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Hezen Collective


Protect Hezen
Patrol Venusian Depths
Observe Fallen activity


World of Machines

Combat information


Slap Rifle


High Durability
Radiolarian Trap
Silent Strike
Orb Flight


The Vex Assassin, or just Assassin, is a unique type of Vex seen in the Venusian Depths in the World of Machines Raid.


The Assassin is unique among all Vex forces seen on Venus. Their limbs are more smooth and connected than that of a Goblin, and its body is more triangular in shape. Its mind core is protected until a player breaks its shield, and it has radiolarian tentacles coming out of the back of its head and body. Its head as three fins on it that are about the same shape as the wings of a Harpy rather than a round or fan shape seen on Goblins. Its eye is also green rather than red.


Assassins are invisible until they attack a player, but they will be able to see the Assassin's eye. However, due to the colour of its eye it won't always be noticeable.

Assassins can kill players in one hit from behind. To kill them, players must first shoot them in the eye, and stand next to them. The Assassin will trap one player in a bubble, if another player is next to it they will be pushed away. Once the player is in the bubble three white tentacles will extrude from the Assassin's back. The player must shoot the tentacles and the Assassin will stop moving and expose its mind core. Players have five seconds to kill the Assassin before it closes its mind core. If the Assassin isn't killed within the first damage phase, then the player inside the bubble will have to destroy six tentacles.


  • The Assassin is the only Vex observed to have a green eye.

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