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World of Machines
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Destiny 2



Recommended Power Level:



Endless Steps, Venus


Head deep into Venus and slay Hezen, Collective Mind.

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World of Machines is a Vex raid on Venus that sends players deep into the planet to kill Hezen, Collective Mind, the leader of the Hezen Collective.

Unique Enemies[edit]



Socales, Gate Keeper[edit]

To start the encounter, players must defeat a group of Goblins and step on the plate that was used to summon Zydron in Destiny 1. After standing on the plate for 10 seconds, Socales will appear. He takes about 10 seconds to assemble, giving players enough time to get where they need to be.

At the start of the fight, three Transitioners will spawn. Killing a transitioner requires only one player, though two would be helpful. When a player gets close to a Transitioner, it will trap the player in a field of radiolaria that damages the player. Four white glowing spots will show up on the Transitioner, one on each shoulder, and one on each thigh. Destroying those will allow the player(s) 5 seconds to kill it before its shield regenerates.

While three players kill the Transitioners, three confluxes will spawn around the staircase. One player must be at each conflux in order to stop Vex from sacrificing to them. One conflux will look normal, one will be pulsating, and one will look real smooth rather than the edged appearance of the normal conflux.

Killing a Transitioner will drop an orb that corresponds to a conflux. Players have 30 seconds to bring the orb to a conflux before they die from being damaged by the orb in their hands. Placing an orb in the wrong conflux will kill the player with the orb and the player at the conflux. Placing all three orbs in the correct confluxes will initiate a damage phase that lasts until Socales loses a fourth of its health. After the damage phase the Transitioner hunters will switch places with the conflux guards, and the process is repeated until Socales is killed.

The Elevator[edit]

After Socales is defeated, players must head through the gate that it was trying to protect. After going through a quick maze of hallways, the players will enter a large circular room with a beam of light shooting through the middle. At the opposite end of the room is the first raid chest. When all players enter the room, the wall will close behind them.

To start the encounter, all players must stand around the beam of light, and the floor will dissolve below them causing them to drop down to another circular platform. Players must defeat a wave of Vex Goblins and Minotaurs, and then a Custodian will spawn. Killing the custodian will drop an orb that players must bring to the beam in the middle of the room, and they have 10 seconds to bring it.

On the next platform, the players will need to bring three orbs to the beam, and on the final platform they will need six. After the final platform, players will find themselves in a tunnel and they will continue on from there.


After navigating the tunnels, players will arrive above a large open area full of foliage and undergrowth. In the distance the players will see white orbs flying around, and they will have to pay attention to where they land. The players can drop down into the undergrowth whenever they want.

When players drop down, they will begin navigating a maze of foliage. The maze includes jumping puzzles, and multiple exits to the next area of the raid. Through the maze players will encounter Assassins. Assassins are invisible until they attack a player, but they will be able to see the Assassin's eye.

Assassins can kill players in one hit from behind. To kill them, players must first shoot them in the eye, and stand next to them. The Assassin will trap one player in a bubble, if another player is next to it they will be pushed away. Once the player is in the bubble three white tentacles will extrude from the Assassin's back. The player must shoot the tentacles and the Assassin will stop moving and expose its mind core. Players have five seconds to kill the Assassin before it closes its mind core. If the Assassin isn't killed within the first damage phase, then the player inside the bubble will have to destroy six tentacles.

When players reach the exit they will run through a narrow path filled with holes. If a player goes over a hole then a tentacle will come out if it and hit the player, causing radiolarian fluid damage. At the end of the final hallway the players will enter another narrow room, with large walls extending from the ground.

Protective and Corrective Minds[edit]

To start this boss encounter all six players must step on a sync plate that isn't far from the entrance to the room. This will cause the Protective Mind to spawn. Once the Mind is finished spawning players must survive fire from its Torch Hammer for 15 seconds before the Corrective Mind. Once both Minds have spawned they will punch the walls next to them three times, and then the walls will disappear.

In the larger room players will have to kill two Ultra Cyclopes that sit on the new walls on the sides of the room. Killing the Cyclopes will cause two Radiolarian Harpies to spawn and will also expose to rings of energy below them. To kill the Harpies, players must shoot a red light on each of its wings, exposing its eye. Once its eye is exposed, players must shoot the eye until it is destroyed. Killing it will drop a weapon called an 'Arc Charger'.

While some players go after the Harpies, the rest must stop Vex from sacrificing to a conflux in the centre of the room. If 10 Vex sacrifice, then the conflux will explode and kill all the players causing them to restart the encounter. The bosses also have a wipe mechanic that triggers after two and a half minutes after the walls dissolve. Ten seconds will be added to the timer every time a Radiolarian Harpy is killed.

When a player has the Arc Charger they must fire it at the rings of energy underneath where the Cyclopes were. It is recommended that players only use each Arc Charger once, as each one only has two shots and they must also be used to initiate the damage phase. Once both of the rings of energy have been destroyed, a spire will form with a white ball at the top. Players with the Arc Charger must shoot the ball, giving the players a damage phase that lasts 20 seconds. Shooting the ball with both Arc Chargers causes the damage phase to last 30 seconds.

Players will repeat until both minds are dead. If players kill the Corrective Mind first, the Protective mind will gain a shield, a damage boost, and a health boost. If players kill the Protective Mind first, it will go berzerk and chase players around the room rather than staying in the middle. Once both Minds are dead a portal will appear in the centre of the room. Going through the portal will take players to a triangular hallway. The floor is thin and has pools of radiolaria on the sides it is recommended that players walk single file. The next chest is at the opposite end of the hallway from where players must go.

Eye of Hezen[edit]

After reaching the end of the hallway, players must go through a quick jumping puzzle in a chamber of radiolaria. After the jumping puzzle, players will enter a large circular room surrounded by radiolaria, with a radiolaria pool in the centre of the room. To start the encounter, all players must stand around the pool of radiolaria in the centre.

When the encounter begins, the Eye of Hezen will rise from the middle of the pool. 10 tentacles will also rise from the pool and surround the boss. The room will soon begin filling with Radiolarian Goblins and players will have to kill them in waves, while also avoiding blows from the Eye of Hezen's tentacles.

After killing the first wave of Goblins, five platforms will rise from the radiolaria around the centre platform in the room. Every 30 seconds, players will get a debuff from the boss called 'Radiolarian Poisoning'. You can tell a player is poisoned by looking at their body. If their body is glowing white, then they are poisoned. To clear the debuff a player must stand on one of the platforms that extended, and they have 30 seconds to do it.

For the fifth player to clear their debuff, they must kill three of the Goblins and pick up a ball dropped from the third one. The player must throw the ball at the boss's eye, and then it will be cleared. The players must repeat this twice before a Radiolarian Harpy spawns. The Harpy is still defeated in the same way, and it will still drop an Arc Charger. Two players must have the Arc Charger and the Chargers only get one shot each. Both players must fire the charger at the boss's eye, and the tentacles guarding it will part allowing for damage. The players get 40 seconds to damage the boss, and players will repeat this until the boss is defeated.

After the boss is killed, the pool of radiolaria where the boss was will disappear and the players will jump down. When the players reach the bottom, they will find the third chest at the bottom and they will jump down a series of holes in the ground.


The Summoning encounter is a quick and easy encounter. Players will enter another large circular room, with the outside ring of the room elevated from the rest. The elevated section has four confluxes on it. Transitioners will spawn in the centre of the room and players must kill them and bring their orbs to the designated conflux just like in the Socales encounter.

Each conflux requires four orbs, and Vex sacrifices take progress away from the confluxes. If a conlux has no progress and a Vex sacrifices to it then the conflux will be lost, and all of the players will be killed, forcing them to restart the encounter.

Hezen, Collective Mind[edit]

To start this encounter, players must kill an Ultra Harpy that spawns after the Summoning encounter is complete. In this encounter, players must kill Transitioners and pick up the orbs they drop, then put the orbs in the designated conflux like in the first encounter of the raid. Again there are four conluxes.

Getting four orbs in the confluxes will cause Hezen to begin charging its wipe ability, in which players have 30 seconds to kill all ads around Hezen. If the players take 5 minutes to get the orbs to their confluxes then it will also charge its wipe ability, this time there is no stopping it.

When Hezen gets down to one-third health left, it will switch from its heavy Slap Rifle to an Aeon Maul. It will also gain a shield that players must use void craniums to destroy. Players must kill Radiolarian Goblins to get the void craniums.

If players get too close to Hezen, its shell will rotate, and it will strike out at the player with one of its tentacles, causing lasting damage as if the player was standing in a pool of radiolaria.

After Hezen is killed, the centre of the room will open allowing players to once again drop down.

The End[edit]

When players drop down the hole they will land in a large rocky area with a Vex gate at the end on a cliff. In the distance beyond the Vex gate, players will be able to see Venus's core with Vex technology attached to it.

Once all players make it down the Vex gate will activate and 10 Goblins will march out of it. A Hydra will also teleport to the area. Once all the Vex are killed, a chest will form. Once players open the chest a hologram of Earth will appear with a red dot flashing on Greenland.


  • Armour
    • Corrective Suit (Titan armour)
    • Subjective Suit (Hunter armour)
    • Protective Suit (Warlock armour)


  • This is the third Vex raid in Destiny 2.
  • Some of the weapons from the raid; such as Two Pronged Assault, Past the Line, and Hammer Torch, are based off actual weapons used by the Vex.
  • This is the first raid to have a Harpy as the final boss.
  • This is the first raid to have the players fight two large bosses at once.
  • Hezen will speak to the player throughout the jumping and puzzle sections of the raid. However, Hezen does not speak any known language.