venus.

Seja and Wrath returned to the Vestian Outpost to discover that Vex activity on Venus had substantially increased, and they didn't know the cause of it. So they went in to investigate. Seja and Wrath discovered that all of the remnants of the House of Winter had been destroyed or pushed away, even Wintership Simiks-Fel was missing from The Cinders.

Vex activity had increased all over the planet, but one area in particular was extremely popular. The Vex gate at the Endless Steps. Seja and the Awoken had prepared multiple probes, designed to look and act like Vex Harpies, though with careful examination it would be clear that they were not in face Vex Harpies. Seja and Wrath approached the gate and it activated, a massive Gate Lord stepped out and attacked them, unknown to them it was Socales, Gate Keeper, Hezen's enforcer.

Seja and Wrath soon discovered how to take Socales down, and once they killed it she sent the probes through the gate. Once the probes were through, they came under attack by the Fallen. Not just any Fallen, but the House of Hunters. Rhetiks showed up at the Endless Steps, despite the fact he was killed years prior, he was brought back by the Vex and he was more machine than alive.

Rhetiks killed Seja multiple times, forcing Wrath to watch as he butchered her in front of him, and soon threw her down to the forests below. Wrath tried to kill Rhetiks, but Rhetiks bested him and tossed him down after Seja.

In the trees, Green was being pursued by Vex forces as he searched for Seja's body, he was almost killed before he could revive her, and once she was back up they retreated.

Upon their return to the Outpost they discovered the presences of multiple extremely powerful Vex minds in the depths of Venus. The probes had shown them that Socales was rebuilt, it was now much stronger after their fight. It showed the Venusian Depths, and the Vex Assassins, and the probes were killed upon the discovery of the Protective and Corrective minds. While the probes were there they were able to extract data on Hezen, Collective Mind, but they never got any visuals on it.

After seeing what the probes had found, Seja immediately went to work organizing a Raid to stop them.

Before the Storm

After the mission on Venus, Wrath disappeared for 3 weeks straight, sending Seja into a deep state of worry and fear. When Wrath returned she grew angry at him as he just left without saying or doing anything, but she was glad that he came back. The state Wrath had put her in made her in no shape to fight, and she had just discovered the new location of Rhetiks at the time as well. Wrath left to take on Rhetiks on his own.

After the fight with Rhetiks, Wrath returned with a severely wounded Gariks. Both of his right arms were missing, and his exoskeleton was torn and shattered. Seja and the Awoken rushed to give him medical help. Seja left for the Plaguelands on her own while Gariks recovered.

Seja found Rhetiks and the House of Hunters in the Plaguelands, and she was even able to overhear a conversation between Rhetiks and the Kell of the House of Hunters, Kaephis. She discovered their plan to invade the Plaguelands, but her excitement of finding out the Kell of the House of Hunters got the better of her, and she accidentally revealed herself to them. The Hunters attacked her and she rushed back to her ship to escape.

The Dredgen and the Reflections

As Seja gathered her forces, she and Wrath paid a quick visit to the Moon. While they were on the Moon they encountered a Dredgen by the name of Rularra Gerrel, who had attempted to assassinate Wrath from long distance with a sniper rifle. Rularra's assassination attempt had failed, and both Seja and Wrath had caught her. But before they could do anything with her, the House of Hunters had arrived, and Rularra used the distraction of their arrival to escape.

Among the House of Hunters' forces was Rhetiks, now unstable from Vex modifications made to his body. Rhetiks used his new Vex-made powers to pull copies of himself through different timelines and have them fight at his side. Seja and Wrath made their retreat, unable to hold off against so many versions of Rhetiks at once, and they returned to the Vestian Outpost to continue planning their assault on the Plaguelands.

Liberation of the Plaguelands

After the encounter with Rhetiks on the moon, Seja and Wrath decided it was time to kick the House of Hunters and their Vex off Earth. The combined forces of the Awoken and Rasputin moved to Earth to help push the invaders away, but Seja and Wrath moved out on their own to locate Rularra again.

They found her running away from the House of Hunters, and recruited her to help fight them on the condition that she never bothers Seja or Wrath again. Rularra agreed and they travelled to Earth. On Earth they encountered Vex spires off the shores of the Plaguelands where the House of Hunters had concentrated their forces, and the battle begun.

Corsairs moved into the spires and destroyed them from the inside while Rasputin's frames fought the enemies on the outside of the spires. During the battle, Wrath fought against Rhetiks one on one. Rhetiks at this point was almost completely converted into a Vex, and his ability to pull himself through time had greatly improved. Wrath and Rularra worked together to fight against Rhetiks's reflections, and Wrath killed Rhetiks, ending the threat of the Archon once and for all.

After the spires were destroyed, the House of Hunters began to retreat, as well as the combined forces of the Awoken and Rasputin. But before the Awoken were able to get away, one of their Ketches was attacked on the inside by Vex. Seja and Wrath were able to successfully evacuate the crew and destroy the Ketch with the Vex in it, finally ending the battle.

Dredgen Corrs

After the battle of the Plaguelands, Rularra had returned at some point and retrieved the body of Rhetiks, who had been fully converted into a machine before the time of his supposed death. She brought his body back to her warehouse in the Tangled Shore.

The Nightmare

Some time after the end of the threat in the Plaguelands, Seja and Wrath were able to take a break. During their break, Wrath had disappeared for a few days without warning, and returned seemingly no different to how he left. During Wrath's disappearance, Seja had experienced a vision in her sleep. The vision showed Rhetiks being still alive, as well as a Thorn.

When Wrath returned she was concerned about his disappearance as well as the vision she saw. Wrath dodged all of her questions about where he had gone, but agreed to go looking for the one Dredgen they knew to see if she had anything to do with the vision.

Hunting Corrs

Seja and Wrath first went to the Tower to speak with the Drifter, as they knew he had something to do with the Dredgens. Drifter didn't tell them exactly where to go, but he directed them to talk with The Spider on the Tangled Shore.

Seja and Wrath left for the Shore and talked with the Spider, and he was able to give the two the location of Rularra's warehouse that she had bought from him.

Rhetiks Reborn

Once the two made it to the warehouse, Seja looked for a quiet way inside. She dropped through a vent in the roof and found the body of Rhetiks hanging from the ceiling. He had even more mechanical parts grafted onto his already machine body, and began to awake once he detected Seja inside. Rhetiks was no longer himself, and he served no one but Rularra, who wasn't even there at the time.

Rhetiks released a massive burst of energy, destroying the warehouse and killing Seja, sending her flying out. With Seja gone, Wrath fought Rhetiks on his own yet again, but this time Rhetiks was stronger. Rhetiks had the upper hand against Wrath until Seja was revived and rejoined the fight, opting to serve as a distraction.

With Rhetiks distracted on Seja, Wrath began to draw power from the Darkness, and he quickly tore Rhetiks apart. As Wrath took the power from the Darkness he slowly became possessed by them, and began to attack Seja after Rhetiks's final demise. Seja was able to run away before Wrath could actually kill her, and Wrath fled the scene like nothing had happened.



After Rhetiks was destroyed the site of the quick but destructive battle was left behind. Seja sat in her ship, depressed after Wrath had tried to kill her, until another Guardian arrived, a Guardian Seja hadn't recognized.

An Awoken Warlock named Athene had recently been a victim of an experiment by Rularra to find a way to capture the essence of a Guardian's Light, and she had returned to the now destroyed warehouse to hopefully confront the Dredgen about what she had done, but she found the warehouse destroyed.

Green contacted Athene when he saw her, and he told her about the battle that had happened there. Athene asked to speak with Seja, and even though Seja refused at first, Green was able to convince her to talk. He brought the ship to Athene, and Athene came aboard. Seja told Athene everything she knew about Rularra, and explained what had happened at the warehouse.

Athene attempted to comfort Seja, but it wasn't much use. She told Seja about what Rularra had done, and Seja agreed to help Athene find the Dredgen whenever she was feeling better. After that, Seja returned to the Vestian Outpost, and Athene returned to the Tower.

Hunting Rularra

Days after the destruction of Rhetiks, Seja agreed to see Athene again. Athene made it to the Vestian Outpost and was brought to Seja's quarters by her Corsairs. Athene once again helped comfort Seja, and once she was feeling better the two came up with a plan to find Rularra. Seja remembered that Rularra was on the run from the House of Hunters, and they decided they could follow them to her.

The two followed the House of Hunters to the moon and discovered they were still looking for Rularra, who had recently been captured by the Hunters but had escaped their custody. They hacked into House of Hunters' communications and followed them to the EDZ where they encountered the Dredgen.

Rularra was able to overpower Athene with her Thorn, as well as wounding Seja. Rularra attempted to run, but Athene was able to heal Seja, and Seja finished Rularra with her Golden Gun. Once Rularra was down they waited for her Ghost to revive her and the two brought her back to the Vestian Outpost, where she was questioned and imprisoned.

Falling in Love

""There is nothing else I would rather do than be with you right now, and if you sure you want this... Then... Well... I love you Seja.""
— Athene to Seja in the Vestian Outpost.

During their hunt for Rularra, Seja had began to develop feelings for Athene. When they were on the moon, Seja had tricked the Hunters by speaking in Eliksni, which is a language she had learned when she worked for the Spider. She had offered to teach Eliksni to Athene, and much to her excitement, Athene agreed to learn.

Seja brought Athene back to her quarters and began to teach her the language. Athene expressed amusement in learning something from a Hunter, and Seja began to talk about her past. When the two were speaking they got an alert that Wrath had been spotted in the Cosmodrome. Athene agreed to help Seja after Seja had helped her, and the two rushed off to the Cosmodrome.

Curing Wrath

Seja and Athene found Wrath in the Cosmodrome near the Skywatch complexes killing Hive, and once they arrived Wrath began to attack them. Both Seja and Athene worked together to take Wrath down, and they brought him with them onto Seja's ship. The last time Wrath had to be cleared from the Darkness they had taken him to the EDZ with the Drifter, and they did the same thing this time.

After going to the Drifter they brought Wrath to the Shard of the Traveler in the EDZ, where he was purged of the darkness once more. Now that he was back to the Light, he was no longer trying to kill Seja, but it was here where she finally broke up with him. After hearing this, Wrath just walked away into the woods, and Seja left with Athene.

Emergence of Vais

""The message you found on the Moon that led you to Rula mentioned an Eliksni named Vais, and Vais is currently above Venus doing I don't know what, but whatever it is it isn't good. Now is the perfect chance to strike at the Hunters again, weakening them further.""
— Green to Seja and Athene.

After the two Awoken returned to Seja's quarters in the Vestian Outpost, Athene comforted Seja once more. After the two sat in silence for a while Seja expressed that she had feelings for Athene, and Athene told her she felt the same way. The two shared their first kiss, and after a bit more time together Athene was called back to the Tower. Seja let Athene go while she rested after the long day.

The next day, the Awoken had begun transferring Rularra to a prison in the city, and activity with the House of Hunters had picked up yet again. Vais, Hunter Splicer had stationed his Ketch above Venus, and Green pressed Seja into having to deal with it. Seja knew she wasn't going to get another chance against Vais like this, and she called Athene.

Athene returned to the Vestian Outpost, and Seja informed her new girlfriend of what was happening. Athene and Seja then rushed to Vais's Ketch to deal with the threat. Seja's ship had been outfitted with stealth drives by Gariks a while before, and they used that advantage to get close to Vais's Ketch and board it. The two fought their way through the Fallen and towards the bridge where Vais was waiting.

Outside of the bridge, Athene had been severely wounded. As she was a victim of an experiment involving the Light, it took much longer to heal. Seja was going to leave and get medical attention for Athene, but Athene assured Seja that she was alright. As Athene was healing the two went aboard the bridge of the Ketch and encountered Vais.

Vais had modified himself using Radiolaria, and with his new abilities he was able to fight both of the Guardians at the same time. After putting up a considerable fight, Athene was able to temporarily blind him, and Seja finished him off with a shot to the head from her Golden Gun. With Vais dead, Seja brought her ship around to the bridge, and the two quickly left before the Ketch could shoot them down.

Calm Between Storms

After the death of Vais, Seja and Athene returned to the Vestian Outpost. Seja showed Athene around, and told her some stories about her past. About how she was resurrected outside off her destroyed fighter, and how she used to work for the Spider. After Seja made them dinner, Athene told Seja that she wanted to move in with her, to which Seja of course agreed.

This time Athene wasn't called back to the Tower, so she stayed the night with Seja. The next morning, Athene came up with an idea to try and find SIVA and use it for good. While the situation in the Plaguelands was calming down, Athene was able to find out there was SIVA on Titan. After having some breakfast, the two left for the Tower to move Athene's belongings to Seja's place. Once everything was moved, they went to Titan.

Seja and Athene arrived at the New Pacific Arcology and ventured inside while the Hive were relatively inactive. They went to visit some Golden Age archives where they would hopefully be able to locate SIVA. As much as Seja wanted to look through all of the information in the archives, her main job was to keep Athene safe.

As Athene was searching around the archives she accidentally came across a Hive nest, and alerted them. Seja rushed to her defense, killing the Hive as quickly as she could before any of them could hurt Athene, and the two realized they had to leave before more Hive showed up. Athene wasn't ready to leave yet, and she had to access more of the archives, and Seja reluctantly agreed to keep searching. All she cared about was making sure Athene wasn't hurt, so she continued to defend her from more approaching Hive.

Once Athene had the location of the SIVA the two opted to let the Hive calm down rather than stay for much longer. The two retreated through the Hive's forces and flew away from Titan, returning to the Vestian Outpost. After the quick venture, the two had dinner and went to bed.

Rularra's Return

""It was horrible, Seja, I dreamed of you and Rula. She somehow had kidnapped you, and when I tried to reach for you, you kept floating. She was torturing you in front of my eyes, and I could do nothing about it. To make it stop, silence the screams.""
— Athene telling Seja about her nightmare.

The next morning Athene told Seja about a nightmare she had, one involving Seja being tortured by Rularra; who, unknown to them, had been freed from custody by another Guardian. Seja was reminded of her nightmare of Rhetiks being alive after his supposed death in the Plaguelands, and was afraid of Athene's nightmare coming true. Despite that, she assured Athene that it was just a dream and there was nothing to worry about.

Once Athene had been reassured, she went to make some breakfast. Before Seja or Athene could eat, there was knock on their door. Seja answered it and saw it was Petra Venj who was visiting to personally tell them that Rularra had escaped the Awoken's custody when she was being transferred to the City. This seriously upset Athene, and Seja did what she could to comfort her.

After Petra left, Seja came up with the idea to try and find some House of Hunters archives, thinking learning more about these Fallen would cheer Athene up, and Athene agreed. The two left for the EDZ where a House of Hunters base was recently located.

When the two arrived at the base it was mostly abandoned, except for a few guards outside. Seja and Athene quickly dispatched the guards and went inside the base when Seja was suddenly hit with a shot from a Thorn, and so was Athene. Rularra had followed them to the base and caught them by surprise. Once they were down, Rularra dragged them inside her ship and chained them up. Unlike before where she was doing everything for her own good, this time she was being controlled by the Darkness.

As far as Rularra knew, it was Seja who destroyed both her workshop and Rhetiks in the Tangled Shore, and everything in her workshop was everything she ever owned. So she believed Seja took everything from her, and she planned on making Seja suffer. She took a knife that the Darkness had given her, and used it to cut Seja across her face multiple times, giving her scars that her Ghost was unable to heal. And as it was Athene who put Rularra in prison, she made her suffer by forcing her to watch the torture of her girlfriend.

Rularra brought the two of them to Io as she had been instructed to, and forced the two of them into the Pyramid. Seja was unable to move, not only was she severely wounded, but the weight of the Darkness inside the Pyramid pushed against her, and she didn't have the strength to push back. The Darkness showed the two of them visions of the possible futures, outcomes of whether Seja would join the Darkness or not.

After it showed them everything they were teleported back to the Lost Oasis. Seja was still unable to move, and Athene was able to drag her into cover while she ran off to look for a ship. While Athene was looking for a way off Io, Wrath arrived in the Lost Oasis, looking for Seja. He had been working with Rularra, but he wasn't aware that she was planning on torturing his ex-girlfriend. Wrath still had feelings for her, and he would not work for Rularra if he found out anything was happening to Seja.

Seja called Wrath to him and told him what had happened, about being tortured and that Athene had gone off alone. Wrath brought Seja to his ship and went looking for Athene, who was at the abandoned Cabal base nearby. Wrath found Athene and led her back to his ship, where she found Seja and tended to her wounds. Wrath brought them away from Rularra and back to the Vestian Outpost.

Once they were back, Athene thanked Wrath and brought Seja back to their home where they would take a break.

The Man With the Golden Gun

""Believe it or not honey, looks like it's him. Now stop fangirling and help this man.""
— Athene after Seja freaks out about Shin Malphur.

While Seja and Athene were recovering from their capture, the Vestian Outpost was visited by Shin Malphur, who was looking for a ship that one of his associates had left there. Seja didn't recognise him, but she helped him find his ship anyway. While they were speaking, Shin revealed it was him and caused Seja to freak out. Shin Malphur was one of her idols, and she was extremely excited to have met him.

Eventually when Seja was able to calm down, she and Athene told Shin about what happened with Rularra, and then he took his ship and left. Shin left behind a box holding two modified replicas of The Last Word signed by Shin himself, one for Seja and one for Athene. Seja gladly accepted the gift, though Athene wasn't a big fan of hand cannons, but she was happy for Seja anyway.

After Shin's departure, Seja showed Athene around the Vestian Outpost, taking her to her private hangar where she kept her ship. The two stayed there for a while and looked outside at the Reef before returning to their room and spending the rest of the day alone with each other.

The Plan

The next day Athene came up with a plan to take Rularra down. The plan consisted of Athene acting as bait for Rularra, while Seja would hide and attack Rula, catching her by surprise. Seja reluctantly agreed with the plan, as Athene being bait would be more believable than Seja doing it, but Seja didn't want to put Athene in danger. After they settled on their plan, Seja began wondering whether or not they should kill Rularra's Ghost or not. Rularra's Ghost had helped Athene before, but Rularra would keep coming back if they didn't kill her. The two thought they'd figure out what to do when the time came, and they left to go to the Cosmodrome.

In the Cosmodrome, Seja showed Athene an entrance to a Warmind vault, where their trap would be sprung. Seja left Athene and hid in the hills nearby, leaving her alone. Athene began to try and find a way into the vault, but was interrupted when Rularra had found them. Rularra took Athene down with her Thorn and asked where Seja was, and that was when Seja attacked. Seja surprised Rula and was able to knock her down, but Rularra eventually got the upper hand, and was able to take out Seja with her Thorn as well.

Personality and Traits

Seja is usually calm and collected, even in intense situations. She cares about everyone she meets unless she meets them on the battlefield, and she also has a personal attachment to the Fallen. When she was younger as a Guardian she always wanted to know everything she could about anything, especially the Fallen. She is also interested in the Vex, though she doesn't show it.

When with friends/loved ones she always cares deeply for them, and would do anything for them. She likes to joke around and sometimes keeps secrets just to see how long it would take them to find out. She is also very stubborn when it comes to things she doesn't want to/shouldn't talk about, as in the case of her capture by the Cabal.

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